My Posters Are Up! My Posters Are Up!!!!

I just wanted to share my joy.  And also explain why posting has been down today.  It’s because I have been obsessively putting my apartment together.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s getting there!  Most importantly, as the headline says, MY POSTERS ARE UP!!!!

You ready?  You ready for classy adult beauty?  Let us start in the bedroom.  With the real full size poster a friend gave me for Christmas and I haven’t had wall space to hang before.  But now I do, and it is perfect for my required bedroom Shahrukh picture.  Required because I need to have at least one picture of Shahrukh in every room.  So I can feel all cozy.


And then let us move to the hall way.  As we exit the bedroom, we are greeted by Hrithik’s cheery face saying “Yes!  Open the closet and pick out your clothes for the day!  I APPROVE!!!”  And also, “thank goodness I am finally on a wall after being rolled up for literally 10 years since your sister bought me on the sidewalk in Bombay.”  And next to him is Ajay saying “I agree, mornings are horrible, let’s not talk to Hrithik over there, he has too much energy.  And also, thank you for finally putting me on a wall after 10 years!”


As we continue down the hall, we find our journey through time continuing as those 10 years old posters pop up like little time machines.  Abhishek, a rising star!  Salman, a cool youngish bad boy!  Viviek, with slightly more hair!


Until finally we reach journey’s end, my old familiar poster that I have had in every single apartment bathroom since my first apartment after college.  So I know I am home (just like Miss Braganza said, I put it up first thing, weeks and weeks ago).


Now we turn away from the more private area of the apartment (I figure, I just don’t let any guests use my bathroom ever, and they never have to see this hallway), and over to the “grown up” part.  The room with the couch and the TV and the fancy framed posters.  The Parineeta came from the same Christmas gift as Josh.  The Chalte Chalte and Mujshe Dosti Karoge ones came from the same friend, but a different occasion (I want to say my birthday?).  Anyway, they were all within the past year or so, and part of the inspiration for this move was “oh oh!  If I get a grown up multi-room apartment, I would have wall space to put up my new posters!”


(Part of the reason I am getting all of these, by the way, is because my friend actually is an adult and therefore no longer decorates exclusively with movie posters and wanted them to go to a good home.  If I ever grow up, I will have to find some nice young person to pass mine on to.  But I will never grow up that much)

And then we turn away from the window side of the room to look towards the doorway, and we have one of two DVD bookshelves.  And over it, two posters that I don’t really remember where they came from.  Possibly back when Eros used to put posters in with the packaging?  And also used to have packaging and ship real DVDs instead of just being a streaming service?  Anyway, they are small so I did manage to have them up on a wall before, but not for years and years and years and years.  And never all nice and framed before.


(you also get to see through the archway my “grown-up” room where I am still unpacking a little but will have my Grandma’s piano and my parents’ dining room table and nice antique stuff like that.  It’s where I will try to focus most guests, along with forbidding them access to the bathroom hallway, in order to make myself seem adult.  And my Shahrukh in there is a tiny little framed one that most people won’t even notice)


And then there’s the kitchen!  I always want kitchens to be yellow, but I didn’t want to paint it or anything.  So instead I just put up my massive wall size Veer-Zaara poster!  And now it feels yellow.


And, finally, we end our journey with the backwall of the kitchen, on the way to the backdoor and also visible through the archway to the living room.  And with the funky small-sized posters that I didn’t have space for anywhere else.  Also, 4 Shahrukhs!  Plus the Veer-Zaara one.  5 Shahrukhs!  The kitchen is clearly the best room in the house.



So, what do you think?  This is an “Adult” type apartment, right?  I am a little worried because my maintenance guy (Turkish, of course knows Shahrukh, but told me I should watch good old classic Turkish movies instead of movies with “that guy”) already ribbed me a bit about the Veer-Zaara poster and now it is sooooooooo much worse.  Also, at some point I am going to have to host my church ladies quilting and knitting groups.  And they get a kick out of “Dard-E-Disco” in the bathroom, but this is a little more than that.

Oh well, I’m the one who has to spend the most time here, and I like it, so that’s all that matters, right?






12 thoughts on “My Posters Are Up! My Posters Are Up!!!!

    • I do have a DDLJ poster! But that is the one area I’m not completely happy with yet. I need to arrange the poster, the bell, the photo from Maratha Mandir, all just so.


  1. Glad my life advice helped someone! The posters look great.

    Looking at the posters kind of makes me wonder how they decide the placement of people. A good example would be KKKG–do you think the six publicists of the main characters had to all meet and hash out who was where?


    • Nah. These are all old school posters, pre-publicists. Even now, they don’t have that kind of control. I am sure Karan just figured out what made the most sense. Heck, if Shahrukh had been put in the center of the K3G poster, I bet he himself would have objected and insisted on Amitabh getting that slot.

      Back in the day, when the big billboards were hand painted, it was up to the judgement of the painter. They could work off the printed posters or newspaper ads for the general lay out, but decide for themselves who they think should be bigger and smaller and where on the poster.


    • I didn’t realize how nice the Chalte Chalte poster was until I had it up. It looks like an art photo print or something! Very classy.

      On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 10:07 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  3. Funny how you put up movie posters. All i have are some really big posters of swami vivekananda, a few scientists, and quotes from famous people handwritten myself. I guess, our posters explain a lot about ourselves.
    I have a question. Why do almost all foreign apartments look so dark and gloomy while most indian houses are just lit with sun light? Is cold a factor?


    • My college roommate had a Swami Vivekananda poster, so I got to live with him looking across the room at me for 2 years. Plus, I always have a warm feeling for him because of his Chicago connections. Feels kind of like we are from the same hometown.

      And foreign apartments are definitely darker because of the cold! I am super aware of that. For cold weather, they have to be able to be completely sealed to keep in the heat. And also to keep the landlords heat bills down. They are horrible in summer though. Few windows that you can open, no cross breeze, no outside porch. My current apartment is the nicest one I have had for summer. An old building, so before air-conditioning was available, so built like an Indian house, with keeping cool in mind. I’ve got this great cross breeze that runs across the main rooms with big windows on either end. Only you didn’t see that because one of the main rooms didn’t have any posters so I didn’t take photos that included the whole thing. And then the bedroom half, is back to being dark and closed off. For modesty I think, I can go all the way from the bedroom to the bathroom without anyone being able to see me through a window.

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