Happy 41st Birthday Abhi Baby!!!

A bit odd calling a 41 year old “baby”, but it is my favorite of his many nicknames, so I am sticking with it!

Read below for the 16 reasons I love him.

(this is an updated and reposted blog from a year ago)

1. I love you because you were conceived during Sholay, and therefore will always have a bit of the Sholay magic on you (although it was his big sister Shweta who “appeared” in Sholay, Abhi got to “attend” the post-production sessions and premiere).

2. I love you because you have so very many nicknames, and they are all fun!  “Junior B” “Abhi Baby” “Baby B” “AB”.  Really, just add “B” to anything, and it sounds good!

3. I love you because you are the only actor in India (except possibly Hrithik) who is actually taller than me.

4. I love you because of this song, from a very stupid movie, which was ripped off from a stupid American movie and stupid American pop song, but I don’t care because it is uber-catchy and he looks uber-cool singing it.  And also, I watched it on a loop one whole semester of college, so it always makes me feel young:


5. Speaking of songs I watched on a loop for a whole semester of college in which Abhishek is cool and the song is crazy catchy:


6. Really, faux hip-hop is where he shines.  Also, am I the only one who remembers this movie?  It was surprisingly good!  And felt very 24-like, in an “inspired by” way (this was at the height of the original 24 mania), which makes me want to watch the actual legitimate Indian 24 series and compare which evokes the original series best.


7. I love you because you are happy just to shine in ensemble pieces (see: the best parts of Happy New Year)

(Snake dance!  That joke almost single-handedly saves the whole movie)

8. I love you because, when you have to, you can actually act, not just be comic relief (see Guru, Sarkar, Yuva)

(No, really, see Guru!  He’s phenomenal in it)

9. I love you because your performances somehow always support your co-stars more than highlighting yourself.  Even Guru, completely centered on you, somehow also gave Aish and Mithun Chakraborty their all time best characters.


10.  I love you because, perhaps because of how generous you are to your co-stars onscreen, you were plagued by rumors of love affairs with each of them, rumors that you classily ignored.

11. I love you because when you finally got married, you kept it private and personal, despite the press circus outside.

12.  I love you because you have always taken your job as “Amitabh Bachchan’s son” more seriously than anything else, protecting his legacy and his health and his privacy.

13. I love you because you were wise enough not to try to take your father’s place, but rather to quietly dig out your own little corner of the film industry.

14.  I love you because you are married to “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”, and yet you still have enough of your father’s star presence, that you can hold the screen opposite her.


15. Even in ensemble movies, you still have your own light (yes, this is Dus again.  I should really re-watch that!)


16.  And finally, the song that encapsulates all of his supportive ensemble abilities, his comfort with comedy, and his abilities in faux hip-hop.  And also, is so blatantly glaringly stupid that it swings back over to clever.  At least, I think so.

(I love the French people in the background!  So many berets!)


12 thoughts on “Happy 41st Birthday Abhi Baby!!!

  1. This is weird, but the comments from last year seem to have shown up.

    Anyway, in regard to #3, you forgot another actor in India that’s taller than you — Mr. B. himself!


  2. All the kids born during late 80s and early 90s, meaning anyone who was a teenager when Dus came out, we always get nostalgic listening to Dus Bahane.


    • I got ridiculously excited when Vishal and Shekhar played the title song at their concert. And it’s really not that good of a movie!

      On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 11:54 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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