Happy Mother’s Day! Here Are Songs, Scenes, and Movie Suggestions to Celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Last year I did 3 short posts, this year I am going to combine them all into one big post!  Songs, scenes, and a list of films you can watch if you want to celebrate.

The first one is obvious.  But it’s so good!  And it does such a good job of showing the confusion of the child, and the pain of the mother.

Let’s lighten things up a little!  Remember when sometimes mothers are wrong and kind of funny, instead of heartbreaking.

And back to serious!  And patriotic also.  This is Rahman’s arrangement of “Vande Mataram”, but with the “Maa Tujhe Salaam” refrain, it’s really appropriate for Mother’s Day too, right?  And this is my favorite version, which also seems kind of Mother’s Day appropriate with the fresh-faced college boys singing it.

Ready to get sad again?

And then for a real one-two punch to end things, check out this super sad one.

Followed by a silly one with the same actress!  All happy and not wanting her mother at all!


To end, this is still Bahubali 2 month after all:


But what if you are done with songs, and want to watch some scenes instead?  And again, I will start with the obvious one:


I’m also just going to get this out of the way from the beginning, so you aren’t waiting for it.  Greatest line in the history of Indian film, quoted in A.R. Rahman’s Oscar’s speech, etc. etc.

Poor Amitabh always had mother issues.  Come on woman!  Your son is dying!  At least give him a pat on the head!



But at least those Amitabh scenes don’t make me sob hysterically, like this one does:


That scene is so beautiful!  I don’t think I can possibly top it.  On to movie recommendations!

This is not an exhaustive list, this is just some quick ideas if you are thinking “Gee, what should I watch on Mother’s Day?”

Aradhana: The romance is the part everyone remembers, but it’s really a story about a woman sacrificing everything for her son.  But also, nice songs and a handsome hero and a happy ending.


Trimurti: Cute Young Shahrukh!  Jackie Shroff being the responsible older brother!  Anil Kapoor being the “fun” brother!  And most of all, all three boys acting as the “trimurti” that their mother has created.


Guppy: A Malayalam movie that, be warned, WILL make you cry.


Chatrapathi:  Did Bahubali make you crave more Prabhas-with-mother-issues?  This is the film for you!  Another Rajamouli too.


Kannathil Muthamittal: Finally, if you really really want to cry and think about the magic bond of a mother with child, this is the film for you.  If you do not want those things, DON’T WATCH IT!!!


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day! Here Are Songs, Scenes, and Movie Suggestions to Celebrate!

  1. You really like sad songs, don’t you? 🙂
    Vande Mataram means I salute my mother, so it’s always appropriate for Mother’s Day, with or without the addition of “maa tujhe salaam”. BTW, I hate ARR’s rearrangement of the song. 🙂
    I find most of your songs and scenes too disturbing/sad. So here’s something a little more cheery, and also a classic in its own right”

    (sorry this doesn’t have subtitles, but you can find the translation here: http://www.filmyquotes.com/songs/2194)
    And let’s end with the “Mother of all mother songs”; ties in nicely with the Bahubali theme, too, don’t you think? 🙂

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    • Yeah, I don’t know why I was leaning on the sad side this year! I noticed it towards the end, and rather than re-writing the whole post, I tried to make up for it by recommending some funner movies to make up for the songs.


  2. Here are some Punjabi songs about mother that I would like to contribute

    Maa by Preet Harpal: It is very emotional song. In it a guy returns to his home and finds that his mother has passed away. Rest of the song is in flashback, how his mother took care of him when his father passe away. I almost cried. My mother missed her mother while watching it

    Meri Maa by Mehtab Virk: In it a guy finds out that his mother has Alzheimer. He takes care of her and remembers the past days

    Dollar vs Roti by Ranjit Bawa: In this song, guy is settled abroad. He remembers his mother. Song says that only mother asks if I had food, everyone else asks how much I earn

    Meri maa nu na dassyo by Amrinder Gill: It is similar to previous song. In this song, guy is telling his friends that dont tell my mother how much I suffer here. It is for every guy , not only Punjabis, who move away from ther family

    I wont like to forget father too
    Blessings of Bapu by Gagan Kokri: In it a guy returns to his village from abroad. He remembers the scarifices made by his father. He repays the debt of his father

    There are other songs too. But I found them to be best

    Bonus scence: It is from Tv Show Flash. I dont Know if you are aware of it. This scence is best mother son scence in recent memory. It is very emotional. The way future Barry stops present Barry from changing past is cool. The way he says to his mom “I got a second chance to come back here and Tell you that I’m okay. Dad and I are both okay. And we love you, Mom. I love


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