Happy Birthday Lata Mangeshkar!!! Part 3, Reasons 60-88 That I Love You

Last post!  On your birthday in America.  The final 28 reasons I love you. (1-30 here, 31-60 here)

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Happy Birthday Lataji! 88 Reasons I Love You, Part 2

Should I have been counting down, 88 to 1?  Oh well, too late now, and anyway that would have been confusing.  I’ll stick with straight 1 through 88.  Or, for this post, 31-60 (first post here)

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Happy Birthday Lataji!!! (How are there so many birthdays in 2 days!!!)

I just finished my three part Yash Chopra post, and then Ranbir Kapoor pops up, and now Lata!  Gah!  Stop being born, people!  Anyway, Lata will have to be content with 16 reasons I love her for the 16 notes in the Indian scale.  I’m not doing another 80+ after I just did it for Yashji.

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