Karan Babies: The Twitter Analysis!

I’m so excited I can’t sleep, so I started scouring twitter for “evidence”.  Of what, I’m not sure.  People who are also excited about babies?

I already did my whole detailed post with the history of adoption and surrogacy and single-parenthood in Indian film.  I added this to that post, but in case you missed the update, here is Karan’s official statement.  Which I am guessing he has had locked and loaded for weeks, just waiting for the news to break:

(by the way, Jatin Shah was Shahrukh and Gauri’s doctor for AbRam too.  I assume that’s how/why Karan ended up using him)

Speaking of twitter, it is a wonderful tool for tracking the emotions and movements of people in days past.  That is, recent past.  Supposedly little Yash and Roohi were born back on February 7th.

And so, I go into my way-back machine and look at twitter timelines around that date.  Karan was tweeting right along.  Responding to a few comments, and posting teasers for Badrinath.  On the other hand, the tweets were mostly teaser stuff, so I could believe he had worked out his schedule for all the promotions and scheduled the tweets (or assigned someone else at Dharma to write them) in advance.  And that he had a few slow moments at the hospital to respond to some comments.

Shahrukh was of course the next one I checked.  Because Gauri doesn’t tweet, and neither does Aditya, so Shahrukh is the next closest person in his life.  Shahrukh was strangely silent on Feb. 7th.  He posted on the 6th and on the 8th, but on the 7th, NOTHING!

And even went back and forth on his timeline (like I said, I’m too excited to sleep) to confirm that he was posting daily.  And yep!  He was right in the middle of a cycle of tweeting everyday, usually multiple times a day.  But on the 7th, he was possibly too busy to tweet because he was over at his best friends’ house cooing at the baby.


Now that the news has officially broken, some others are beginning to congratulate him.  Alia’s tweet is super cute:


Varun’s tweet was pretty nice too:


No word from the 3rd “student”, but he doesn’t use Twitter much.  On the other hand, Tusshar, perhaps the only person who can fully understand what Karan has gone through for this, has been heard from:


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