Fourth Reminder! Get Your Card! (Also, greatest holiday card ever at the end of the post)

Okay, 4th reminder!  Make me happy and let me give you things!  Or, at the least, scroll to the end of this post for Greatest. Christmas. Card. Ever.  And yes, I am going to just keep putting these posts up until I feel like enough of you have responded.  I know for sure that plenty of people who got the Spring thank you cards still haven’t responded.  LET ME THANK YOU!  IT MAKES ME HAPPY!

I just used a coupon to get a massive number of Fall greeting cards, don’t let them go to waste!  Put in your information and claim your own.  And, as an added bonus, when the card arrives you will get to see my hilariously bad handwriting in the address.

If you want to get my nice Fall greeting card, all you need to do is the following steps:

  1. Go to the Comments section of this post and open the Leave a Reply box.  If you are already logged in, click “Log Out”.  If you are already logged in to the site, it will look like this:

Leave a Reply.jpg

2. If you aren’t logged in to the site, great!  That’s right where you should be!  And it should look like this:

Leave a Reply Login

3.  Once it looks like that, you are ready to type!  Any comment made without an email entered or one of the icons clicked to log in, goes to me for moderation and will not be posted.  So you can enter your information below like this, with username first if you want me to know who you are in Don’t Call It Bollywood-land!  And then type in your address:

Address Reply

4. And then just click Post Comment!  And it will wing it’s way to me as a private communication, that will not appear on the site.

And don’t worry, if you mess up the instructions and it posts, I can still make it go away right away.  Not that I think our site is being trolled by terrible people for addresses, but it’s just common sense not to put contact information on a public website.

Once I get your message, I will immediately drop a card in the mail to you!  And you will be glad, because my cards are THE BEST!  And specifically, this card is the best:




8 thoughts on “Fourth Reminder! Get Your Card! (Also, greatest holiday card ever at the end of the post)

  1. Hey Margaret! Are you gonna do that contest you did last year? Where you mailed cards out every week to the people that commented the most. That was fun 🙂


    • Yes indeed! That’s part of the reason this is happening now. Because the contest will start in about a month, and I wanted a nice gap between contest cards and just because cards.

      On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 1:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Okay, this will sound really dumb, but I’m afraid to log out because I am not at all sure if the password I have written down is accurate. Can I just say, I’d love whatever cards are on offer and beg you to look up my address which you have? Or I could just email it to you. Sorry for being such a dork.


    • Don’t give me too much credit for mind-reading, I just always send something for you when I send something to Molly. And vice versa.

      On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 10:37 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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