New Podcast! On New Hosting Service! About Munna Michael!

Well, that was an incredibly fun evening!  Dina and I laughed and laughed all the way through the movie, and then laughed and laughed all the way home.  And if you want to hear why, you can listen in!

First, have you seen the news about SoundCloud?  Apparently going bankrupt or something?  So, new hosting service!  And possibly, if I am every able to go through all the hoops involved, itunes!  But for now all you need to know is that this is the new link for the new podcast if you want to listen:

(aw, no pretty embed this time)


12 thoughts on “New Podcast! On New Hosting Service! About Munna Michael!

  1. Nawazuddin has said before that he did movies like Kick so that his other small, independent films will get more publicity. But I’ve never seen him talking down on commercial movies so I think he does enjoy doing them as well.

    I was looking up the actress, Nidhi Agerwal, and apparently she was a model and a dancer. That’s the only info on her. Also she apparently signed a no-dating clause on her contract. Have you heard of anyone else doing something like this?

    Thanks for the Varun shoutout! You guys seemed to like Dishoom a lot more than I did 🙂

    So how come Dina doesn’t comment on your blog?


    • Ooo, it would be so WEIRD if Dina commented! Like if someone in the same room texted you instead of just saying something out loud. We’ve been talking like this in person about movies for, gosh, 11 years now? Commenting here instead of just telling me something the next time we got together (we have the drive to the movie theater every week to talk about all the stuff not for the podcast) would just feel strange! Although of course she is welcome to comment (Dina, if you are reading this, feel free!).

      Speaking of the drive to the theater, we spent part of it talking about how we are both so impressed with the way he is handling his career, so I think he was in our minds! Plus, this movie had obvious comparisons with ABCD2, and that movie was so much better.

      I’ve never heard of an official “no dating” clause in a contract, it’s certainly been understood as something you wouldn’t want your actress to do because dating leads to drama and time conflicts and all kinds of other things. Taking a step back, I bet they promoted the “no dating” clause because they were trying to duck Tiger dating rumors with another co-star.


      • Imagine the furore this kind of clause will cause (it will right!?) in Hollywood/western cultures or the no pregnancy clause which was initially present but then shot down in Australian Women’s cricket national contracts.


        • Almost entirely unrelated, but one of my favorite minor golden age of Hollywood films is “Something to Sing About” which is a silly farce revolving around exactly this idea. Our hero is given a chance to be a star, elopes with his girlfriend right before his movie comes out, then is offered a contract which includes a clause saying he has to remain unmarried. He signs it anyway and his wife pretends to be his secretary and complications ensue. Jimmy Cagney, super fun.

          On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 12:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Did you ever do a review of ABCD 2? I would want to see why you liked it because I thought the story was quite flawed though the dances, the most important part, were great.

        I didn’t see anything that said that Tiger was asked to sign the same type of clause but maybe he did.


        • It came out right before I started blogging, so no review.

          I liked it for the dances and that’s it. And I kind of appreciated that the story was so transparently in service to the dances, it wasn’t even trying to be about something, it was just there around the dancing.

          But most of all, no one in ABCD2 was as bad an actor as Tiger Shroff is.


          • Well I’m sorry that you’ll probably have to bear watching him in Bhaagi 2 and Student of the Year 2 next year 🙂


          • BAAGHI 2??? WHY?!?!??!

            SOTY 2 I am willing to see for the curiosity factor, but Baaghi 2 might kill me. On the other hand, I will need a companion for the Shahrukh dwarf movie and I suspect Dina is going to take that opportunity to bargain hard.

            On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 10:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I don’t know if this will make you feel better or not but the director of Bhaagi 2 isn’t Sabbir Khan and I think Shraddha is being replaced by Disha Patani 🙂

            I’m curious about SOTY 2 as well and I’m thinking it will be different from what Tiger usually does. But the most important thing I’m curious about is whether there will be a cameo of Varun, Alia, and Sidharth in the movie.


          • That is the most important thing! I am also curious if it will be a “real” sequel, or just a sequel in tone, like Badrinath and Humpty.

            I don’t know if that Baaghi news makes it better or worse. Shraddha was a better actress than Tiger in the first one. Disha, I just don’t know, i’ve only seen her in Dhoni where she barely had a role. And it looks like this new director has an almost empty resume, which is a bad sign. Although he did AD on Mr. India, which is a good sign.

            On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 11:02 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I’m expecting it to be just a sequel in tone. But maybe they’ll do something like set the movie at St. Theresa’s again so it’s like a different class of students at the same school.


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