New Youtube Video! SRK Overseas

This is a slightly different version of yesterday’s post on what SRK means to the overseas audience.  With a little more about my personal experiences.

Oh, before anything else, new glasses!  When I ordered my “real” glasses (which you saw in the last video), I also got cheap frameless ones specifically for youtube videos.  What do we think, better or worse in video?


7 thoughts on “New Youtube Video! SRK Overseas

  1. This is the teal version of your date night red sweater right??

    Glasses are lovely! Love that I can see your eyes better. Glad the hair is back too but if you’re not doing something with them then maybe try a tighter shot?

    Ok so now to the content. As you were talking about the immigrant experience in America I immediately started thinking about the immigrant experience in the UK. Given that it was the first big NRI market for SRK, I wondered if the British NRI experience is as different to the American one as we, those living in India and receiving second hand accounts of experiences feel it is? What does this mean for how these audiences experienced the SRK phenomenon?

    I know from experience of friends in the UK that SRK DVDs and tapes were routinely brought to Pakistan from the UK as they weren’t available in shops in Pakistan. And quite a lot of the actor’s success on the BO in the UK came thanks to Pakistani fans. I think I’ve spoken about this before too.

    Also, does the American NRI experience for films shown in theatres differ too much from the UK ones given that showing an SRK film in London or Manchester is less of a risk than it would be in an American city given that the UK is tinier and population is more densely packed?

    I do disagree that MNIK was well thought out. It was received in India as a Forrest Gump rip off mostly because SRK never spoke up political and social issues faced by Indian Muslims living in India. For him to make MNIK as a message movie before he made a message movie for Indian Muslims is despicable and unforgivable actually. I understand that the film was supposed to be about the NRI experience but SRK isn’t an NRI and for him to be touched more by their bad experiences more than the bad experiences of Indian Muslims back home reeks of apathy. It’s a horrifying thought that our big star is moved more by racial profiling at American airports than planned genocide at home. I would rather like to believe that he just saw easy money with that topic and took it.


    • Well, starting at the end, I was focusing on the NRI side of MNIK. But it obviously had an Indian-Muslim message too, considering that he was almost killed for trying to release it (both literally and in terms of his career). I can’t imagine the Shiv Sena would have cared that much if they didn’t see that there was something aimed at them there too. And obviously there is a whole list of things Shahrukh has done/said related to Indian politics (“Intolerance” for instance, I don’t think that birthday interview comment was an accident or something he was tricked into saying, I think that must have been planned). Besides his pure visibility as an Indian-Muslim man which is a political statement in itself. But particularly in terms of the NRI experience, I appreciate that he is also sticking his neck out and addressing something that our Indian-American celebrities even aren’t talking about. I’m sure Kal Penn gets stopped at the airport too, but he isn’t talking about it.

      You’ve got me thinking about UK versus US immigration now. The biggest difference would be the percentage of the population and the cross-section. That’s going to vary country to country based on immigration laws. But I think probably every country has the families that are the only people who look like them in their particular community, and the people who live in urban areas where the population is so large that they each have their own ethnic associations and so on.

      In terms of population density, the funny thing about America is that we adjust to it. Like, I routinely drive 45 minutes there and back every week for an Indian movie. Because that’s “close” to me. In other places, driving two hours is “close”. And in other areas, driving 20 minutes is “far”. So I guess the footprint just expands, if you are a theater in America taking a risk on an Indian film, you are counting on people being willing to drive half an hour to an hour because you are the only one showing it. If you are somewhere else, you would be taking that same risk only with people driving 15 minutes to half an hour. We’ve got the same population concentration in certain urban areas, and less in other places and so on, it’s just that the distances are different. Whenever I watch a BBC show and they talk about traveling “far”, it kind of blows my mind, because their “far” is a daily commute for some people I know.

      On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 11:11 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t think anyone in India ever felt like SRK was sticking up for them. Saying the country has become intolerant isn’t the same as saying stop killing Muslims. Which is all kinds of interesting that he’s more ok trying to take on rising islamophobia in America than rampant anti-minority sentiment in India. As you said, the threat is real in India. As it is for NRIs living in America. So SRK always does the safe distance thing.

        An average auto driver from UP or Bihar faces more actual threat to life and property than VIP security laden bollywood superstar who never needs to leave his house without security and whose kids study abroad. The worst that SRK could ever get is maybe some local outfits vandalise theatres. That’s it. Let’s stop making him a martyr just because he received a threat from Shiv Sena who are a Mumbai only party. 😁


  2. This was a fun lunch time watch. One thing–it’s not really true that “all Americans” are immigrants. Native Americans, First Peoples, Indigenous folks have been in the western hemisphere for at least 40,000 years. They are not “immigrants” in the same way that non-Native folks are. And there are plenty of them still around contributing to life in America!


    • I was debating that! Because then there’s also the side of the Native people who argue that they do not identify as “American”, but rather still as their own Nation. So I decided to just not get into it.

      On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 11:46 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • But then you get into the issue of “most Americans” could be seen as implying that there are perfect non-immigrant Americans who I mean besides the Native people. This is my 4th version of this video, by the way, because of technical issues (stupid phone!), so I went through all of these options in the different versions.

          On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 11:59 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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