Dharma Movie Updates! Badrinath and Bahubaali

Is it crazy that I am equally excited for both these movies?  Badrinath should be very very proud if I am putting it up there with Bahubaali 2!

Badrinath first!  New song.  It’s a fun song, a big silly dress up number.  Possibly a festival or a wedding song.  Maybe even a stage show song?  There are a few shots were it looks like they are on stage.

It’s got a very “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai” or “Lucky 2 Lucky Me” feel, he’s chasing after her, and she’s not not interested, but she’s also not necessarily interested.  I mean, we know she’s interested, because they are the lead pair of a rom-com.  But he is definitely the one falling her around and making the advances in this song.

But what I am really interested in are those little flashes at the end!  Looks like they were in college together, right?  So, he chased her and she wasn’t interested at all in college, they went on a trip together, fell in love, and then there’s a wedding?  Is anyone else getting anything different?


And now BAHUBAALI!!!!  2!!!!  Here we have Prabhas, with his royal father hair and beard, climbing on an elephant.  Or an elephant like thing?  Are elephants that big?  I don’t think they are that big.  And he’s climbing up it from the front, which makes it seem like he is attacking it.  So maybe the final battle scene has CGI elephant-like animals, ridden by the “bad guys”?

Or, alternatively, either the CGI guys or I have forgotten what elephants look like and this is a real elephant.

Character wise, Prabhas is in simple clothing, no armor, silver instead of gold jewelry.  But it still looks like silk and it has a nice quiet patter on it.  So, I’m thinking maybe this is after he has given up or lost his kingdom?


8 thoughts on “Dharma Movie Updates! Badrinath and Bahubaali

  1. My theory is that Badri is a stalker or something who follows Vaidehi around. We see shots of him running after the bus and catching up to her in college. Also Varun’s been hinting that there is a message in the movie so maybe the movie says something about stalking?

    By the way, Shoojit Sircar confirms that he’s planning on doing a film with Varun!

    Is it just me or are the Baahubali 2 posters not as exciting as the posters of the first part? Though this poster is my favorite out of the ones that are out.


    • You’re right, the posters are less interesting. Hopefully that’s just a marketing thing, they don’t have to worry about getting us in to see the movie because they know we already want to see it. So they aren’t spending as much time crafting unique images for the posters.

      I could see Badrinath being about stalking, but more stalking-lite. Alia doesn’t seem happy to see him, but she also doesn’t seem terrified. So maybe it’s about how in college he followed her and all that, but he didn’t really know her? And it wasn’t until later that he really got to know who she was a person, and that is when he could really fall in love with her?

      And yay for Farun and Shoojit! And the same scriptwriter as Piku, that’s great!


      • My only mantra is to stay calm and believe in Rajamouli 🙂

        It’s a Dharma film so even if the movie addresses Stalking, it won’t be shown very realistically or seriously. I do think that you may be right though.

        I’m so glad Juhi Chaturvedi is a part of this movie too! She also was the scriptwriter for Vicky Donor and the dialogue writer for Madras Cafe. By the way, have you seen Madras Cafe? The only Shoojit Sircar movies I’ve seen are Piku and Vicky Donor.


        • I haven’t seen Madras Cafe, but I am very curious about it, because that’s one of those third rail issues in Indian politics that NO ONE talks about. I can’t believe they made a movie on it!

          I haven’t seen Vicky Donor either, although I have heard great things about it (one of those “missed it in theaters, never got around to seeing on DVD” kind of movies). So I only know Shoojit from Piku, which is more than enough to prove his abilities. Such a great story, such great characters, and no easy answers to it.

          On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 4:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Madras Cafe always been on my watch list because it sounded really interesting, but I forgot about it until now.

            Vicky Donor isn’t as good as Piku in my opinion but it’s similarly a rom-com with a quirky premise. I think you would enjoy it but don’t expect too much from it.


          • I also need to watch Vicky Donor! Piku and Dum Laga Ke Haisha were the first contemporary Hindi films I watched, so I’ll always have a soft spot for both Shoojit Sircar and Ayushmann Khurrana.


  2. I think that stalking is something the audience are aware now about and surely would not replicate such acts in real life, given the awareness we have about it in the media. So, while the sensible lot would be levelheaded about such things, the others have the frustration of the 1980s in such cases: get it or move on. Hence, I have started dismissing such stalking-kind romances as pure filmy ones (now please don’t bring forward the arthouse ones :)).

    Well, about Baahubali, I find Prabhas similar to Indra, the Hindu god-leader (silver dress symbolising sheer optimism and climbing elephants). But what makes is different is the lack of ornaments. Maybe we are about to see a riff on Hrithik’s elephant-taming scene in Jodhaa Akbar. But then, the clothes aren’t that dirty!


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