New Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer! PLOT ALERT!!!! (Also, Subtitles! Shahrukh Loves Me Again!)

Yaaaay, another cute trailer!  Which basically gives away the entire plot!  But it’s a good plot, so I’m fine with that.  Really, most of the time I think if you don’t want to see a movie once you know the plot, then it’s a baaaaaaad movie.  We should enjoy films for more than just the plot, there are the characters and the dialogue and everything else.  And this film is definitely going to be about the characters. (oh, and it was posted with subtitles right from the start, so I think this is a clear sign that Shahrukh is reading my blog and loves me)



So, that’s kind of the entire plot, right?  Anushka was on a tourist group.  She is in love with/engaged to someone else who gave her a ring.  She hires Shahrukh to be her personal tour guide and help her track down where she might have lost the ring.  Presumably, the combination of them needing to spend so much time together, and Anushka being so completely obsessed with her fiance/the ring, makes it into kind of a screwball comedy effect.  They aren’t flirting or falling in love, they are fighting and talking and having adventures.

I am assuming there is slightly more plot, presumably this is just the first half of the film, and then the second half has some kind of twist (Anushka and Shahrukh sleep together, she leaves him, he follows her to try to break up the engagement; Anushka admits that she was in love with him all along but too awkward to be noticed, and therefore came up with the whole ring story).  But for a set-up, it’s pretty great!  Just what I was hoping for, that they have to spend time together, but with romance off the table, which gives them a chance to know each other as people.

Also, we should all rewatch Pyar To Hona Hi Tha in preparation.  It’s incredibly 90s, but it’s also pretty cute.

(The longing gazes!  THE LONGING GAZES!!!!)


7 thoughts on “New Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer! PLOT ALERT!!!! (Also, Subtitles! Shahrukh Loves Me Again!)

  1. This was really cute! I think I’m more excited about JHMS as they are releasing more content. I think the trailer is supposed to come out with Jagga Jasoos. By the way, are you going to watch Jagga Jasoos for the blog or are you going to skip it?


    • When is Jagga Jasoos? Is it this week? Because if so, I am watching Mom instead. But I will probably get around to it eventually. It is “important” in terms of seeing how the experiment pans out. Plus, I’m guessing it will be a blog bonanza for me if I put up spoilers. Exactly the kind of movie people are curious enough to want to know what happens, but not enough to want to actually buy a ticket.

      On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 10:11 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Jagga Jasoos is on July 14th, not this weekend. I’ll be going out of town that weekend so I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it or not. Plus I don’t think I can convince any friends to see it with me anyway 🙂


        • I don’t think I can either! Unless I kidnap Dina and don’t tell her where we are going until after we get there,


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