New Podcast! On Angamaly Diaries, With MovieMavenGal!

As you know if you regularly read the blog, moviemavengal who comments here and has her own blog, is my friend “real” life as well as online.  We saw Angamaly Diaries together (her review is here), and last night we got together over Skype to talk about it and recorded our conversation.

If you want to listen (and you should!  It’s fun!), you can find it here:


16 thoughts on “New Podcast! On Angamaly Diaries, With MovieMavenGal!

  1. This sure was a Directors movie. glad you watched this movie.

    Bahubali 2 Conclusion is coming in imax probably

    If you get time You Should Watch Malayalam Movie Take off which released today and is getting Pretty Awesome reviews
    It stars Parvathy from Moidden and she was perfect


  2. I appreciate the reduction in giggles . . .

    When you begin the podcast, could you do a 90 second intro stating stuff like: name of movie; date released; what region/language; director; type (adventure/rom-com, etc.), date podcast was recorded, etc., etc.? That brief context orientation would help me enjoy it more. Thanks!


  3. Wonderful job! I’m sad that I won’t be able to catch the film in theaters. Even though I haven’t seen it, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to listen to a podcast with my two favorite bloggers. You did a nice job of not giving too much away (and this seems like a film that’s kind of spoiler-proof anyway, since so much of the wonder and achievement is in the technical execution). I also liked the side conversation about the evolution of Indian film promotion/presence. Very enjoyable!


    • Glad you liked it! And hopefully Angamaly makes it to Einthusan promptly, I know most people couldn’t catch it in theaters, so they really should make it more available through other resources ASAP.


      • Or Googleplay-I still have $35 remaining from a gift card that’s burning a hole in my pocket! I may have to rent either City of God or Amen tonight to console myself.

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  4. Malayalam film industry on top gear.
    Back to back awesome movies.
    “Take off” another awesome movie got released yesterday.
    Must watch


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