Happy Valentine’s Day! Here Are Some Love Songs From Bad Movies!

(this is an updated post from last year) To celebrate this strange Valentine’s in the middle of the week, here are some strange love songs in the middle of movies that really shouldn’t have love songs.  If you follow a strictly Only Romances rule, you may never even see them!

I love this song!  Even though Emraan plays a legitimate sociopath in this film and the song is preceded and post-ceded by scenes of abuse.  But they touch hands through the cafe window!  It’s so cute!


This is one of my all-time favorite love songs, and apparently it is some horror/action B-movie?  I don’t know for sure, because it is such a B film, it isn’t even available on DVD with subtitles.


The nightclub part is sort of odd, but the flashbacks are so cute!


If you only saw this, would you believe it was a movie about police reform and not a rom-com?  I didn’t!  And then I ended up being very bored while watching everything in the film that was not this one song.


Cutest stalking EVER!


Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which is somehow the most violent and the most romantic movie EVER.


Even Amitabh gets in on this action!  In a strange psychological thriller with a co-star 20 years younger than her, but the song is so cute!


And finally, from just last month, some great romantic Shahrukh moments in a song that fit so poorly in the final film, they didn’t even include it:

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