TGIF: JHMS Themed, Men in Leather Jackets

One thing that really struck me about the new JHMS trailer released today was how delightfully familiar SRK looked in that leather jacket.  I could do a whole other post on the psychological meaning of leather jackets (Western, motorcycles, slightly forbidden, impractical (SO HOT IN INDIA), helps hide narrow shoulder and expanding waist issues), but we don’t need that, we just know that men in leather jackets=bad boy sexy.

First, and I paused and screenshotted the trailer just to get this for you because I love you (and also because I wanted it for myself), the newest incarnation of leather jacket SRK.  And I kept boring European dude in the corner, because you really need the contrast to make it pop.


Okay okay, I will give you the close-up version as well.


Okay, this is pretty good.  The bad boy thing undercut in the best possible way.  (there is a reason for all those romance novels with titles like “Cowboy Detective Doctor Spy Millionaire Duke Biker Boxer Bad Boy and Baby”)

Image result for shahrukh leather jacket

(the baby is either catatonic with ecstasy, or sleepy and doesn’t care who is holding him)

And just for comparison (thank you Indiatimes!), let us look at Shahrukh of the past versus Shahrukh of the present.

Image result for shahrukh leather jacket

And then, because I felt so bad about missing him until Karthik pointed it out in the comments on the sunglasses post, Hrithik gets the next slot!  How does he look better in a candid shot than most models look posed?

Image result for hrithik leather jacket

Okay, I’m not crazy, right?  The half-unshaven plus leather jacket look is really good on Varun here?

Image result for varun leather jacket

You know who can surprisingly make a leather jacket work?  Maybe because it adds a touch of powerful manliness to his baby boy vibe?  Ranbir!

Image result for ranbir leather jacket

Even in glasses!  Or maybe especially in glasses?

Image result for ranbir leather jacket

But I think the hipster knit cap is a little too far.  Leather jacket in India looks like “I am so cool, heat has no effect on me”.  Knit cap in India looks like “I am a hipster idiot”.

Image result for ranbir leather jacket

Dips-like, for me, after Ranbir always comes Ranveer.  And I think he may look terrible?  You need a certain kind of “I don’t notice what I wear” to pull off something as obviously impractical as a leather jacket (setting aside the heat in India issue, it’s a super expensive item of clothing that replaces something that will perform the same function for a fraction of the price).  And Ranveer always looks like he cares.

Image result for ranveer leather jacket

This is a little closer, but still not great Ranveer.  Plus it’s got early-Ranveer hair, which has a certain nostalgia to it, but is otherwise unattractive.

Image result for ranveer leather jacket

Arjun‘s got Mubarakan coming out, feel like I should acknowledge him.  Plus, this photo is like the definition of “swag”.

Image result for arjun kapoor leather jacket

And if you were disappointed because you thought I meant the other Arjun, not to worry!  He is here too!  And it’s possible a leather jacket may be the one thing he can’t wear?

Related image

Scratch that, this version works.

Related image

Oh young John Abraham!  Why don’t you look like this any more?

Related image

Oh, that reminds me, young Abhishek too!  I like current Abhishek fine (better to age into a slight gut than age into whatever we would call current John Abraham), but Dhoom 1-era Abhishek had something a little special.

Related image

Present day real life Abhishek has a different take on the leather jacket, less dangerous dork, and more “Yeah, I can be cool and sweet because check it out, I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Image result for abhishek leather jacket


Okay, I could go on like this forever, and I am sure you will have things to add in the comments, but I have to stop sometime!  And so, finally, the most classic leather jacket of all Indian film.  No, not DDLJ, Maine Pyar Kiya came before that and has the one true leather jacket of Indian film.

Related image


PS  One more!  I check out the real original leather jacket wearer:

Image result for dharmendra leather jacket


32 thoughts on “TGIF: JHMS Themed, Men in Leather Jackets

  1. Knit cap and leather jacket is a great wardrobe option for the winters in the plains. Temp goes down to 0 degree C and lingers below 10C the the fog months. Even Mumbaikars complained about how cold it was last winter. Leather jackets may look stupid in the south but they kind of make sense in the north. In Mumbai, if a star is expected to stay indoors for an event, the venue WOULD be airconned. So the leather jacket makes sense again. We really should acknowledge that these stars literally never need to live in actual weather for long. It’s airconned car to airconned venue to airconned home to airconned studio.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know, the knit hat still makes me want to punch him in the face.

      What blows my mind is that the studios aren’t actually necessarily air conditioned. As recently as 2005-2006 when Tejaswini Ganti was researching her massive book on production processes, the norm was unairconditioned studios. Oh, and no dressing rooms or toilets. Stars had/have their vanity vans, but the dancers and extras were expected to change in the bushes or their cars. The title song from Khuda Gawah, for instance, was filmed with no air conditioning. I can’t remember where I saw it, but there was some interview somewhere where Amitabh talked about how hard that was, since they were all in fur coats.

      Someone in the comments (maybe Moimeme?) talked about how for whatever reason the southern films have much more advanced studio facilities, which might be part of the reason Hindi film people are so willing to film southern cameos or small parts, and sometimes even request that their Hindi films be made in the Madras studios.

      It’s all changing rapidly of course, Yash Raj is all new facilities and so in. But when you are talking Filmcity or Mehboob Studios or RK Studios or any of the older locations, you might end up in some studio set that hasn’t been updated since 1955.

      Which isn’t really related to anything you are saying, it just makes me feel better watching those poor heroines shiver in Switzerland and thinking “yeah, well, at least when you are filming in Bombay in some 60 year old windowless room under hot lights, you get to be in a sari and he is stuck in a full suit”.


      • Hah! Yea the sari in snow thing makes zero sense to me. It feels like our filmmakers are ignorant or assume that the audience it. Remember the long skirt kareena wears in the song Yeh Ishq Hai in Jab We Met? That’s sexier than any of the sari/short skirt in snow idea! Us northerners watch those mindbendingly stupid costume ideas and go “yeah that’s what a mumbaikar thinks is a good dress idea for when the weather’s cold!” *endless eyerolling * 😁


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