Sunday WatchAlong: Rescheduled Because I Am Going on VACATION!!! Sunday Morning, What Lata/Love Movie Should We Watch?

Okay, multiple restrictions on you this week! First, I am taking a long weekend and going to a lodge at a state park a few hours outside Chicago. I’ll be back Saturday afternoon, so Sunday morning I can ease myself back from vacation with a watchalong! Either that morning or that afternoon. And second, it’s Valentine’s month so it has to have “Love” in the title. And third, it’s Jaya week, so it has to have a Jaya song in it.

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Memorial Day: In Hindi Songs

It’s Memorial Day, which I am celebrating in the traditional American way, a barbecue.  Although I am also sort of visiting a cemetery, since my friend’s backyard backs up on one.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a moment to think about what it really means and why it is a unique holiday.  Fair warning, this involves a lot of use of Rang De Basanti.

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Happy Birthday Lataji!!! (How are there so many birthdays in 2 days!!!)

I just finished my three part Yash Chopra post, and then Ranbir Kapoor pops up, and now Lata!  Gah!  Stop being born, people!  Anyway, Lata will have to be content with 16 reasons I love her for the 16 notes in the Indian scale.  I’m not doing another 80+ after I just did it for Yashji.

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