Don’t Forget You Can Contact Me

This is related to the Padmavati post and the discussion following.  There are some ideas that are coming up, some more elaborate discussion topics, which might be confusing for my non-desi readers in particular.  I don’t want to bore my desi readers with this background; however, I feel an obligation to provide that context as desired to others.  Please if you are confused, distressed, conflicted over what you are reading, or merely concerned and wonder how it is affecting the blog/my intent, feel free to reach out and I will provide additional information in a more private forum.


Think of it as a professor’s office hours, I have given the public lecture to the whole class, and there has been a public class discussion, but if you feel like there is a question you would like to discuss with me in depth, or ask me in private, I am available outside of class hours as well.  The kind of discussion we are getting in to is so important that I feel a moral obligation to discuss it until all your questions are resolved, and I know some of you may feel a moral obligation to search further until you reach full understanding.


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