New YouTube Video! Future of the Khans and More Importantly, My Hair!

The content here is so-so.  I had a better take where I didn’t lose my train of thought, and I didn’t accidentally say “Salman” when I meant Sharhukh.  But, more importantly, my hair looks GREAT!  I mentioned in the post earlier today that I have hair like Jaya in Silsila, and then I realized you may not believe me, so I wanted to put up proof.

Right, this is just some thoughts I’ve been bouncing around about how the Khans are on the way out but they have left us a legacy.  And it’s also the full half of my apartment visible, including my grandmother’s washboard and sewing machine, 3 of my 7 bookshelves (3 of them just have DVDs) and the real high tech sewing machine I actually use (I had it out to put a patch on my favorite skirt).


But mostly, LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!  The one feature I am inordinately proud of and vain about.  And believe me, it looks even better in person.


40 thoughts on “New YouTube Video! Future of the Khans and More Importantly, My Hair!

  1. OK, I confess, I hardly heard a thing you said because I was so distracted studying all the things in your apartment (and your hair!). Maybe zoom in a little if you want anyone to follow your comments.


  2. Look here Miss Rapunzel, you.. you can’t just undo your hair like that matter of fact casually. Log kya kahenge? (what will people say :p) I mean there’s a reason undoing hair like that is a kinda trope for actresses shown sometimes in slow motion for the effect it has!


  3. I’m jealous of your hair! 🙂 It looks great and I love your apartment too. I have an odd fondness for old sewing machines. They just look so cool. I’m terrified of using them though because I can never seem to get them to work right. What they need is to sell the high tech sewing machine that looks like the older types.

    The audio was a little off on this video. I just kept hearing this buzz in the background otherwise, I think the full length was a great.

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    • The buzz was my fan going in the background. But yeah, the audio definitely isn’t as good with the phone that far away from me.

      Isn’t the sewing machine cool? It’s the one thing I wanted from my grandmother’s apartment after she died. It does actually function and is pretty easy to use.

      I have a friend who has a modified old machine with a motor attached, it’s super cool and she inherited it from her mother. I looked it up online, and I can get one like it for only $350. Whereas a top of the line brand new machine is only like $100. So, maybe someday if I come into a lot of money and can afford a totally frivolous purchase, I will buy something like it.

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  4. I don’t follow box office all that closely, but I think your speculations make sense. Of course they are aware of it, and have been planning for the future. My only thought is that Shah Rukh also has his eye on global audiences, just not the same ones as Aamir.

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    • Excellent point. Aamir is building the art film and high brow industry, and connections with international companies. But Shahrukh is doing the overseas shows and making sure to release in more countries (Peru, Germany) and opening them up.

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  5. This is, I think, the second of your videos I’ve watched. Both because I wanted your take on the Khans, and because I had to see your hair! So maybe doing an occasional unbraiding, or even braiding, during your videos will keep the views coming. If I had a friend with hair like yours, I’d want to mess with it all the time. Do you friends do that? Do you like having your hair brushed, etc, by other people, or not really. Or only in a romantic context?

    I don’t think I really have my head around how the Hindi film industry works, and the ecosystem of Hindi movies in India, to know what it means for someone’s era to be over, or for someone to be leaving a legacy. If all three are doing the work they want to, how is their era over? From what I’ve read here, some distributors are losing money on things like Dilwale or Tubelight, but no one else is, yet. And you’ve said that box office numbers (especially “footfalls”) are going down generally. So is it the Khan’s inability to buck this trend that shows their era is over?

    Finally, a question that I’d love to hear from Indian commenters on as well as you, Margaret, is what makes an “All-India” hit,given the incredible variations in language, customs, taste, history across India? Do all regional film industries aspire for All India hits once in a while, or is it more the Hindi film industry that aims for those?


    • Hi–on re-reading my comment (which I should do before I post, lol)–I wanted to clarify, I’m not at all disagreeing with your take. More, trying to get my head around the implications. And another question, does anyone or will anyone have “eras” anymore in the Hindi film industry in the way that the Khans have?


      • Oh, I got it (I hope) and tried to answer it.

        It’s an open question as to whether there will be another star era. On the one hand, the studios are getting more and more powerful in ways that stars used to be, and the industry is shifting so much in general. On the other hand, people said there wouldn’t be more stars like Dev-Dilip-Raj in the 50s, and then Shammi followed by Rajesh proved them wrong. People thought Rajesh was the biggest there could ever be, and then Amitabh proved them wrong. After Amitabh, people thought the industry could never recover, would never find a new way, and then the Khans appeared. So, who knows!!! But certainly that is why there is so much attention on Ranveer/Ranbir/Varun right now, because there is hope that one of them will somehow magically show that they can take over now that the Khans are nearing the finish of their reign. Just like a few years back there was a lot of attention on Shahid, and even before that on Hrithik. But the Khans just kept chugging along.

        What’s really interesting (and I should have mentioned but I forgot) is that the Khans only showed up and took over because Amitabh removed himself. He took a sabbatical in the early 90s to run his corporation, and that’s when Shahrukh got his first movie, Salman did Hum Aapke Hain Koun and broke Sholay’s record, and Aamir had hit after hit after hit in the “young love” genre. And then Amitabh came back and moved into the really interesting character roles we see him in now, much better than continuing to try for another hit playing much younger than he is. So that’s another possibility, for the Khans to opt to just remove themselves from the race and let someone appear to fill the vacuum.

        On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 8:18 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • For the hair question, I am more likely the one to be brushing, stroking, etc. my friends’ hair (going back to my comments about always being the one who is in control). Movie night at my place usually means I show you a movie based on your particular tastes, give you cookies, and massage your head for 3 hours. Most of my friends who would be close enough for that take my hair as kind of a matter of course and don’t think about it any more, it’s so much a part of me. However, total strangers are constantly touching it, grabbing it, telling me never to cut it, etc.

      For the Khans, the whole “era” thing is really about ruling and guiding the industry as a whole, I think. In my next box office post, we will get into the Amitabh era, which is when it was really striking. Every single hit film for about a decade was an Amitabh movie. It wasn’t that every film he made was a hit, it was that only Amitabh movies were hits. He WAS the industry. And then slowly he wasn’t. His first “flop” film was a really big deal, and then he had another hit and another and another, but then there was another flop, and slowly the flops outpaced the hits. That seems to be where we are now. The Khans had a solid 2 decades of every single hit film being one of theirs, and no slowly the flops are outpacing the hits and there has to be a new place for the hits to come from.

      And I am curious what other people think about the “All India” idea too! Obviously it can’t be something super star based, because stars generally don’t translate. And it can’t be something super regional, but it still has to feel grounded in Indian society in general. I think DDLJ was an all India hit, despite being so clearly set in the Punjab, because it dealt with universal questions and the performances were good because they were good, not because they were stars. Eega/Makhi was another one, and Enthiran/Robot, and of course Bahubali. All of those had amazing visuals and were kind of fantastical, which made them strangely easier to relate to (the whole cousin-marriage thing in Bahubali, for instance, is kind of buried under all of the reincarnation and everything else).

      On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 8:10 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • DDLJ cannot count as a pan India hit IMO. Not enough folk down south even register DDLJ as a movie even in a big city like Chennai. Bangalore/Hyderabad of course have become far more multi cultural, many north Indians live and work there.

        A new growing avenue seems to be dubbed movies released mostly for free on YouTube. Many Tamil films are being dubbed and released on various official/legal channels and racking up tens of millions of views and likes and positive feedback. Since Baahubali people seem to have woken up to the possibility of a world beyond Hindi cinema which is still rooted in desi values and are willing to give it a chance instead of continuing to consume drivel because they had no choice or so they thought.

        I wonder if the encouraging reception on YouTube for such films might translate into distributors being willing to try out a few dubbed regional releases in the north depending on content. The standards of what people are expecting and finding acceptable are rising faster than ever and language by itself is becoming less and less of a barrier. Tbh I’d be surprised if Judwaa 2 flies. A Gentleman hasn’t just like I expected. Simran looks fresh or new enough to stand a chance.

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        • Thank you! As always, useful information. Do you have any sense of how Sholay did outside the Hindi belt? Was it dubbed on TV or anything, were people more or less aware of it than DDLJ?

          Also, one thing I have discovered in my quest for subtitles (and which I think Asmita has also mentioned) is that the various language dubs on youtube are not the same. Businessman for instance was a Telugu film I was really interested to see, could only find on youtube subtitled in the Hindi version, and lost about 10-20 minutes of the film versus the other versions. And I didn’t much like the film, and it sounds like that was because I was missing some small moments that added depth to it.


          • Nope Sholay also is no better known in general than DDLJ I don’t think. Never saw or heard of a dubbed or subtitled version anywhere certainly not on TV.

            And while it is true that subtitling and voice acting/dubbing has a long way to go towards improving and being more accurate, I wouldn’t think it’d matter much in a film like Businessman which hardly had any depth even in dialogue to really pay attention to that could impact the viewing experience but that could just be me. I saw this dubbed version few years ago and the lines were simple and straightforward, the kind anyone who just knows the language should be able to not screw up. So you probably just didn’t like it anyway that’s all. I did though! Decent entertainer that is not pretentious for what it really is and hence is not boring if you know what you sign up for.


          • I had way too high expectations for businessman, because I loved pokiri, and Bujjigaddu is my favorite telugu film so far. But businessman just didn’t have that magic for me.


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