Jagga Jasoos Box Office and My Blog Views

This is barely worthy of a post, but I found it interesting, and thought I might as well pass it along.  So if you are desperately eager for an interesting thought about media integration and stuff, here it is!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week were really really good for me with blog views.  And then it started dropping off Thursday and Friday.  Part of that was my fault, I wasn’t posting enough.  But a lot of it wasn’t, there was no real reason for the spike or the drop.

But then I started looking at the post-views to see what had that little bump in the middle of the week and then drop, and it was Jagga Jasoos!  The spoiler review.  It did okay the first couple of days (Saturday and Sunday), normal for a new post on a new review, and then it had this strange burst in the middle of the week, before fading away.

Now, let us get in our imaginary airplane and journey over to India where the box office for Jagga is being tracked (well, “tracked”, I have minimal faith in the accuracy of Indian box office news reports) on a day by day basis.  Slight growth Friday-Saturday-Sunday, which is normal, movies always grow over those three days because people work on Friday and sometimes Saturday, but can go to every show on Sunday.  And then on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, it always slowly falls, as more and more people are at work.  But Jagga is really not doing well over weekdays, beyond the usually fall.  Things could still change, the real test is the second weekend numbers, but so far it’s not looking good.


But I don’t think those will be good, the second weekend numbers, because let us drift back over to my blog view count analysis.  Looks like, the post went up, the people who were waiting for it read it, normal view count for a post.

Then, word of mouth starts hitting the streets.  People who were planning to see Jagga second weekend start hearing about it from their friends who saw it the first weekend at work on Monday.  They start thinking “yeah, I don’t want to watch that, I’m going to just spoil myself instead”.  This builds and builds, Margaret’s blog gets a bunch of hits as more and more people over Tuesday and Wednesday decide they don’t want to waste money on a movie ticket and just want to read the spoilers.

But then it drops!  This is unusual for me with SPOILER posts, to see that sudden drop.  Baar Baar Dekho, for instance, I had pretty steady growth over the first 3 weeks.  As, again, more and more people decided not to bother watching it.  So as I see it, that drop means that all the people who were planning to see Jagga and decided not to after hearing the word of mouth all read it on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (obviously not all-all, then I would be a millionaire!  But all of the standard search engine results group I usually garnish around the edges of the big websites).

Which either means that there wasn’t that big a pool of people planning to see Jagga to begin with (thus the small sudden burst when bad word of mouth hit on Monday that rapidly ended); or it means that there was a small group of people affected by the word of mouth who suddenly started looking for spoilers, but the majority are still planning to see it next weekend and don’t want spoilers.

We shall see, but I am leaning towards the former.  Tubelight was kind of the same, by the way.  Just not that many people interested in the first place.  What a need is a nice juicy film that looks really really good and intrigues people, and then turns out to be terrible.  I thought it would be Jagga, but no, no one even cares about spoilers.  If I were a less-good SRK fan (or a more-good blogger), I would hope for a failure in Jab Harry Met Sejal, that’s exactly the kind of movie that gives me many many blog views, great promotions that get people intrigued, and then if word of mouth is bad, eeeeeverybody comes over here to read spoilers.  But I am an SRK fan first and blogger second, so I really really hope it is good.

(Karan Johar is a promotional genius.  Took a really lame movie, slapped on a Badshah song, got enough people interested-but-still-not-willing-to-see-it to keep Margaret’s blog in viewers for years and years.  Really, I know every time it is on TV, because people see the ads and think “oh yeah, great songs, I should watch that!” and then start it, turn it off after half an hour, and go online to find out how it ends.  So also, thank you satellite TV companies who spent way too much on the rights and keep playing it even though no one is watching!)


9 thoughts on “Jagga Jasoos Box Office and My Blog Views

  1. One thing that you may not have considered with recent releases is the impact of GST roll out. In tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities where the bulk of the second week/post-big weekend crowd was going to come from (if opening weekend prices are inflated), smaller businessmen are either in the middle of protests or worrying about staying afloat at all. The economic climate of the country is in an upheaval. These smaller businesses and the families that depend on them are in saving mode right now. The kids from these families and the young parents or the newlyweds who would have been the second week crowd aren’t flocking in. The more comfortable middle income salaried class family/older audience is probably relying on word of mouth to pick their multiplex film. I sense that one of the reasons why Tubelight lost business was because Salman’s traditional stronghold, the lower middle income crowd is hit hard with the GST confusion.

    This is one big reason why Rock On 2 didn’t do as well even when the first part was something of a cult hit. It opened in the middle of the note ban and entertainment just wasn’t on people’s list of priorities.

    Since Jagga is styled to appeal to a certain segment of Indian society (urbane English speaking crowd), it’s makers probably should have accounted for the fact that their film was going to be competing with the season premiere of GoT. So now the english speaking college crowd who would have been excited about a film like this was waiting and talking about GoT instead.

    Also interesting is that monsoon has been above normal for this time of the year so far. The north east is already severely flooded, so are parts of the West, it’s been raining non-stop in the north and with cities experiencing slight or heavy flooding (Rajkot turned into a nightmare recently) families and college kids on bikes and scooties are not hitting malls as much. Usually, in the north, we’d be getting one light shower a day or a gorgeous downpour once a week in the plains in the middle of july. Which would make it very humid and the mall and multiplex would be the place you go with your friends and family.

    Maybe this is because bollywood lives in a bubble where they can’t even see what’s happening in the country.

    As a nation, we’re experiencing a lot of anxiety. There is an economic slowdown. Jobs are getting lost in every segment. The IT crowd isn’t upbeat and spending.

    I keep coming back to Bahubali whenever there’s a discussion of post Bahubali bollywood BO collections. It has set a standard for what value-for-money means in Bollywood. Plus with a luxury tax imposed on cinema tickets and eating out (the 200INR ticket is close to 250INR or more with GST and multiplex food which was already costly is now costlier too)

    Maybe you should do a pre- and post-GST BO figures post.

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    • Taxes and movie tickets are a long time fight in India, as I am sure you know. State by state they vary, and then some states have lower taxes for local language films versus Hindi, and you can get tax waived for certain movies if they are supposed to, I don’t know, support Indian values?

      Anyway, with Rock On 2, I didn’t see any box office difference. I was watching for it at the time because there was all this talk about how it would suffer and blah blah, and there was a movie right before and right after, and they both did fine, it was only Rock On 2 that failed. And it also got terrible reviews and no one liked it. So I don’t know if I buy the “it was the money thing!” argument for that, or if that was just the producers trying to cover themselves.

      All the stuff you just said, is why I don’t usually cover the Indian box office. I don’t know enough about the economy in the country, and I really don’t know about the box office past and present because there are no reliable sources for inner-India box office. You can say a movie did “well” or “poorly”, but the exact dollar figures are always wishy-washy.

      With Jagga, I can easily believe that things like rains and taxes affected it. But they wouldn’t cause a fall off day by day, that would be a straight up drop all around. However, Tubelight I think you might be right on the money with that one. Because opening day on its own was way way lower than anticipated, that’s the kind of thing you would see with unexpected issues affecting the audience.

      Although, again, then we get back to the problem of a wide release and needing the big opening weekend. With a slow roll out of films, it is running for weeks in first run, then second, then third, and so on. Eventually, whatever might have affected its box office will stabilize and the film will be able to stand. But with the current system, anything that happens opening weekend could kill your whole profit margin.

      On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 9:45 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. This is off topic, but this seems the most relevant place to say this: Are you aware of the “Nepotism Rocks” incident at the IIFA in New York, and all its fallout since then? The latest is Saif Ali Khan’s “open letter” in DNA, where he explains that “it’s not nepotism, it’s genetics and eugenics.” YOu really should check it out (if you haven’t already). Who know? It may inspire you to do a post. 🙂


    • Yeah, a friend told me about it and I read some articles on the backlash. I don’t know if I have anything more to say, that last nepotism post kind of exhausted me 🙂

      On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 11:48 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I wasn’t suggesting a serious post — or maybe there can be one, in trying to figure out why Kangana’s comment has gotten under Karan’s skin so much — but I was thinking of its comedic value, or something to trigger your media analysis interests, I don’t know. Mostly I just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing out on all the fun and entertainment. 🙂 So maybe a TGIF post.


        • Well, I did have that TGIF post asking who is hotter, father or son. The answer, of course, is always Dharmendra.

          On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 12:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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