News Round-Up: Abhishek-Dutta Mystery Continues, Sonakshi is Happy, RK Studios is Not Happy, DON 3!!!!!!

Yay!  For the first time, actually follow-up news stories!  I am getting better about this, checking the news at least once a week so I’m not totally out of the loop.

Abhishek Explanation?

That weird Abhishek dropping out of Paltan last minute story continues to be weird.  First, my initial instinct was correct, this is a very strange decision both because the Dutta’s plan films sooooooo carefully and sooooooo slowly, meaning Abhishek had loads of time to drop before now.  And because Abhishek is so close to the family.

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Bollywoodhungama in a follow up article points out that Abhishek even spent Ganesh Chatturpathi with the family this year, and has joked about how he is Dutta’s “first born”, since he considers him a father and he is older than Dutta’s two daughters.  He has been involved in script sittings and everything else right from the beginning, to the point where other actors were concerned he would get a bigger role.

The real reason for this follow-up article is that BH has now gotten statements from people “close” to Abhishek supposedly explaining what happened.  According to these unofficial-official statements, the decision was because it had been so long since Abhishek’s last release, and he needed a solo film as his return, not the standard Dutta multistarrer.  Thus the last minute pull out.  And he, personally, felt so extremely bad about it that he couldn’t even bring himself to talk to Dutta.

Well, that’s a load of crock!!!!  I mean, maybe not, but it sure sounds like it!  It’s the best possible spin on things for Abhishek’s camp-“he is personally torn up but his friends and well-wishers forced him to do this, and it’s just a career decision nothing more mysterious”.  But, COME ON!!!!  There is no career decision that would make you back out of a film with 48 hours notice.  48 days notice, sure.  But not like this, not when it is your mentor’s movie and you’ve been planning it with him for months on end.  Not when the publicity and scandal of dropping like this will do much more damage to your career than simply being in a multistarrer.  Plus, what I am getting from the “personally torn up about it” story is “Abhishek is not being seen or heard from as part of this decision or anything else for a while and we need a reason for it.”

Maybe I am wrong, maybe they are telling the truth and it was purely a career decision that he was forced into last minute.  But it really feels like there must be something more there and they are trying to paper over it.

(To cheer us up, Abhishek in happier times)


Sonakshi is Happy

Well, this is delightful news!  One of those small happy rom-coms I like is getting a slightly bigger sequel.  Happy Bhaag Jayegi last year wasn’t the greatest movie in the world, but it was imaginative and fun and had a lot of heart.  And it was part of a type, the Bareilly Ki BarfiRunning ShaadiShubh Mangal Saavdhan type of movie which is more and more the most consistent box office earner for Hindi film.

I am happy there is going to be a sequel, but I am really happy that this seems to indicate people in the industry are noticing the same trends I am.  Making another film from the same team, only this time with Sonakshi Sinha (so, slightly higher profile).  But also keeping Diana Penty (so, not completely giving up on the small vibe of the original).


RK Studios Gets Prosecuted

Are you ready to be completely unsurprised?  An investigation has revealed that RK Studios was not in fact up to code.  Shocking!!!!  Apparently they did a rehab a few years back, the fire department approved it based on them following certain recommendations (installing sprinklers etc), and then they didn’t do the recommendations.

This just confirms my impression, that a full real bottom up rehab of the studio would just not be possible.  To make the old infrastructure totally safe and up to date would no doubt be much more expensive than just starting from scratch.  So, yay!  Now they can start from scratch and really have a professional studio!


Don 3

Well, this story starts off with Farhan saying “any time I mention anything about Don 3, the headline is ‘Don 3 Filming Soon'”  And then he mentions Don 3, and that’s the headline.  Well, his quote kind of invites it: “It will happen. And it will happen sooner rather than later. Otherwise Shah Rukh’s fans and the fans of the series would be extremely unhappy.”

Can I just say, as a fan of SRK and the series, I am ALREADY unhappy?  I’ve been unhappy for years!  That ship has sailed Farhan!!!!  Sailed on your hipster band tours and sudden life changes and all the other chaff that has filled up your life when you should be WRITING A SCRIPT!!!!!

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22 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Abhishek-Dutta Mystery Continues, Sonakshi is Happy, RK Studios is Not Happy, DON 3!!!!!!

  1. Uh oh I had no idea about this whole Abhishek thing and it does sound fishy. Did somebody (read – distributors) force Abhishek out because he was now considered unreliable as solo lead? Or are there bigger issues going on? I hope all is well or atleast as well as can be.
    And your telling off of Farhan cracked me up. But ain’t that the truth. 🤦🏽‍♀️ This talented writer – director doing rock shows (really?? Like really??) and what not. Come back Farhan, give us some movies.


    • I just can’t imagine anyone wanting this Abhishek situation to happen. 48 hours notice before a big long planned film shoot, that’s just bad for the industry as a whole. And it definitely wasn’t anyone on the production side, there are statements direct from the Dutta’s confirming that this was a total (unpleasant) surprise to them. So something is up from the Abhishek side that just makes no sense. Like, even if it was strictly a career decision, you would think there would be another competing film announcement coming from him. But there is nothing, he isn’t doing this movie or any other movie.

      Exactly! Farhan is a good actor, but he is a GREAT director/writer. Go do what you were meant to do Farhan!!!

      On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 12:06 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I really hope they announce the film before SRK signs something else with Adi Chopra. Don3 would be 10000 times more interesting than DHOOM. If they can cast Shabana Azmi as Don’s mom, and Akshay Khanna or Tahir Bhashin(mardani fame) as a baddie, I’ll be a happy camper. Oh and Srk in a beard please…and keep the romance minimal in Don3 between PC and SRK. So many possibilities for that character. Maybe they can have him work with the cops (like the show White Collar) I actually liked Don2 better than the first installment. Dying with anticipation…


        • Me too! Last I heard, and this was like a year and a half ago at least, PC was definitely not going to be part of Don 3. But things could have changed now.

          Anyway, I was sort of excited about Roma not being part of the film. Because, to me, the natural end to the story feels like it has to be either Roma or Don dying and the other avenging their death. Don has always been the small dark part in her life, while Roma was the small light part in his. If Don dies, it would make Roma embrace the darkness, and if Roma dies, it would make Don embrace the light. Work with the police or on his own to bring down the one who killed her. And then maybe start life fresh as a better man in her honor.

          On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 10:45 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m hoping I’ll like the sequel to Happy a bit better. I loved everything about the first one (the actors, the plot, the low budget spirit of it) and then it fell flat for me. Sonakshi and Diana could have a great chemistry. Maybe it will even pass the Bechdel test?! We can only hope that one day Indian films will portray female friendship with realism, respect, and fun! Male friendship is often treated with a lot of respect, tenderness, and realism in Indian films (like those short scenes in Annayum Rasoolum that I mentioned elsewhere), but I’m constantly amazed at how women’s friendships are always so superficial. I’m very interested in Jia aur Jia with Kalki and Richa…looks like a bit of a Thelma and Louise vibe which could be interesting!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I had the same feeling about the first one, but also part of that felt like it might have been the budget? Like, there needed to be a second half to the plot, or just something to give it a bit more depth, and they ran out of money for it. So I have hopes for a Happy sequel that includes a full number of twists and characters and everything else.

      On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 12:36 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh and Farhan is in such a mid-life crisis/egomaniac phase right now. He did have a pretty hilarious interview recently (and I will always think his voice is drop dead sexy) with the EIC guys, but he so obviously cultivates the hipster cool thing. I think since he’s started acting late, he wants to soak up the fame while he can and then he can always go behind the camera later. Speaking of poor life decisions though…did you see this hilarious review of Shraddha Kapoor’s performance in Haseena Parkar?


      • I’d be more patient with Farhan soaking up the fame, except for the thing he just said, Don 3 has a time limit on it! He can’t come back and finish the story 20 years from now when SRK is in a wheelchair or something. Just finish off this one last film series, and then he can take as long as he wants to make all his other stories.

        On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 12:40 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh come on!! It’s unfair to call her a bad actor when she can barely emote like a real person in interviews! That’s not bad acting, that’s just who she is! I can hardly wait for her to ruin Prabhas19 and the Saina biopic


  3. I thought about Abhishek situation and I’m sure it’s not a career decision. I remember one of your posts (I think it was about nepotism, but I’m not sure), where you wrote how important for people in bollywood are good relations with other actors / directors / studios. Abhishek grew up in this and knows how it works. And I just can’t belive that Amitabh would allow his son doing something like this, and to a director they know well and are in good terms. No way.
    I think there must be some serious health problem in family. Abhi was ready to leave for Ladakh but then something happened and he decided that he can’t leave the family and be far for so long.


    • That came up in the original article, they made of point of one of the people “close” the family indicating that Amitabh did not approved and it was not how he was raised, or something like that.

      I would say there might be an Amitabh health issue, only he’s out there on a TV show right now. And I don’t know what kind of health issue that they wouldn’t be able to go semi-public about. I’m thinking of, for instance, when Emraan Hashmi’s son got cancer. Everyone accommodated his schedule and he spoke privately with his producers and directors, and then made the public announcement a few days later. If there was something like that, I would think Abhishek could just call up the Dutta’s and say “this is what’s happening”. And in that case, the Dutta’s would be towing the same line of “personal issues, we sympathize”. Instead of this odd thing where no one seems to really know what is happening except (presumably) Abhishek himself. Makes me think drugs, mental health, or marriage problems. Something that you wouldn’t want to tell even your close friends.

      On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 2:19 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The first thing I thought of after this Abhishek story is that it must be a personal problem that can’t be talked about. Helping care for sick parents or something would not be hidden as it would result in good publicity anyway.

        I think it’s either marriage issues or Abhishek must be having some drinking or drug problems. Maybe he needs to stick to home right now instead of being off on his own or around outsiders. Nothing else can explain this.


        • Right! And the initial statement from the Dutta’s I think specifically said “personal issues”, nothing related to career.

          I could maybe see keeping it secret if Amitabh were sick just to try to keep a lid on the national hysteria that would follow. But even that’s a stretch, and anyway Amitji is making public appearances clearly fine.


        • Don’t know why but I don’t think marriage problems are the reason.
          If it’s some illness in family, maybe they don’t wanna talk because they want a little privacy.
          And now I want check Abhishek’s latest photos to see if he looks like sick or something, because your assumption that he may have drug / alcohol problem is the most probable.


          • I feel bad “gossiping” about someone like this, but when it reaches the point of being an industrial issue this extreme, throwing into risk a big budget big deal production, I feel like it’s legitimate for us to talk about, right?

            On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 3:47 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yes, I feel bad too, and usually I don’t care about actors private life, don’t read gossips and don’t even watch interviews but here I’m curious, because definetly something big is happening.


  4. Re Abhishek — Did you see the Pinkvilla story/gossip on this, a few weeks ago, where supposedly Amitabh called Dutta to apologize on Abhi’s behalf, saying. “I only have one son, and I can’t do any more”? Ans also supposedly Abhi dropped out of the film because his dad and wife wanted him to star in a “major” film which would be announced shortly? Have you checked Abhi’s’ twitter since this whole thing happened, to see if he’s still posting?


    • He’s regularly tweeting with the last tweet being 17 hours ago. His father is also regularly tweeting and just participated in an all night telethon and is filming KBC. Ash has been out and about attending awards shows and seen going to pray with her daughter. That leaves only Jaya but I highly doubt there is anything wrong with her.

      Maybe he has landed another movie and thinks it’s better and willing to risk his reputation by pulling out of Paltan? Wait and see if any new movie announcement comes.

      If not that, must be mental health or addiction issues. I don’t think marriage issues simply because it’s not like a marriage is going to be saved by turning down a movie? What difference would that make?


      • I also just can’t imagine any reputable producer accepting Abhishek in these conditions. Either they would wait until he finished his current commitments, or they would find someone else. We’ve seen it plenty of times before, the dates just don’t work out and producers drop actors. And it’s not like this film was a secret, who would even go to him with a script that required filming to start now? If we, the general public, knew that he was booked up with this Dutta film, surely the people in the industry were aware of it. If it’s a film that is better than a Dutta film, you have to think it’s something like Dharma or Yash Raj. But I also just can’t imagine those studios being so unprofessional as to “poach” an actor.


  5. I love that Happy bhag jayegi is getting a sequel. But Abhay Deol and his fiancee (Zoya?) were the best part about the movie.I don’t know how the movie will survive without those two.Now Hrithik has decided to drop out of Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s Kabbadi.As for Shraddha, her wedding night song in Haseena Parker was cringeworthy.She should have taken cues from Ash in Jodhaa Akbar.Ash acted with the right amount of shyness and awkwardness.Shraddha’s best performance was in her first movie -‘Luv Ka.The End’. The character suited her -peppy,young,yet with sufficient imagination to gang up with her buddies to hatch up a plan to pay back her boy friend in kind. It all went downhill from there.As for films depicting female friendship, we have Veera di wedding to look forward to.And the girls from Ladies vs Ricky Behl were a nice bunch coming from different backgrounds and yet sharing a common goal.I can see them getting together once in a while.The others did promise to find a nice young man for Parineeti.


    • What I loved about Abhay and Zoya is how different their characters were from the standard leads of a rom-com. It almost felt like the movie was being turn on its head, instead of focusing on the wild young lovers, we focused on the cold other woman and the loser who doesn’t get the girl. Anyway, my hope is that they do something like that again. Diana Penty is just there to serve as a catalyst in the life of really interesting different kinds of characters.

      On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 12:12 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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