7 thoughts on “Happy Tubelight Week! “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo” and the Sino-Indian War

  1. It makes me sad that no one is commenting on your Tubelight posts. You seem to do a bunch of research for them.

    Also Salman’s friendship with Zhu Zhu and her son seemed kind of similar to Kamal Haasan in Swathi Muthyam. In that film, Kamal Haasan is an autistic person who befriends and eventually falls in love with a woman who is widowed with a young son to raise. It’s a really good movie!


    • I don’t do THAT much research, I am picking topics that I already have a background in and can just check a few facts and timelines.

      I like doing these posts partly for myself, when I actually review the film (and that post will get plenty of views and comments), I will have already done all this nice background reading and grounded myself so I can better discuss it.


      • You know after I saw Raees, I went back and read all of these posts to see how close you were with what the movie turned out to be.


        • I like writing them as sort of “guesses”, but I also like writing them as kind of background reading. Even if the film doesn’t follow exactly, I try to bring up things which would certainly have influenced the filmmakers, even if they ended up rejecting the influence. With Tubelight, it might end up having nothing in common with Dr. Kotnis, but considering Dr. Kotnis is the most famous and successful Indian-Chinese romance in history and in film, it would have to have been something they watched and thought about while writing the script. So even NOT agreeing with it is a decision, you know?

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