The 4 Kinds of Fanvids

This is a post I wrote way back when I first started blogging, so no one read it because I had no readers then.  But it’s really good!  So I am reposting it so you can all enjoy it, now that I have readers.

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Happy Christmas Season! Let’s Look at Christmas Fanvids!

I love Christmas, and I love Fanvids, but unfortunately it is very rare for the two of them to come together.  But I do what i can!  And what little I found is all in this post.

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Happy Pride! My Annual Slashfic celebration

Happy Pride!  For once I am NOT in charge of the service at my church, which is around the corner from the parade (our kids have a lemonade stand out front, we rake in the money), so I do not have to go down to the loud crowded hot unpleasant parade area.  Instead I get to celebrate by reposting the same fanvid post I put up last year.  Thank you slashfic fanvid makers!  You are just the best people, and on Pride Sunday, I salute you!

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