Fanvid Post: New SRK Videos! And Others

Needed a nice way to wind down Monday night, so I browsed around for some nice new fanvids to share.  And now I am posting them for you, so you have a nice way to get through Tuesday!

I’m starting at the top, I think this is my favorite of all the videos I found.  Perfect combination of song and star.


This one is slightly less perfect, but still pretty good.


And then this popped up and I thought “YES!  Of course this exists!”


And of course this exists too!


Just for a chance of pace, here is something to get us in the mood for Tiger Zinda Hai.  I really do like them as a couple.


I like them as a couple too, and I really like this song.  But it is from a fancy art movie, so I am extra happy to have the song but with nice mainstream visuals.


Have Varun and Shraddha only been one movie together?  And yet there were so many fanvids of them!  This was my favorite.


I feel bad, too many all boy videos.  Let’s through in a female one!  With a great song, that seems to be Punjabi pop?  Produced by T-series, so pretty mainstream, but I hadn’t heard it before.


And now to follow a two girl video, with a two boy video!


Enough of this! Back to Shahrukh!  With Juhi, because she’s so cute.


And now, for something completely new, Malayalam fanvids!  We’ll go in slow, with an inventive one that combines Hindi and Malayalam.


And then a straight up all Malayalam one!  I’m not sure I follow the story entirely, I think Nazriya was dating both boys, and then married Fahadh, and all 3 of them ended up with someone else.


And finally, ending strong, a massive multifandom Rahman mash-up!

6 thoughts on “Fanvid Post: New SRK Videos! And Others

  1. Yeah, Varun and Shraddha only did ABCD 2 together and they barely had a romance in that movie. But they’ve been friends since they were kids which led to some really cute promotions. There are a lot of fans out there shipping the two. Here’s my favorite interview of them, nothing significant but very cute:


      • Lol 🙂 There’s actually a pretty funny rivalry between Varia (Varun + Alia) fans and Varshra (Varun + Shraddha) fans on twitter.

        I was really into Shraddha back when ABCD 2 came out, especially since I loved her in Aashiqui 2 as well. Over time, I kind of lost interest in her. I do still think that she and Varun are perfect together! Shraddha always seems like a very sweet person. But Varun’s still going strong with his childhood sweetheart which is a pretty nice.


        • I hope Varun marries his girlfriend, and it looks like it is heading that way. Since he is more and more willing to be photographed with her and so on. It would just be so refreshing to have a star marry in the middle of his heartthrob years to a “normal” person. I’m sick of Ranbir and Ranveer dragging out their single years.


          • He was married right at his debut I think, either just before or just after. Either way, the marriage was planned and settled long before Hrithik became “HRITHIK”. And there was never any attempt to hide Suzanne or pretend he wasn’t married.

            I always really liked that about Hrithik, that’s part of the reason I want Varun to get married, so I can have a new couple to live vicariously through.


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