Watch a Raja Hindustani With Me on Monday on Twitter! 10am Chicago Time

Well, there isn’t THAT much interest in doing this, but on the other hand, if I don’t do it I will have to clean my apartment, and there is even less interest (from me) in doing that.  So, movie it is!  Raja Hindustani, 10am Monday morning Chicago time (which should be early evening in Europe, and mid-evening in India), on twitter.

The way this works is, about 15 minutes before I will put out an alert on twitter that it is about to start.  Then again 10 minutes and 5 minutes and then the start.  If I think about it, I may also put in a 5 minute pause at the interval for snacks and bathroom break (although sometimes we don’t have to bother with that, depends on how gripping the film is).  I’ll also try to remember to put in time stamps along the way in case you join us late so you can catch up.

You can use the hashtag “#RajaHindustani”, just add it on to anything you tweet.  From the reading perspective, what you are going to want to do is search for the “#RajaHindustani” hashtag and then save that search.  Or just keep it up onscreen and keep refreshing, either way.  Oh, and this is a “live” hashtag, that is, we might get random people tweeting about the movie not as a part of our watch, which is sometimes confusing.


So, final thing, since I have only a few people who expressed interest and this is kind of last minute, PLEASE RSVP!!!!  That is, let me know in the comments here for sure and absolute that you can do it.  Even if you aren’t tweeting along, that you will be reading the tweets.  Otherwise I may cancel and have to clean my apartment after all (the horror!!!!)


You should join in anyway, not just in order to save me from cleaning, because this movie is super fun!  Look at this song!


9 thoughts on “Watch a Raja Hindustani With Me on Monday on Twitter! 10am Chicago Time

  1. “Stranger, stranger, don’t go . . . ”

    You really picked a subtle and nuanced one this time!

    (I always fight best when I have a baby tied to my back.)


  2. Have worked out from my world clock app that it will be 4pm, London time. Thought I would be at the V&A that day but plans have changed and I will be at a friend’s house. He happens to be of Indian background so you never know… I think he has Netflix…


    • Well, we’ll see if I can get another confirmation. Much though I love Joyomama (and I do!), three hours of tweeting for one person may be a bit more than is reasonable.

      On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 12:16 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I visited my Indian friend today and we did watch it but on DVD. I didn’t have wifi so couldn’t join in the tweeting.

    Enjoyed it and we had a laugh. Star billing should go to the poor baby…


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