TGIF: Labor Day Themed! Let’s Look At Some Working Men

Happy Labor Day weekend!  Which I always mix up with Memorial Day weekend.  It’s America’s fault, everywhere else in the world celebrates Labor Day on May 1st, easy to remember.  But noooooooooo, we can’t be like everyone else, we have to invent a random holiday with an impossible to remember date.  Anyway, since it is our random holiday, let us celebrate Labor! That is, “What is the hottest job for each actor?” You can give your own opinions in the comments.


There was a complaint from a friend of mine that on last weeks tuxedos post I made the people wait for what they want.  So, I will switch it up, we are STARTING with Shahrukh this week.  And, like last week, there is a discussion question for you (no wrong answer).  Do you prefer:

Shahrukh as Fireman

Image result for shahrukh dard-e-disco

(Doesn’t seem like a terribly safe outfit in which to fight fires, but then what do I know, I’m not a fire professional!)

Shahrukh as Army Guy

Image result for shahrukh jab tak hai jaan

Shahrukh as Cool International Criminal

Related image

Shahrukh as local desi style criminal

Image result for shahrukh raees

Shahrukh as Therapist

Image result for shahrukh dear zindagi

Shahrukh as Ancient Ruler

Image result for shahrukh asoka

Or, the classic, Shahrukh as Wealthy NRI type businessman with Hot Wife

Image result for shahrukh khan hum tumhare hain sanam


Okay, I gave you dessert first, but now you HAVE to keep reading and take have a balanced diet or else your tummy will get all out of whack and you will stop sleeping because the Shahrukh-y-ness has overwhelmed you!


Moving on, Hrithik!  In which profession does he look best?

Mughal Emperor

Related image

Army Guy

Image result for hrithik lakshya

Master Thief

Image result for hrithik dhoom 2

Or, of course, Aspiring Musician

Image result for hrithik kaho na pyar hai


You don’t like Hrithik?  Let me offer you something else!  How about Salman?  Better as which of the following:

Salman as Cop

Related image

Salman as Businessman Type with Hot Girlfriend

Image result for salman hum aapke hain kaun

Salman as Tormented Young Manual Laborer

Image result for salman maine pyar kiya

And, of course, Salman as Wrestler

Related image


Moving on, I feel like we should take a trip down south for one of the most variably attractive guys.  How about Madhavan!  Better as which of the following:


Image result for madhavan guru

Madhavan as Ace Pilot

Image result for madhavan rang de basanti

Madhavan as Cop

Image result for madhavan vettai

(Is it just me, or are those pants slightly obscene in how they fit?)

Madhavan as Slightly Older Cop in Plain Clothes

Image result for madhavan vikram

And, of course, Madhavan as Boxing Coach

Related image


Hmm, who else?  I don’t feel like the young guys have quite the breadth and depth in roles needed to offer options.  Oh!  I know!  Sanju Baba!  Sure, we mostly know him as a Gunda, but is that all he can offer?  Or even the best he can offer?  Would you prefer perhaps:

Sanjay as Poet

Related image

Sanjay as Novelist

Image result for sanjay shabd

Sanjay as Top Cop

Image result for sanjay dus

Sanjay as Army Guy

Image result for sanjay mission kashmir

Or are you stuck on Sanjay as Gunda?  Either the aging friendly kind

Image result for munna bhai

Or the hot tormented young kind

Image result for khalnayak sanjay


Okay, grand finale!  Amitabh Time!  He is ALL ABOUT the different professions!

Amitabh as Cop

Image result for amitabh zanjeer

Amitabh as Coal Miner

Image result for amitabh kaala patthar

Amitabh as College Professor

Image result for amitabh chupke chupke

Amitabh as Coolie

Image result for amitabh coolie

Amitabh as Longshoreman

Image result for amitabh zanjeer

Amitabh as Chef

Image result for amitabh cheeni kum

Amitabh as Amitabh (his most common role)

Image result for amitabh young

(I think this is from Trishul, but really it could be from anything)



Okay, you ready for my answers?  Which you can feel free to disagree with highly in the comments?


Well, this is well-nigh impossible, but after a closely run race, I am going with Shahrukh as NRI Businessman Type with Hot Wife

Image result for shahrukh khan hum tumhare hain sanam



Not even close for me.  Has to be Hrithik Army Guy

Image result for hrithik lakshya



You know, I think I have to go with Businessman Type for him too!  There’s just something about those 90s ties….

Image result for salman hum aapke hain kaun



While I enjoy the delights of all flavors of Maddy, I think I have to go with Madhavan-crusading-reporter-in-the-80s

Image result for madhavan guru


I know it’s trite, but I got to go with Sanjay as Tormented Young Gunda.  So soulful!  So tormented!

Image result for khalnayak sanjay

Even though I just admitted this morning that Zanjeer is my favorite Amitabh film, I think I still have to go with the classic.  There is just something about Amitabh as Longshoreman.  There’s a reason it’s a mural.

Image result for deewar mural


65 thoughts on “TGIF: Labor Day Themed! Let’s Look At Some Working Men

  1. You realize that the photo you picked for SRK as the “NRI type business guy” was from the one film when he was a stay in India business guy, don’t you? 🙂


    • I do. I was looking for a good K3G photo and couldn’t find one, so I gave up. But he is still NRI type at least, very western kind of office and all that. And anyway, Madhuri was just too cute to resist including it.

      On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 2:24 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Ah! i am so sad :(((
    No posts on Prabhas. I wanted to hear your playful bashing on his fashion choices, just like on last week’s tuxedo posts.


  3. SRK = therapist for sure!
    Hrithik = master thief, but I prefer criminal with ulterior motive (Agneepath)
    Salman = cop, Dabangg is the only movie where I think he’s actually sexy
    Madhavan = boxing coach, he is scorchingly sexy in that movie
    Sanjay never does it for me, so none of ’em
    Amitabh = I do like that longshoreman shot…probably one of his sexiest scenes


    • Thank goodness, someone willing to chime in and contribute to this important discussion! I was worried my opinion would be the only one visible.

      Not that I agree with you necessarily! I love salman in Dabangg, but for sexy I have to go with something younger. And obviously not seeing the appeal of Sanjay is just madness.


  4. I do believe the first Shah Rukh photo is a construction worker, not a firefighter; wrong kind of hat. I’d go for the NASA engineer, myself. Government I.D. lanyards are soooo sexy. I agree on your choices for Hrithik and Salman. Poetic Sanjay is lovely, and you missed my favorite Amitabh — head of school!


    • Oh you HAVE to watch Zanjeer! I don’t know what kind of fabric shortage was going on in the 70s, but there was always just baaaaaaarely enough to cover the police body.


    • Oh yeah, I can picture that now! The black shirt fading into the black behind.

      What do you think? 39 seconds in:

      On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 10:39 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Is this like official Indian air force policy? They flip through photo books and go “ooo ooo, look at those cheekbones! Yeah, we’ll give him a plane!” also, have you seen Kaatru Veliyai yet?

      On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 12:32 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Well we watched pelli choopulu yesterday on thecinebay and ustad hotel today on hotstar and we’re hoping to make a regional language film a nightly feature!!! We’re going to need as many recommendations as you can give!!


          • YAAAAAAAY! YAY for Ustad Hotel!!!! did you love it? Or at least like it? Did it make you hungry? And did you like the central couple? They were also in OK Kanmani together, which is Tamil and Ratnam and great.

            I think I already recommended Bangelore Days and Ohm Shaanti Oshaana and Premam. You should also check out Kali, and I really like Jacobinte Swarigam (but you may not, it’s not universal). Oh, and Action Hero Biju! And Celluloid and Mumbai Police (mindblowing!) for Prithviraj. And City of God is the movie I watched about 12 times in one week after I bought it on googleplay, because it was more important to watch it than sleep. So watch that one, but be aware that if you don’t like it, we can no longer be friends 🙂 Also, in Tamil, anything by the director Gautham Menon, especially Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa with the awesome Rahman soundtrack and Trisha who you know from Telugu films.

            Okay, that’s it for now i think.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I loved it!! Mom and I talked about it for ab hour after!! I was like “I want to go to there!”

            I seriously do want to go to there!!!

            I’ll definitely check these out!! Maybe you should have a “Margaret recommends” index too.


          • Ohm Shanti Oshana would be my next most recommendation, awesome heroine and gorgeous setting. Less food based, but it covers 5 years from 1999 to 2006, so you will really enjoy the film references. “Ek Pal Ke Jeene”, and “Tanhaiyee” and “Piya Bole” and a bunch of others.

            And if you go there, you have to tell me all about it. I want to go there too! Kerala looks just gorgeous in all these films.

            Liked by 1 person

  5. SRK as therapist! But I’ve already changed my selection half a dozen times! Would prob go for construction worker but am desperately trying to take the high road here!


  6. SRK-army guy /therapist
    Hrithik – really in nothing but definitely not as young musician
    Madhavan – super sexy in everything but I will older cop/cop/boxer
    Sanjay -only as young tormented


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