Watch a Movie With Me on Twitter! Maine Pyar Kiya, Evening of April 8/Morning of April 9 (depending on where you are)

I put up a post a week ago asking for votes on dates and films, and the winner is April 8/9 and Maine Pyar Kiya!  Well, the qualified winner.  There were a lot of split votes, Mann kind of tied with Maine Pyar Kiya.  But Mann is apparently completely unavailable in Australia, so Maine Pyar Kiya it is!

We will start at 7pm Chicago time, which is the same as last time and it seemed to work well.  That is 6pm Mountain time, 5pm Pacific time, and 8pm Eastern time.

Most of my non-North America readers are in the Pacific Rim.  So, in Australia, that is a whole variety of times that I’m not going to figure out because it is crazy for a country to have that many time zones!  But they are all mid-morning-ish, and it will be Sunday, so you can just relax and eat pancakes in your PJs and join us in getting moony over Salman.

In Japan, it is 9am.  Because Japan is a reasonable country with only one time zone.  And also, that is a good time to have pancakes in your PJs and watch an old rom-com with people around the world on twitter.

And in India, it is 5:30am.  Sorry India!  And after you were all nice and figured out a way to share a time zone and make this easy for me to figure out too.  Oh well, I also assume that if you live in India, you have probably already seen this movie and can just leap into the middle of it whenever you are able to wake up and join us.


If you weren’t part of the other ones, the way it works is, I go on twitter and start a countdown 20 minutes in advance, and then announce when to start.  You can join in the conversation by using the hashtag we pick, and you can follow the conversation by searching for that hashtag on twitter and then just watching the screen update.  If it is anything like our last watchalongs, there will be moments were we all essentially “jinx” ourselves, by typing the same tweet simultaneously and not realizing it because it takes a second to load.  Which is kind of extra fun!

This time the hashtag is (of course) #MPK .  Which is a “live” hashtag on twitter, and one that seems like it might be used for things besides Maine Pyar Kiya.  So we may get random strangers wandering into our conversation and talking about some random Polish soft drink, or whatever it is that stands for.

Maine Pyar Kiya should be a fun one for us to watch as a group because it hits that sweet spot of not being something you need to watch seriously or pay attention to every moment, but at the same time it’s one you can really fall in love with!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope this will get you to finally watch it, because it deserves a watch.  And if you have seen it and love it and memorized it, I will be right there with you!  Especially with the Salman-swooning.  He’s like chocolate ice cream in this thing, completely irresistible and sweet, but with that little hint of something darker that just makes the sweet so much more tempting.

(I almost wore out a DVD watching this song on repeat)



6 thoughts on “Watch a Movie With Me on Twitter! Maine Pyar Kiya, Evening of April 8/Morning of April 9 (depending on where you are)

  1. Aww, Salman when he was cute and unbeefed-up.

    7pm Chicago time (you will be into daylight savings by then?) will be 9:30am Adelaide (SA) time, 10:00am Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC) & QLD time.


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