Monthly Reminder That You Can Give Me Money if You Want to Give Me Money

I am trying to be pragmatic, and also to remember that I have new readers occasionally, and therefore putting up a monthly little reminder that there are ways to give me money if you feel like giving me money.

So, this is your monthly reminder that there are donation options if you feel an urge to pay me for providing content!  Because maybe you are a new reader, or maybe you suddenly got a raise at work and are wondering what to spend it on, or maybe you just forgot that there are ways to send me money if you want to show me appreciation for what I do.  So this is a reminder!

(I provide free content all day every day, so one tiny post a month reminding you that I am a real person whose work has value seems fair, right?  Please don’t hate me!)

There is a little button on the menu at the top, if you enjoy my writing and want me to keep going, you can always click there to give me a donation. If you don’t have the money, or don’t feel my content is worth paying for, that’s okay too.

Additionally, you can always buy my book, click HERE to purchase.  I get about 50 cents per book sale (exciting!  Means about $5 a month), but more importantly, every purchase drives me up on the Amazon/other website rankings, which means more people see me instead of other lesser books on the same topic.  Oh, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, then you get to read my book!  It’s very good.

For a straight donation because you love me and my website, here are two options:

Donate through Patreon, which will allow you to set up a monthly subscription donation.  And which can allow you to pick a reward, if you wish.

Become a Patron!

Or through Paypal, which allows for a one time donation of any amount you choose. Any time you particularly like a post, or appreciate something I am doing, just go over here and give me a dollar.  And feel free to add a note saying why you are donating, maybe I will write more posts like that.


To help support my work, donate to the site, $1 or $2 or $20 or $200, however much you want.



And if you made it all the way down to the bottom of this post, here is a thank you for you!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Reminder That You Can Give Me Money if You Want to Give Me Money

  1. i so want to buy your book trust me i do..also i don’t mind making a donation through Patreon as well.. but right now i am in a tight situation..but i promise you i will be buying your book very soon..and you don’t have to be do need extra money to maintain a website ..which actually looks kind of awesome..sensible readers do get it..


    • Oh no worries! You don’t have to give me anything, my other monthly reminder post is going up tomorrow (as it does every 16th), saying that what i want most of all is re-tweets and recommendations. And you are so good about that! much more valuable than mere money.


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