Trailer Post! Judwaa 2, Bhoomi, Secret Superstar

Well, trailer time is upon us again.  We had that little burst during Ramadan, then everything kind of slowed down a bit as JHMS and Toilet dominated the news cycles.  But now they are successfully running in theaters, so we can all focus on what’s coming up after them.  Two big things out today, full Secret Superstar song and Judwaa 2‘s first trailer.  Oh, and Bhoomi came out a few weeks back, I just never got around to writing about it.

I’ll give Niki-from-the-comments a treat and start with Judwaa 2.  It looks……like a David Dhawan movie.  Leans heavily on body based humor, two sexy heroines, and an over the top performance from the lead.  I’ll be very interested to see if Varun can pull it off.  Not that it is a huge “acting” challenge to play a cowardly twin and a rowdy twin.  But it is a huge “superstar” challenge to keep us, the audience, entertained single-handedly for an entire film.  Especially this kind of film, where you can’t relax and have to be “on” the whole time.


Couple of interesting changes from the original.  The setting for one, it seems to be mostly in London instead of India.  I wonder how they are going to explain the “rowdy” twin landing in London?  Also, they are leaning even more heavily on the “what one twin does, the other can’t resist doing as well” idea from the original.  Less “realistic” instead of more, the flip of the direction movies have been heading in.

Which is smart!  People want entertainers, the success (well, qualified success, did better than expected) of Mubarakkan proves that.  And if you are going to make a David Dhawan movie, why hold back?  Make the movie you want to make.

Speaking of Mubarakan, even without this film being released, we can see that Varun is doing better than Arjun.  Because Arjun did this kind of comic double role, but only with lots and lots of support.  And here’s Varun, with his heroines, but otherwise out there on his own.  No stacked cast of character actors to help him.  His father has faith in him, unlike Arjun’s family, who stuck him with his uncle to watch him.


Moving on, Secret Superstar!  We finally get the full version of the song we have been hearing in the teaser since for ever!  It’s an interesting song, works well for a general kind of teenage “who am I?” question.  But also works very well for a feminist “can I be the moon itself, or just it’s shadow?” question.  Not sure if that is intentional or not, but that’s what resonated for me, the wondering if a woman can be her own thing or always has to follow others.


Although this isn’t the song I really want.  I thought it was, from the teaser I thought there was just one song.  But this doesn’t have that glorious descend at the end of the teaser.  So there’s another song to look forward too.



And finally, Bhoomi!  Yet another movie to make the radical argument that, possibly, rape is not the victim’s fault.  I know I know, sounds crazy!  The kind of thing we need movie after movie after movie to teach us, headlined by a series of older male stars so we will believe it.

But this one is worth talking about because it is Sanjay’s return, and the victim (Aditi Rao Hydari) gets to fight a little too.  Oh, and also because of all the Sholay imagery with the cobbler shop, that’s a cool little touch.


The look of it though, BLEH!  Yet another “dim lighting and digital camera means gritty” film.  Does the sun never shine in these films?  Is no one allowed to wear bright colors?  Oh well, at least Sanju baba looks good.  Well, for a 60-something guy who just got out of jail.  I absolutely believe he could beat everyone up to save his daughter.

9 thoughts on “Trailer Post! Judwaa 2, Bhoomi, Secret Superstar

  1. I liked the remixed songs in the trailer but do you think they are relying on too much of the Judwaa nostalgia to make this one successful?


    • I think so. But the full nostalgia, not just the songs and the plot, but that whole feel of the 90s comedy. Because I think that’s what people are missing, the whole bright colors silliness of the 90s. I like that better than something like Badrinath which was such a modern film, but with that one song that was retro.

      On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 1:47 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, that’s definitely one thing that I really like about David Dhawan films. The bright colors, the silliness, and the songs are what make his films fun to watch! I hope the action scenes are bigger in this than in Main Tera Hero, I think that would be fun.


        • If it’s going to be a Varun centerpiece, I want them to do really big action and really big dance. Seems like that’s two things he has going for him which not all the other young stars do.

          On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 2:34 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I think I’ll have to suspend disbelief and rationale for this one, too much nostalgia attached to Judwaa lol. Absolutely suckered in at all the references including songs and the twin condition etc. I can’t believe they haven’t managed to fly in Salman and Karishma for just an appearance for old times sake.

    And that Taapsee bikini has to be the most er eye catching actual bikini itself I’ve seen in recent memory, really good design.


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