News Post: Kangana/Hrithik and Others

Well, I have to dip my toe back into the insanity of the Kangana/Hrithik situation, which has just boiled over again (now I am picturing a pot boiling over and my dipping my toe into it).  And then, as a reward, I get to talk about SK Films restructuring, which is much more exciting.

I realized what the problem is with the Hrithik/Kangana thing.  Usually in stories like this, you can pick the crazy version or the sane version.  Either one is fine, either one could be true depending on the people involved and what the story was and so on.  But that’s the choice we are used to, either deciding “well, I don’t believe her/him because it’s just too wild” or “I don’t believe her/him because it’s easy to say it was nothing and brush it off like that”.  But in this case, they are both crazy versions!

(Requisite Krrish 3 song video that must always be included in this story)

Kangana’s version:

She and Hrithik were having a secret affair for years and years, which he is denying and trying to cover up through manipulating her emails.

Reasons to believe it:

1.1. No smoke without fire.  There were rumors all along that they were having an affair during filming, especially of Krrish 3.

2. Why would she make this up? This kind of story is much more likely to backfire on the female less powerful celebrity.

3. Actors do have affairs, not necessarily all of them, but obviously it is something that does happen.

Reasons not to believe it:

1.1. There is absolutely no evidence of an affair.  Down to things like her story of a romantic trip to Paris, and Hrithik’s passport showing he never left the country.  No photos of them together outside of work events, no stories of Hrithik’s car parked by her apartment, absolutely nothing.

2. On the other hand, even if it were true, why would you say it? The “madness” of taking the risk of talking publicly, and talking so much, makes it slightly harder to believe anything she says.

3. Actors have affairs, and they don’t talk about it. Why is she talking so much? And why does Hrithik feel the need to deny it if there was something?

Hrithik’s version:

Someone impersonating him sent messages to Kangana leading her own, she responded with a series of crazy emails that he did not respond to, this whole thing is her wild fantasy.

Reasons to believe him:

1.1.  Again, no evidence of any kind outside of these emails that anything happened between them.

2. He has been more silent through out, trying to avoid the issue instead of inflame it.

3. He is now divorced from his wife, there is no super downside to admitting a past relationship, so why keep so firmly denying it?

Reasons not to believe him:

1.1. It is possible that a relationship could be confined primarily to emails, and hidden from the public view otherwise.

2. He did not say anything direct, but it does seem as though his camp spread rumors about Kangana which lead to her feeling the need to say something direct.

3. The divorce all along has been played as a mutual decision with no cheating involved. To admit an affair that happened long before the marriage was over would cause him problems.


And now here is the newest twist, which is really more of the same.  Kangana in her interviews around the release of Simran continued to talk about this issue, more even than the film she was promoting (perhaps explaining why it did so terribly in theaters).  In addition, the police report Hrithik filed, including copies of emails from Kangana, is now public and was acquired by reporters.  The whole issue is everywhere again, and so Hrithik issued a full public statement through social media:

I choose to be on a path of creativity, productivity and constructive work. Anything that isn’t in alignment with that, I tend to ignore, sidestep and treat as a distraction.

I believe that ignorance, non reaction and staying on the path of dignity is the best way to discourage any persistent unwanted intrusions. But Just like a nagging health issue sometimes ignored can turn malignant, this situation for me has unfortunately turned malignant.

In case of the matter at hand , it seems the media has no intention of letting go.

I don’t see any grace in adding to this circus by testifying in defence of my character in a situation that I have no involvement in whatsoever.

I have been dragged into a dirty perverse mess without a choice in the matter. This is something that is not of my making.

The truth is, I have never met the lady in question one on one in my entire life. Yes, we have worked together, but there has been no meeting in private. Thats the truth

Please understand, I am not fighting against an allegation of an affair. Or being childish trying to uphold a ‘good guy” image. I am very aware of my faults, I am human.

I am in fact protecting myself from something far more serious, sensitive and destructive than that.

Sadly, very few from the media or the public seem to be interested in the truth. This has been a hard-learnt fact for me.

If the people are comfortable with a lie because it doesn’t threaten their model of the world where a girl is the victim and the man the aggressor then so be it. I am ok with that too.

Women have suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of men and it infuriates me how some men can be so brutal and they deserve the harshest punishment. But by that logic if it ordains that one man can’t be vulnerable and one woman can’t be a liar, so be it. I’m ok with that too.

An alleged 7-year long, passionate affair between two high profile celebrities with no trail left behind.

No evidence, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses, not even a memento in possession like a selfie taken at the alleged engagement which is claimed to have happened in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that constitutes an exchange or any sort of proof of a romantic relationship.

Yet we want to believe the other party because the rhetoric is -why would a girl lie.

My passport details show no travel outside the country in Jan 2014, which is the date that this alleged engagement supposedly took place. In Paris.

The only so-called proof presented of this alleged “relationship”, was a photoshopped picture in the media. This was immediately exposed, the very next day by friends including my ex-wife.

These questions are not even asked, because we are taught to protect the woman, as we should. I myself have been brought up to think the same way, by my parents and the wonderful women in my life who have been my rock and support system. I’m deeply grateful to them. I will do my best to teach my children the same values of family and dignity. And yes, I will teach them to stand up for women. Always.

There are 3000 one sided mails which either I have sent to myself or the woman in question has sent to me. The Cyber-Crime Dept. can prove or disprove either story, in just a few days. Towards that purpose, I have surrendered all my devices including laptops / phones etc which are still lying with the cyber cell , but the other party has refused to do so. The investigation hasn’t been closed.

This is not, and I repeat, not a lovers spat. I humbly request people to stop labelling it as one and, for a second, try and see it for what it really is.

I have been harassed by this for 4 years and the well meaning and probably necessary social bias toward women has deemed me helpless in defending myself.

I am not angry, I have seldom allowed anger into my life. I have not had a single fight in my life, with a man or a woman. Even in my divorce, there was no fight. I, and those around me, have always chosen peace.

I am not here to accuse or judge anyone, but it’s time I defend the truth because when truth suffers the collective consciousness of society suffers. Civilization suffers. Closer to home, families suffer. Children suffer.

So, that’s a really good statement!  Kudos to Hrithik/his PR team!  What I like about it is that it elevates the conversation.  It’s not about the petty details any more, it’s talking big picture that there is a social bias towards believing and defending women in these situations, a good social bias, but it is something that might be blinding folks to other concerns.

And it’s also taking it down to the simple level of “don’t say these things publicly because you don’t know who it hurts”.  Which is the bottom line for me.  I love celebrity gossip (who doesn’t?) but I don’t respect anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who stirs up public drama over personal issues. I can understand Kangana’s version, that she would feel hurt and humiliated and angry that a personal situation not of her making is affecting her career (since this started when supposedly Hrithik asked for her to be replaced in a film).  But even if I believe her side completely, I still don’t like that she is making these statements in a public forum where they could hurt Hrithik’s ex-wife and children.  If you are angry, deal with it privately, talk to the people in the industry, Hrithik himself, not the media.  He hurt her career, she is hurting his family.  It’s not the same thing.

You don’t have to agree with me, and you probably know more details than I do (I really haven’t been paying that much attention), but that’s how it looks to me.


Salman Khan Films Changes

Now, on to the really interesting news!  Industrial restructuring!!!!  Ages ago, I did a video on the future of the Khans and how all 3 of them have been preparing for their retirement for a while.  Trying to structure the industry in a stable way moving forward.  Aamir breaking into new markets, Shahrukh setting up a large production house, Salman mentoring new talent.


Well, now Salman is beginning to get really serious about his legacy as well.  SK Films, which feels like it started as kind of a loose thing to help formalize his production deals and so on, is now getting serious.  Dabangg 3, for instance, is still happening but they are looking for Prabhu Deva to direct, not Arbaaz.  He is launching his brother-in-law Aayush, but in a film with a high profile director at the helm to help guarantee success.  And he has fired the CEO of the company.  As well as his personal business manager Reshma Shetty (bigger ramifications there, last I heard she was one of Karan Johar’s best friends and closest business advisers.  Wonder if Karan and she feel out as well, or if this is a rift between Karan and Salman too?).  Rumor has it that 2018 will see even more changes, reaching out to new directors or directors he hasn’t worked with in a while, just generally getting serious about his career and his business.

This either means that Salman really is getting serious about his career and business and planing for the future in a sustainable way, or it means that he is aware post-Tubelight that he needs to pretend he is planning for the future in a sustainable way because people are tired of his unplanned surging from one idea to the other.  I am leaning towards the former, this is a real and serious shift in priorities.  But I suppose it will depend on how things pan out, what his next few film announcements are and so on.


Sonam Kapoor-Active Feminist

Oh, and then Sonam is doing cool production stuff too!  She just bought the film rights to a book series. The Aryavarta Chronicles.  Which is yet another Amish Tripathi/Game of Thrones type series, this time based on the Mahabharata.  But, what is super interesting to me, this one is written by a woman!

Image result for The Aryavarta Chronicles

(Spoilers: It ends with a big battle)

Going back to our first story, Kangana is talking the talk of being a feminist.  Arguing for equal credit in films, equal pay, not being ashamed to talk about her private life.  But Sonam is walking the walk.  She is more and more producing her own films, even if they are smaller budget and lower profile.  And she is picking films with good central female characters, not “feminist” films with an overt message, but films with the covert message of “women can have desires and complications just like male heroes”.

And, Sonam is building up women.  Buying a book series by a female novelist, casting a powerhouse all female group in Veere Di Wedding and heavily promoting the entire cast.  And being very vocal that it is her sister Rhea who is the power behind her, the creative producer mind in the family, NOT her father Anil.  Oh, and working around Kareena’s pregnancy and maternity leave in a matter-of-fact supportive way.  That’s very feminist, giving a woman the right to have a baby in the way she chooses.


36 thoughts on “News Post: Kangana/Hrithik and Others

  1. This Hrithik/Kangana thing makes both of them seem so childish. I’m so tired of both of them.

    I read somewhere that there’s a rift between Karan and Salman because of Salman firing Reshma Shetty but I don’t know how true it is. Speaking of Karan, did you see that he tweeted about Shiddat last night?!?

    Yay Sonam! I can’t wait to see her back on screen. Is her next release the Dutt biopic?


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rift. In Karan’s autobiography he talked about Reshma as one of the closest people in his life, along with the little girl next door he grew up with and his only cousin. So, that level of close. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there WASN’T a rift, they are all professionals after all, they should be able to separate a business relationship from personal. It could go either way.

      I did see the Shiddat tweets! It sounds very exciting. Although most of the cast still isn’t finalized? It will have to be soon, they will need to start filming.

      I think Sonam’s next is another small part in the Sanju bio (playing Madhuri-but-we-aren’t-saying-Madhuri). She seems to be going for kind of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag type roles in hero films, and balancing them with Neerja type roles in her own films. Which is smart, keeps her in the public eye without making her waste a lot of time filming if she is just doing these 10 minute love interest type things.

      On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 11:13 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, I don’t think they finalized the entire cast yet. Because there were rumors about Sonakshi playing a small role and then this morning she retweeted the second tweet that Karan tweeted about the rumors being false. I think she’s the only one who isn’t going to be part of the movie though.

        I think it’s a really good strategy! I just checked and Sonam’s also going to be in Padman with Akshay Kumar.


    • It is not just you, she looks different in every movie!!! To the point that I can’t even recognize her film to film. Every time we get to the end credits and I go “that was Parvathy?????”

      On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 11:14 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I saw that the posters of this movie said Parvathy and I was like this is probably just some other actress with the same name. I didn’t realize this was Parvathy until she takes that selfie 13 seconds in the trailer.

        Did you see Hindi Medium?


        • I never did see Hindi Medium, it’s still on my “someday” list. Probably a Friday Classics post at this point.

          On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 11:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I haven’t seen it yet either but this trailer gives me a similar vibe to that of the Hindi Medium trailer.


    • Yes! I love that Anil is letting his children flourish where they can without regard to gender.

      On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 11:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. If a film were to be made on Hrithik-Kangana relationship and fights, it would turn out to be the one with a weak screenplay and ambiguous story. God bless these souls! 😉


  3. The Kangana-Hrithik drama feels very much like a storm that precedes a tragedy doesn’t it? Personally, I think Kangana is in the middle of a breakdown. This is too hyper even for her. Hrithik, well he was always set to be a sleaze wasn’t he? I don’t think people get divorced just because. There’s always a solid reason for it. Would I be surprised if adultery on his part was to blame? He’s managed to keep the rumors under wraps so far. So far. BUT, if he does this often, the next big Hrithik ad love rat story is just around the corner with a new girl proving Kangana’s claims.

    Also, I think I saw a picture tweeted by rangoli which apparently had Hrithik holding kangana but I’m not sure if that wasn’t from a shoot. It looked like a personal picture but the pose was very weird for a personal picture.


    • I have no opinion about Hrithik or Kangana…it’s a personal thing dragged to the public eye for whatever reasons. But the picture is not a private one, it is from a party with a lot of people, even Suzanne being present (there should be a third person next to them…it would be easy to manipulate the photo).

      Liked by 1 person

    • Is it this photo/story?

      This photo and how it is used is part of the “something weird is happening with Kangana” part of it for me. It was a cast party, everyone is clearly drunk and handsy. And as soon as that photo came out, Suzanne Roshan responded with her own photos showing she was there at the time. Yes, they still could have been having a fling on set, but it’s not exactly the “passionate love story that destroyed his marriage” proof that it was sold as. And it was so easy to disprove! Why release a photo if you know it was from a party with his wife present? It’s an odd decision to make. And it’s also strange if this is truly the only photographic proof of a years long relationship, some fuzzy thing from a group event.

      Personally, not for any reason I can support or would put in a post, my totally uninformed guess is that they did have a fling on set. For Hrithik it was just one in a long string of flings on set, perhaps with Suzanne’s full knowledge, but Kangana blew it out of proportion. Hrithik let her send him emails and keep up this fantasy because it was easier than denying everything or confronting her, especially if there was some truth to it. And quietly tried to avoid her and avoid working with her. And then when Kangana made it public he was stuck either saying “she is lying about everything” or admitting “yeah we had a thing for like 3 months, but it was just sex because I was bored on location and I didn’t even like her much”. It would explain why Kangana started fixating on him, and also why there is no real proof. A fling on location is invisible, since you are all staying in the same hotel and stuff anyway. But it would still look bad, so Hrithik isn’t admitting it.

      On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 1:17 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m more inclined to think it was more like a full blown secret affair. Again, one of many for him. It was probably more important for her than him. The no pictures thing isn’t a huge problem. Maybe he just said let’s not take pictures. Hrithik is shady as eff. A respectable family man he ain’t. I think her fixation on this story is from his denial of it. Him saying “nope, nothing happened she’s crazy” would be ok had Suzanne not come out in support in weird cryptic ways. It reeks of her trying to save her own reputation. It feels like Suzanne wants to prove things against Kangana which of course probably means she doesn’t want to admit she was an issue in her marriage.


        • Agree that Hrithik is shady. But also agree that it meant more to Kangana than it did to him. I feel like I heard similar stories about her and Ajay? He cheated and used her and all that, but she took it way too seriously, to the point that he went from co-starring with her several times to never wanting to work with her again. I feel bad saying “took it too seriously”, but there is a give and take, you know? You can kind of assume that your girlfriend knows you won’t actually be marrying her.

          On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 6:50 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Kangana has a habit of dating married men and then getting too carried away thinking it’s serious for them. It was well known that she was the source herself for a long article in some magazine (Stardust maybe) about her affair with Ajay. She wanted to marry him and when it got to that level for her, I think he dumped her and moved on and refused to work with her.

            Seems to me like the same happened with Hrithik. My guess is that it must have been some on-set fling which is why she doesn’t have pictures to document it. When the divorce happened, she automatically assumed in her own head that this means he really cares about her and again started dreaming of wedding bells. When he wanted to wash his hands off of her, she totally freaked out and went crazy with the abusive emails and all that.

            My guess it that both are lying in various ways – her to get revenge and destroy his good guy image when she knows what he really is and him to maintain the image.

            As for Suzanne, I guess she wants the father of her kids to not look like a big creep so she is invested in trying to clean up after him. Also probably doesn’t like the fact that now the world knows she was cheated on. Can be an ego thing, who knows.


          • What’s worse is that these men were apparently happily married at the time. And it makes me sick that this is just one girl that’s spoken out and that too when she got independent successes. I really find hrithik’s insistence that he’s never even been a room alone with her laughable. Especially after the picture emerged. 😁 this drama is tiring and useless. Both should focus on making better films.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, the whole thing is so bizarre! At first Hrithik insisted that he is not even friends with her, never seen her socially, etc. What?! How do you do two movies together and not have even a normal working relationship? What a liar.

            The whole thing is so muddled and crazy that I can’t make head or tails of it anymore. At this point, I don’t even know what the fight is about anymore.

            Also, I don’t know if you guys are keeping up with Harvey Weinstein story. After hearing stuff like that, I’m very reluctant to automatically paint women as psychos and crazies (like HR fans are doing) when they say something. Sometimes even things that are well-known in these industries take a long long time to come out publicly, if at all.

            I’m not even a fan of Kangana but I can’t imagine why anyone would go on such a rampage if there was absolutely nothing there. HR is trying to say Kangana was pretending to be Hrithik himself and emailing back and forth to herself-thousands of times!! How do people believe stuff like this? And yet, the whole HR fan machine is pushing this.


          • What I find really odd is that the behavior Kangana is describing, even the most extreme version, to me still reads as “bad boyfriend”, not “person in power taking advantage”. I mean, he still could have been a person in power taking advantage, but she isn’t telling that story, she isn’t saying “I showed up on set and was starstruck and believed everything he said because he was my senior and he used that power over me”. She is saying “we had an affair and he is lying about it.” I keep waiting for her to say the first part, and I am curious why she isn’t saying it.


          • The field of guesses and assumptions, suspicions and suppositions is a very muddy and murky one…
            If I remember right, Kangana went public the first one with stating that Hrithik had been her boyfriend at a certain time. It may be the truth, but if one goes public it would be better to have at least one proof or a witness to that except your own statement…we may get to know the truth…one day…or not.


    • That sounds pretty great! I also saw that Tiger might be in a film on the Buddha? Which feels like perfecting casting in an add way. Tiger has a very calm presence.

      On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 4:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Really? I haven’t heard. I know he’s doing Bhaagi 2 now and he was supposed to be doing the Rambo remake with Siddarth Anand. I don’t know what happened to Student of the Year 2 that he was signed up for.


        • I really hope everyone isn’t waiting for him for some reason. I don’t want it to be one of those things where the industry gets so focused on one young star they forget everyone else exists.

          On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 4:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Well Karan never announced a release date or any other details regarding SOTY 2 so it’s hard to tell whether they’re waiting for Tiger or not.

            But I feel like all of the young actors are pretty busy with their own projects. Sushant has like two releases next year, same with Varun and Arjun. I think the only young actor who hasn’t had a release in a while is Aditya Roy Kapur. I wonder why he hasn’t done an action film yet? He’s tall and he has a big frame that would probably suit action movies.


          • Yes, what has happened to Aditya??? He’s supposed to be in Shiddat?

            On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 8:47 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yeah, he’s supposed to be in Shiddat. But other than that, I haven’t heard of him signing anything.


  4. “bad boyfriend” and “person in power taking advantage”

    Margaret, I only see Kangana and Hrithik as colleagues and not as junior-senior or employee-employer. So Kangana may be right in saying that Hrithik is more like a bad boyfriend who is lying. Anyway I am only responding to your point and not interested in a star’s private life. I am only interested to see how she performs in ‘Manikarnika’. Stars are good to see from far away, not too close.


  5. Honestly I am usually siding with the woman in a story like this as I was in this Hrithik Kangana mess too. I watched her interviews during Simran promotions and it was astounding to see how much her version of events varied from interview to interview. Some things didn’t add up and some things didn’t make sense. I don’t remember Hrithik having a shady reputation per se, while there were a lot of accusations against Kangana even though at the time I was strongly in her favor. I mean I never considered Hrithik to be faultless. I just thought an affair gone bad at first. Later it took a weird turn. Kangana’s stories got wilder and wilder giving it a feminist spin while proofs were nonexistent.
    Something like the engagement in Paris for eg.. he can show his passport to prove that he wasn’t out of the country then .. so that’s non negotiable proof that she’s lying at least in parts. Then it becomes harder to believe her version of events.
    All said and done I find it disappointing that if the accusations are all false as it seems to be, Kangana does a great disservice to the cause of women.
    You go Sonam !!👌🏽


  6. The Aryavarta Chronicles are a fantastic book series, and are my favorite Mahabharata retelling ever. I really hope they’re made into films.


    • Good to hear! I did some brief googling around about them, and the reviews were mixed, so I couldn’t tell how good they were. Generally I enjoy fantasy type books much much more when they are written by women, so I was curious to read a successful Puranic based series written by a woman.

      On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 9:05 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh Lord, I can talk about this forever. Literally FOREVER. I grew up on the Mahabharata, and I have read every single version there is. The conventional retelling with all the divine elements, the less known Brigi versions, the Burmese and Bengali ones, even the Nepali and Lankan retellings. I love the epic, I love it with the kind of love children have for a favorite blanket.
        I have craved to read a version that is fair to the women of the epic (and surprise surprise, it TOOK a woman writing it to come close to something that was FAIR).
        The best thing about Aryavarta is that it assumes, point blank, on page one that its going to REJECT all the supernatural elements of what is clearly a spectacular epic STORY about HUMAN BEINGS making human mistakes.
        I love it. AND I AM ALREADY CASTING IN MY HEAD. (Shah Rukh should play Shikhandin. Shikhandin is historically an eununch in the conventional stories, but in Aryavarta, Shikhandin’s unfair treatment is explored beautifully, and SHah Rukh would be amazing in this extremely heroic character.)

        Sorry for the word vomit.
        (Also, P.S> I am one of those readers of your blog who goes away for a while – read:mysteriously vanishes into the ether – but I promise I am around, sometimes I have bad weeks that make me stalk silently, but I have now awaken from my hibernation due to Shah Rukh’s birthday being near and because you mentioned Aryavarta. How are you, M? )


        • Glad to hear you are still reading! I always assume people are still around even if they haven’t commented in a while. Especially since I cover such a variety of topics, I know some people only feel like they have something to say about a small number of them and just skip the rest.

          You’ve almost sold me on reading Aryavarta! And usually I try to stay away from those epic fantasy kinds of series, because it is just such a commitment, so many words and books! But maybe this will be a fun project for the winter months.


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