FanVid Post! Unusual Couples

I got a little alert from youtube that one of my fanvid people had just posted a new video, which drove me down a rabbit hole of looking at all the new videos posted by all my youtube people, and some new folks as well.

The video that popped up on my list was a video that crossed a Fifty Shades Darker song with Ranbir and Aish in ADHM.  Which is just about perfect, and smart enough to get me to click!


It’s also not a couple I would necessarily think of as a youtube video couple!  But it worked, which made me think that this video with a bunch of other couples I don’t really care about would work.  Which it did!  Although I think the end bit, with Kajol and Aamir, works noticeably better than the rest.


Now here’s a real challenge, fanvid makers, one of my least favorite couples of all time!  Shahrukh and Katrina in JTHJ, blech!  This one kind of works for me though!  I think because it focuses primarily on Shahrukh’s reaction to Katrina, and lets her just sort of stand there with her mouth slightly open.


Follow that up with one of my favorite one-off Shahrukh couples!  Him and Mahira!  And I think this was made before Raees came out?  So it is entirely clips from movies they did individually.  Very impressive.  Oh, and I also really like the song and can’t remember what it was from.


And finally, just out of curiosity to see how his career was going, I did a search for Varun fanvids.  There are SO MANY!  But I picked this one, because it is a coupling that has never happened, and probably never will happen, but it also kind of works for me.


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