Last Badrinath Song! 7 Days to Go!

Final trailer!  And it is a mystifying one.  I just cannot figure out how it fits in with the other bits of the movie that we have seen so far.  Thank goodness I only have 7 more days until I can see the whole thing!

Remember how the real full length trailer was mostly light-hearted and straightforward?  Clearly Varun was kind of a tough guy who gets a crush on Alia and goes about it in the bluntest way possible.  And Alia is a smart girl who enjoys teasing him.  And then there is a trip where they become closer, and then a wedding, and so on and so on.

But there was one moment that seemed really odd, when Alia talked about how there cannot be love without respect, and she doesn’t respect him and he doesn’t respect her right now.  How does that kind of dark and sad bit fit in with our happy happy love love kind of film?

And now we have a whole song that is kind of stuck at that point!  It’s in Singapore?  I think?  And it opens with Varun apparently furious and disgusted with Alia for some unknown reason.  And then we have a song where he follows her around but doesn’t talk to her, and it’s all dark and almost like crime movie feeling?  I am SO CONFUSED!!!



I am remembering “Samjhawan” from the original though, which was similarly confusing out of context.  And then in context, it turned out to be just a tiny moment in a larger story, not a turning point or anything like that.  And it was only confusing because it was flashbacks mixed with present day.  I suppose it could be the same thing here. In the actual film it is just 5 minutes of fight-song-make-up, and then it is all forgotten.


But I’m still confused with this whole new song right now, seeing it on its own!  Especially the opening dialogue.  She says if she goes back to Jhansi they will kill her, and asks why he doesn’t go there.  And he says he should, but his love for her weakens him.  I am at a loss!

I see two possible interpretations.  The obvious one, based on how upset he seems and grabbing her throat and all, is that he is furious and wants her to die for the same reason that her relatives (?) back in Jhansi want her to die.  But he can’t bring himself to do it, or to turn her into the Jhansi people, because he still loves her.  Although he is also disgusted with her for some unknown reason.  And then he follows her around like a stalker because he thinks she is dangerous?

See, the stalker part doesn’t quite work with that interpretation.  The alternative one I could see is that she is taunting him to go back to Jhansi and fight those people for her sake.  And he can’t, because his love for her has made him softer.  So it is self-disgust on his part, and disgust for his cowardice on her part.  Which doesn’t work as well with that opening part, but I think maybe works better with the later bits?  He seems to be following her around whenever she is outside, but then leaving once he sees she is safe inside.  And she is all crying and upset like she isn’t afraid of him but is disappointed in him.


I just don’t know!  Any alternative theories you can come up with?


11 thoughts on “Last Badrinath Song! 7 Days to Go!

  1. One theory that has been nagging me since I saw the first trailer was that Badri and Vaidehi end up getting married but they have a problem after marriage. But I dismissed this theory because I felt like it sounded like a Pakistani show and I had just finished Zindagi Gulzar Hai at the time. Still, I do think it’s possible that they get married and move to Singapore and something happens between them. Also, doesn’t it look like Vaidehi is an air hostess or something? Maybe Badri and Vaidehi eloped, and Vaidehi got a job in Singapore and now they can’t go back to Jhansi?


    • I think I could see that. The frustration in this song does feel kind of married. The way he is following her around to make sure she is safe, it could just be his way of fulfilling his responsibilities as a husband even while he is mad at her. And her not wanting to see him, but also crying all night, that would fit with a woman who isn’t ready to divorce her husband, but also isn’t ready to live with him any more.

      If there was a third big name actor even rumored for this, I would say maybe they get married and fall in love, and then Varun finds out that Alia was unfaithful. That would kind of explain this level of anger. If that is the plot and there is a secret Siddhart cameo as the lover, I would be SO HAPPY.

      On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 4:53 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, I think I’m going to go with the marriage theory. It seems to make sense for now. Why can’t March 10th get here faster!

        I think the media would have reported something by now if Sidharth was a part of Badrinath Ki Dulhania 🙂 Varun’s been saying that he is in love with Vaidehi and that he would marry her if she was a real person, so I’m guessing that she’s not at fault in this situation.


        • Maybe it’s a Jeet type situation? She’s in love with someone else but agrees to the marriage, comes to fall in love with Varun and doesn’t tell him about the earlier romance, and he is hurt when he finds out about it? So she really isn’t at fault, she was forced into the marriage and then was just trying to spare his feelings, but it could still feel like a betrayal to him?


  2. I can’t add much to the speculation on plot but I will say that I bought the album on iTunes on the strength of a couple of the songs and this is my absolute favorite one. I’ve been waiting for a video version of the song and now they’ve just confused the heck out of me. So I, too, will struggle along until the release to figure it all out. But just as a song, the heartache and the longing are just so, well, heartbreaking. I can’t stop singing it. Something in the melody, and the words, and Arijit’s soulful voice just get me every time.


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