Trailer Update! My Favorite Badrinath Song and First Look At Hot Kunal Kapoor!

See, this is why I go on twitter!  So I can see new videos of cute guys as soon as they are released.  And today, we got both Varun and Kunal Kapoor!

Yay, the first real love song from Badrinath!  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all day at work, and this was my favorite song already.  And now there are visuals!  And they are visuals that we can deconstruct for plot/character clues!  Woot-woot!

Firstly, I love how slow this romance looks.  I don’t just mean that there appears to be a time jump, but that they don’t call in love at first sight.  They are spending time together and laughing together and talking and that’s their love song.  Also, there are other people there!  Which doesn’t sound romantic, but it kind of is.  That even when they are traveling in a group, they still naturally gravitate to being a couple.  This isn’t just because they are thrown together and have to get to know each other, they want to get to know each other.


Secondly, let’s all stare at Varun’s hair!  He’s got that kind of cool guy fade type thing happening.  But it is slightly fuller on top in the overseas travel period versus the formal green outfit period at the beginning, right?  It makes him look more young and wild in the earlier bits versus the later bits.  But is it also a sign of time passing?  Did they go on a young and wild vacation together and later meet up at more of a family wedding type thing?

Thirdly, characters!  Seems to be keeping something similar to their characters in Humpty in some ways.  Which is good, because those were really strong personas for these particular actors.  Alia is great as the cute shallow confident girl, who has hidden depths.  And Varun is great as the seemingly goofy lovesick flirt who has hidden strength.

And fourthly, I am still obsessed with that line in the trailer about how she loves him but doesn’t respect him and he doesn’t respect her.  WHY????  They are lovely together!  He clearly respects her!  And deserves her respect!  Is this love song after an even earlier interaction that ended poorly?  Or does something terrible happen after this love song which makes them split up?  I don’t want sad things to happen!  I am very stressed about this!


Speaking of stressful and sad, a new version of Macbeth is coming out!  Kunal Kapoor looks very good with a beard, which is the most important thing.  Of secondary importance, I also like that Lady Macbeth is a little more active in this version.  All sword fighty and stuff.  And that they are a young and sexy and couple.  I know you can read the play as Lord Macbeth being a little henpecked and all, but I like better the interpretation where they are true partners in every way.


One additional note, I don’t know about all this Immortals of Meluha inspired kind of look.  The beard looks good, but it kind of feels like the silver jewelry and face paint and all might be trying a little too hard.


18 thoughts on “Trailer Update! My Favorite Badrinath Song and First Look At Hot Kunal Kapoor!

  1. Does anyone else feel that the Kunal Kapoor movie is trying to capture some of the Baahubali magic? Looks interesting.

    LOVE the Humsafar video, and almost no one does that lovesick look like Varun. I adore Alia and Varun’s chemistry, and I am so looking forward to this.


    • I had this sudden flash of Bahubaali in one moment when he is swinging his sword around. Not because of the sword itself, but because the way he was using it looked graceful and practiced and purposeful. Like the sword fights aren’t just going to be for character building or something, but actually choreographed and perfected by actors he spent the time to learn how to do them right.

      Totally agree on Varun and lovesick! That’s why he reminds me of Shahrukh, I think. Even though in a lot of other ways, it’s more Salman=Varun, Ranveer=Shahrukh. But Varun has that same ability to completely convince me that he is a cocky happy young man, and yet in front of the woman he loves he is completely at sea.

      On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 12:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Dont think Veeram have created the buzz to be a hit here in Kerala (Though the sets and cinematography looks really good, the acting looks really stiff and expressionless, in Malayalam you need natural acting and a good story to be a hit unless it has Mohanlal :P)


  2. Veeram is a wish come true for me.I have a soft corner for dark sexy antiheroes with a tortured past.Chandu is torn between two choices,two mentors,two schools, two women …you get the drift.Both sides want him to be the Second in “The Duel”. He has to choose between his uncle who took him to his household and the Guru who accepted him even after knowing that he’s a rival’s nephew.So Chandu would be considered a betrayer whichever side he picked.He kinds of remind me of Don from the first movie.He arranged things so that ultimately he came out the winner.And the women(there’s his ex as well as Lady Macbeth) in his life are every bit his equal in scheming and plotting.

    The director plans to use Shakespearean English for the English version.I don’t think that would go down well abroad.Unless he’s only concentrating on the award circuit.The sound track has been nominated for the Oscars.Keeping my fingers crossed.


    • Ooo, I kind of want to watch it now! Has it already released in Kerala but not elsewhere? Or is it out in Malayalam and Tamil, but just now in Hindi?

      Also, just checked, and it didn’t make the Best Original Score list for this years Oscars (booo!). The closest they came to acknowledging anything desi was a bunch of nominations for Lion (including in the Score area).

      On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:40 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The Malayalam version will be released on February 24.The Hindi version sometime in March.No idea about the English version.Both Kunal and Divina Thackur the lead actress had trained in Kalaripayattu for a year.Jayaraj admitted that his version was inspired by Kurasowa’s Macbeth.Pity about the Oscars.You’d think they’d cut some slack considering that one of their own from Hollywood has given music to the film.

        Here’s a link to a song from the movie.That’s his ex Unni Archa who’s skipping the puja.Lady Macbeth is a formidable warrior but I’m more interested in her descent to madness.Both the trailer and teaser shows her cleaning her hands


        • Oo, that song does look good! And kind of Bajirao-y, with the mixture of sex and violence. Although wasn’t this film in production long before Bajirao came out? So it’s not influence or imitation, just a coincidence.

          On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 3:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. That would just be a coincidence, I would imagine 🙂

    As I understand, the English version was already released last year in the US and both the movie and one song – “We will rise” – was selected in the Oscar long list but failed the final nomination.

    The director is not bad – He’s a multiple national award winning director.Received a few international awards as well –

    The story is well known in Kerala ( a ballad from the 12th century).The director wanted to showcase the Kerala martial art form called “Kalaripayattu” to a larger audience. He’s already made a few adaptations of Shakespear’s play (Othello, Anthony & Cleopatra). Maybe he just decided to combine both and release it in Hindi + Telugu as well to cover the production cost (and “Macbeth” might sound more familiar there).

    I would think it’ll be technically brilliant, but I’m a bit iffy on the acting part. The added problem in Kerala is, the role that Kunal Kapoor is playing ( that of Chandu) is immortalized by Mammootty in “Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha” (another brilliant interpretation of the same story). Comparisons will be inevitable, and I don’t think it’ll ever live up to “Oru Vadakkan…” atleast in the Malayalee psyche.


  4. Veeram follows the original story in the Northern Ballads.It’s all about the journey from Chandu everybody’s favorite lieutenant to Chandu The Betrayer.Plus the director Jayaraj has fleshed out the role of Kuttimani(Lady Macbeth).

    Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha is the writer M.T’s version -more concerned with whitewashing Chandu and how he was given the sobriquet of ‘The Betrayer’ unfairly. And how poor Chandu was betrayed by everyone -especially the women in his life.Boo hoo. He gives a misogynistic speech in the movie which really irritates me.However the movie was so magnificent and Mammootty’s performance so powerful that it was accepted as the gospel by later generations. I’d suggest watching Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha after watching Veeram.And to be honest, I love the version of him as the anti-hero,him doing everything of his own free will,him manipulating and setting up the events with the help of Kuttimani(who has her own agenda).


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