Here’s What I Am Doing Today Instead of Posting

It’s not terribly exciting, but I thought I might as well tell you so you aren’t sitting around going “What’s wrong?  Why isn’t she posting?”  It’s just because I’ve got a ton of errands that I’ve been putting off so I am driving around in The World, instead of sitting at home blogging.

First, I get up early and drive over to my friend/co-worker’s new apartment.  She took the day off work yesterday to move, which meant she missed out on getting her paycheck, so I took it for her and now I have to deliver it.  I am assuming her move, as all moves, will have a catchy soundtrack behind it.


Then, I’m going to get my haircut!  Not drastically, just cutting off the bottom two inches where it is beginning to get ratty.  Which will have no noticeable effect because my hair is essentially the same as Jaya’s in Silsila, and an inch here or there is meaningless.  I could have cut off 4 inches and it still wouldn’t have made a difference.


Then I am going to get my eyes checked for the first time in 4 years.  I will be very disappointed if it is still the same prescription, I want a massive change when I get my new glasses, like going from regular life to this.


Then I go straight from the eye place to a double bill of movies in theaters, therefore skipping lunch.  But totally worth it!  It’s been ages since I did two movies in a row.  And to recreate that, here is one song about watching a movie:


And then a second song about watching movies!


And then I get home around 7 at night and see if I feel like tepidly picking up my apartment in preparation for the real clean I’ll be doing tomorrow.  So, this, but slowed down to like a quarter speed.


And then I go to bed.  Slightly less energetically than this, but probably with similar dreams.


16 thoughts on “Here’s What I Am Doing Today Instead of Posting

    • Well, I don’t LOVE Baazigar O Baazigar. But it does have a great “going to bed” sequence. (this comes to you from my phone while I wait for my eye appointment)

      On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 9:15 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • hahahahaha!! 🙂 Its simply excellent. And as SRK said in some interview (did you link toit?) that opening scene is young Lochinvar coming to sweep his bride off her feet 🙂

        As a kid I used to wear a curtain on my head and imagine myself as Kajol…my sister galloping on an imaginary horse around me! 😀

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  1. The only time I tried back to back movies at the theater was when I saw Delhi Belly and ZNMD in that order. Decided to never do it again mainly because I hardly had any recollection of the first film and I didn’t like it that way. Both films of course are very good.


    • Wow that is a confusing pairing! And too bad, personally I liked Delhi Belly way better than ZNMD, if I had to forget one, I would have preferred it be the second one. Although now I am thinking I should revisit ZNMD since I liked Luck By Chance so much.


      • DB was an unconventional film esp for 2011 India maybe not so much today.

        ZNMD of course is your more conventional buddy road trip venture more like a Dil Chahta Hai 10 years later literally. Read somewhere it was directly responsible for a significant spike in desi tourists visiting Spain lol.

        And yes it would defly be worth your time for an analysis post I’m sure.


  2. Omg I love your hair!! One of these days I wanna see a picture of you after a full blowout when you can see them full length!!! Is that your natural color?? I so totally want that in my balayage when I change the color for the winter!!!

    PS, I feel you on the glasses. I got laser eye surgery around 11 years ago just because I couldn’t bear the suspense around the eye checkups!!! 😂


    • Psshhh, blow-outs! My hair is always perfectly straight and exactly the same every day of my life. Very frustrating when I was younger, I could curl it and hairspray it and everything and it would just fall down again in about 5 minutes. But now that look is in, so it’s all good.

      I’ll have to think about maybe doing my next video standing up, because it’s the only way to see it full length.

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  4. There was a time I regularly did back-to-back watching of different movies in theatres…it has just become a matter of having the time…once in a year I still do it.

    I won’t wonder when you’ll not have the time to write, I wonder more THAT you take your time to write so often so much 🙂


    • I used to do it every Saturday for years. In college, most of my friends went home over the weekend, so I was alone in the city, and I would figure out back to back to back shows. A few times I did as many as 4 movies in one day. But then I got more friends and a life and responsibilities and stuff and couldn’t do it any more 🙂


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