Baby Badshah Badshah Baby

Badshah had a baby!  Not much more to say besides that, but I felt you all should know.  And I suppose this give me as much a reason as any to post some possible lullabies her father might sing her.

First, and most importantly, baby!


She looks smooshed, yes?  And also a little confused and tired and in shock.  So basically like every newborn ever.  And, also like every newborn ever, she is miraculous and beautiful.  But mostly smooshed.


To help her get over her smooshing, I am sure her father is singing to her.  And you know, his hit songs probably aren’t the worst lullabies in the world!  Repetitive, rhythmic, all those things babies like.  Also, this one for instance, probably appropriate for those first few weeks when you are indeed staying up until “6 in the morning” (my favorite part, I always have to shout along there).


Since it’s a girl, I guess he could also sing her this song about herself.  But I don’t know if it would be appropriate.  Unless he wanted to raise a little girl who dances like Raveena Tandon.



Now this one, in my limited experience of babies, seems extremely true.  Nice soothing deep sounds, like heartbeats, is indeed something that baby “pasand hai”.  Also, hey!  He was writing this when his wife was pregnant!  I wonder if that’s where he got the idea of using “baby”?


And then there’s the song he must have been working on over the last few months of pregnancy.  A very good baby song, almost sounds like baby talk already.  I know I have had a long conversation with a baby that mostly consisted of variants on “hum ma ma ma hum ma mamamama hum”.


But really the best baby option is this one, his biggest hit.  Super repetative, has both a high and low reigster depending on what they like, and a nice rhythm for swaying side to side to side to side to side allllllllllll night until she FINALLY falls alseep.

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