Hindi Film 101: A Brief Incomplete Overview of Hip-Hop/Rap in Indian Film

Yesterday the new Badshah song for Veere Di Wedding came out, which made me think back on how long hip-hop/rap has been part of the Indian film scene in one way or the other.  I know almost nothing about this (like, I’m not even clear on the difference between “hip-hop” “rap” and “rock and roll”), but at least I can put up some fun videos and start the discussion!

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Baby Badshah Badshah Baby

Badshah had a baby!  Not much more to say besides that, but I felt you all should know.  And I suppose this give me as much a reason as any to post some possible lullabies her father might sing her.

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Badshah and Aunties, Shahrukh and Wet Shirts, and Other Things That Make Me Happy

Somehow, it is both rainy and overcast, and also 90 degrees out today.  And Banjo isn’t playing anywhere near me, so I don’t get to see a new movie tonight.  And generally life is bleak and depressing.  So, here is a random collection of recent news items that make me happy.  Feel free to bookmark this post for the next time you feel down!

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