Jagga Jasoos, News From the Front

First, just getting it out of the way, I did NOT see Jagga Jasoos last night.  Instead I went to see an actual good movie, Thondimuthlum Driksakshiyum (podcast going up soon, review up for Monday Malayalam).  But I will be seeing it first possible show today!  And taking my laptop so I can write the review for you guys from the food court at the mall and have it up ASAP.

There were two reasons I skipped Jagga Jasoos opening night.  First, my friend Dina refused to see another bad movie after Tubelight so we went with the guaranteed high quality film.  And second, it wasn’t playing anywhere!

Well, not “anywhere”.  It was playing at the funky overpriced dine in theater way way out in the convention area, and it was playing at the far suburban mall theater where I am seeing it today, and it was playing at the fancy theater that sometimes rents out screens to Indian film exhibitors.  And at the fancy downtown theater.

But it wasn’t playing at the all Indian theater nearest to me.  Or at a couple of the other regular Indian theaters in other suburbs.  This is what I was saying about the failure of Tubelight.  The theaters that took a risk on trying an Indian film might be less likely to try it in future.  But the ones who are really suffering are the all-Indian theaters who gave up two screens and most of their show times to Tubelight.

And those theaters are not risking it again with Jagga Jasoos!  Instead, Mom is being held over on one screen near me, and everything else is Tamil or Telugu or Malayalam.  And that’s a big reason that I, and a lot of the traditional Hindi film audience, may not be seeing this movie opening weekend.


The other reason is because Dina absolutely refuses to see it, so we had to see something else last night.  And all the other Dina’s of the world are also refusing.  All those people who have seen trailers and posters and everything for the past several months and thought “yeah, no”.  More specifically, all those people who saw Tubelight two weeks ago and decided they were not ready to risk another artsy looking “different” type of movie just because it had big stars and a good soundtrack.

Image result for jagga jasoos poster



So, yeah, if even I am not seeing this movie opening night, because the theaters I am used to aren’t playing it and my friends aren’t willing to come with me, I do not have a good feeling about the overall box office.


Although, who knows!  Miracles happen!  Maybe I will come out of it this afternoon going “wow!  This movie is brilliant!  Everyone should watch it!”


3 thoughts on “Jagga Jasoos, News From the Front

  1. So how was TD (Malayalam film)? I think I’ll be seeing it tomorrow. (It’s playing today, but too early in the morning, and I think there’s another show tomorrow night). Just a one or two word recommendation would do


    • Very good, very subtle. Not a lot really happens-happens. And you come out of it kind of thinking “I know there was something deep going on there, but I will have to think about it before I know what it was.”

      On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 6:41 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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