Happy 22 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 22 Interesting Co-Stars

Happy Amitabh’s birthday again!  And, because it is his birthday, I thought I would do a Shahrukh birthday post that could kind of work for Amitji too.  So, co-stars!!!!  Not in order in any way, just 22 that are interesting to think about.

22.  Anupam Kher

One of his first co-stars!  All the way back in Darr, which was only his second year in the industry but his 9th film.  And back then Anupam was playing the heroine’s brother, not father, a contemporary of Shahrukh.  Their next two films, Anupam was even more of a contemporary, a slightly older buddy type.  Especially in Zamaana-Deewana, my secret fave.  A crazy kooky police officer who the superiors looked down on and Shahrukh didn’t respect.  Until suddenly he did.  And it was that buddy feeling that they were able to bring forward into their father-son relationship in DDLJ.  And Chaahat.  And allllllllll the other father-son films they have made since then.  Even in Happy New Year, when they were never on screen together, we could see and believe that Anupam was his father and it was a massive grief when he died.  There is something special between them onscreen, a kind of happy spark.

21. Johnny Lever

Yes, Johnny Lever!  Who I have been told multiple times is hilarious if you speak Hindi.  But I do not speak Hindi, so he is not hilarious to me.  But he is hilarious to Shahrukh, which is why I like them together.  Shahrukh kind of stands back while he is onscreen and lets him go, in a way he doesn’t usually do with his co-stars.  And, of course, honorable mention for their exchanges in Chalte Chalte which turned into the heart of the film.

20. Anushka Sharma

Of course, I still have a Jab Harry Met Sejal hangover, but I do think there is something special there.  Even going back to their first film.  Anushka has a natural strength on screen, which lets Shahrukh be the weak one for once.  Whether it is “Taani” driving the scooter and taking the lead in chasing down their enemies in RNBD, or “Sejal” embracing and comforting him in JHMS.  Strangely, Shahrukh also comes off the strongest in their films together.  Because he is strong enough to be weak, to know when he needs someone.  And even stronger, to know when she needs him, when he has to be strong for her.

19. Alia Bhatt

Oh Alia!  One of the few co-stars on this list that he only worked with once.  But their chemistry was so immediate, and so unique, that I have to acknowledge it.  He had literally known Alia since she was a baby visiting the Chaahat sets.  I don’t think he knew her well, which makes their collaboration stronger.  He was able to see her as much younger than him, definitely younger than him because he knew her as a child.  But also as a person in her own right, not just her sister’s younger sister, or her father’s daughter.  And that’s what came through in their film together.  He saw her as a younger person he cared about, but always the “younger” was paramount, the sense of responsibility and love of an adult for a child.  Which is what made it so unusual, because of course Alia in real life, and in the film, was not a child.  She was an adult woman with adult woman feelings, meaning, being in love with Shahrukh Khan.  So from his side came mature caring concerned love for someone less than him.  And from her side came adult woman butterfly feelings for him.  But it also felt familiar somehow, because that is his dynamic with his much younger female co-stars at all times.  That is, when they aren’t onscreen.  These young women talk about heart stopping crushes they had on him, combined with respect and care he showed them.

18. Shahrukh Khan himself

Three!  Three films where he co-starred with himself!  Paheli and Duplicate and FanDuplicate first, there wasn’t much Khan-on-Khan action in that one.  Really only one scene I think?  Way at the end?  But we did get to see them interact sort of through how their respective loved ones interacted with them.  “Sweet” SRK, tormented and confused by Sonali (coming up next entry) and “bad” SRK confused by sweet Juhi Chawla who didn’t want to do anything bad.  Paheli is where it starts to get interesting.  The double role, of course, but also the way when they meet at the end, our “ghost” SRK seems to have such a lack of interest in or respect for the “real” SRK.  That’s unusual, the kind of disgust that SRK opposite SRK seems to inspire.  And then in Fan of course it went to extremes.  You can’t hate anyone else as much as you hate yourself.  And so Shahrukh’s Gaurav hates his Aryan with a kind of intimacy we don’t see from any other actor opposite him.  And Shahrukh’s Aryan looks at Gaurav with a kind of disdain mixed with caring mixed with fear that we don’t see from him when looking at “other” actors.

17. Sonali Bendre

An interesting one.  Only co-starred twice, both times in a hypersexualized situation.  Which is a different side to Shahrukh than we usually see.  In Duplicate, she was the “gangster’s moll” who only wanted one thing from him.  In English Babu Desi Mem, she was the bar dancer who he first noticed for her sexy dancing, not anything else.  It makes for not the best Shahrukh romances, as I discussed in my romances post, but it does make for interesting ones.  Something about Sonali brings out a kind of silly selfish petty sexy side of him.

16. Madhuri Dixit

Oh Madhuri!  So amazingly wonderful.  Which is part of the reason that she isn’t the best co-star for him.  She tends to overshadow rather than let him shine.  Or, not exactly overshadow, but compete.  When they are working together in a love scene, it is magical.  But when they are working separately in their own scenes of the film, it is distracting.  Who should we relate to more?  Who should we care about more?  It worked the best, in some ways, in the one film where they were antagonists rather than love interests, Anjaam.  In that case, Madhuri was the hero and Shahrukh was the villain. No conflict or focus, it was all just like usual.  But in Devdas, where Shahrukh is supposed to be the hero whose story we are following (he is in the title after all), Madhuri ends up distracting us.  In Hum Tumhaare Hain Sanam, we can never quite buy them as a husband and wife with normal problems, because it feels like we should be taking sides, like one of them clearly must be better than the other, such strong personalities can’t both be wrong.  Koyla was I think their best, because in that case they were both separated and united.  Working towards common goals, but not challenging each other for screen time.  And when they did come together, that spark was part of what worked.  They felt like they belonged together because they were the only two in the room with a certain kind of flavor to them.

15. Boman Irani

Boman Irani started his career late, and Shahrukh was his first co-star.  In Main Hoon Na, it was their comedy scenes together that made Boman first start to shine.  Boman was the older actor, and playing the older character, but Shahrukh was the more experienced actor, the one who knew how to play off of him and what to do and how to deliver a line and so on.  That odd dynamic remained between them, Boman playing the older character and Shahrukh playing the more experienced actor.  In Don, Boman is supposedly in charge, but Shahrukh is really running the game.  The same in Don 2.  And finally in Happy New Year, their power dynamic is made official.  It’s Shahrukh’s plan, Boman is just one of his team.

14. Abhishek Bachchan

Only two films together, but very interesting to consider the differences between their dynamics in the two.  In the first, they are equals.  Abhishek and Shahrukh are both mature successful men with wives.  They are different, Abhishek is more outgoing and less serious, Shahrukh is overly serious and internal.  But they are equals, they can sit down together and talk over their differences.  And as actors they are equals, both of them playing serious dramatic roles.  Yes, Shahrukh is the protagonist with more screen time, but Abhishek has his own backstory and depth and emotional outbursts.  And the film didn’t work.  And their chemistry is not terribly memorable.  And then there’s Happy New Year.  Which took the difference between them that was already there and expands it.  Abhishek is even more outgoing.  And it’s not just that his personality is naturally less serious, his whole character is less serious.  Less backstory, less relationship building.  Just comic relief.  Shahrukh’s character is less serious than in Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna (there are only a few movies where you could say his character is MORE serious than in KANK).  But his character has a weight to it, a depth, a tragedy.  And an intelligence and power.  He is clearly the “Adult” to Abhishek’s child.  And it works a lot better!  This is a memorable and unusual dynamic between them, much more so than just another “lead actor and slightly less lead actor” kind of situation.

13. Preity Zinta

4 movies together.  One of his more common heroines.  And yet it doesn’t feel like it, because they were such different movies, and such different character interactions.  In their first, Preity was a new discovery, just launched.  And playing the kind of role you would see with a new discovery.  Not the lead heroine, but a character who has to grab the audience’s interest in just a few scenes, has to be the kind of radical new thing to them.  So she is peppy and pretty and calmly talks about love and sex.  But is kept away from the more serious dramatic parts of the film.  And then there was Kal Ho Na Ho.  In which she was the center of the film.  The character whose voice over tells the whole story.  Very different, relying on the audience to love her, to believe her, to want to follow her.  While Shahrukh was the interesting stranger who grabs the audience interest.  Not to mention that she is no longer peppy and pretty, but bitter and angry.  Followed the next year by Veer-Zaara.  In which they are true co-stars.  Her character has almost as much to do and as much to change as Shahrukh’s.  And she grows from that peppy and pretty look to something more as the film goes on.  And finally, Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna.  One of the most unusual hero-heroine relationships in all of Hindi film.  And it builds on everything we have seen from them before.  Shahrukh has always been deeper, bitterer, and somewhat discounted her as less than him.  In every film, Dil Se through Veer-Zaara.  He was the guide and protector and teacher, she was the one who had to learn from him.  But KANK questions that assumption, asks if he really is more than her, or if he has just convinced himself he is.  If that is the real problem, that he has never been able to respect her as a person, think about what she wants and why she wants it.

12. Rani Mukherji

6 movies!  And, here’s what’s really interesting, in 2 of them they were not strictly speaking love interests.  Not a usual thing for Shahrukh with actresses.  Or any star with any actress, to have the kind of chemistry that can translate to “lawyer-client” or “best friends but he doesn’t feel ‘that way’ about her”.  And can easily turn back into being “love interests who are equals and mature about it”.  I don’t think any of their romances really were the kind of dramatic romantic things that he has had with other heroines.  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, they never really fought or anything, she was seriously considering him, he was presenting his case, and then they decided to get married.  No elopement, no dramatic confrontation, no sobbing in the rain.  Chalte Chalte sounds dramatic, but really isn’t.  He follows her, they talk, they like each other, at the last minute she decides to marry him.  And then they get married, they fight, they make up, the fight and don’t make-up.  But again, it is not the usual “chasing and convincing a younger woman” feeling.  She is an adult who gets to make her own decisions and has her own life, so is he.  And the second half, their marriage fights, that is something really unusual that i think could only work opposite Rani, someone we believe he could be married to, and who would be strong enough to stand up to him.  Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna, same thing.  A grumpy friendship that slowly turned into something more.  But they were both on the same page.  He wasn’t pursuing her, she wasn’t resisting, not exactly.  It just suddenly happened, to both of them at the same time.  And they were both equally mature about it, he wasn’t “guiding” her ever, the way he often does with his heroines, even Kajol in some films.  And finally Paheli.  Where her strength was most important.  Shahrukh is an ancient powerful being.  And yet Rani is strong and intelligent and determined and knows what she wants, and is able to confront him and wear him down to being her partner.

11. Salman Khan

Only 3 real movies together, not counting friendly appearances, Karan-Arjun, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam.  There is something special about them onscreen together, because the bring out what is best in the other.  That is, in popular culture/society in the real world, Shahrukh fills Salman’s gaps and vice versa.  And when they are both characters in the same film, it becomes even more so.  Shahrukh is intelligent, in his own head, doubtful, slow to make a decision.  Salman is warm and quick and emotional.  And so in Karan-Arjun, it is Shahrukh who figures out their past from clues, while Salman takes a huge emotional leap.  In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, it is Salman who can speak his heart, even speak Shahrukh’s heart for him at the end, while Shahrukh is always stubbornly silent.  And in Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, it is Salman’s warm and caring character who helps Shahrukh understand what marriage is and love is, and how shortsighted he has been.

10. Jackie Shroff

Like Anupam Kher, an actor who started as his slightly older contemporary but has aged to be the father figure to his heroines and others.  They started out as brothers in Trimurti and King Uncle.  In both cases, Jackie was the stern older brother while Shahrukh was the romantic younger brother.  The gap was not just in their ages, but in their attitudes and the way they approached the world.  And it was in their generation of film stars.  Jackie quickly became out of date, that stern serious type didn’t fit in the 90s, it was the era of Shahrukh’s romantic younger brother.  And therefore in their third film together, Jackie had to die.  Jackie’s responsible boring single father in One 2 Ka 4 had to leave so Shahrukh’s fun and wild younger adoptive father could take over.  Maybe he was less capable, but he was a lot more entertaining.  And finally in Happy New Year, Jackie’s responsible competent type had actually become the villain.  While the wild emotional incompetents were the heroes.

9. Sushmita Sen

Oh Sush!  Only two movies together, but I still can’t forget you.  In Main Hoon Na, you brought out a sort of puckish playfulness that Shahrukh had never had before.  You were the glamorous confident woman who wasn’t afraid to have fun that turned him into a teasing little boy.  And in Dulha Mil Gaya, that was extended even further.  You were in charge, the one who controlled things, while Shahrukh was the one waiting on your commands, not ashamed to be powerless in front of you.

8. Saif Ali Khan

Only one movie together!  But such phenomenal chemistry, I can’t ignore it.  Somehow that funny happy feel he had with Anupam, only with someone his own age.  They both have the same sense of humor, onscreen, and Saif brings out an over the top quality to Shahrukh, while he somehow makes Saif look dignified.  Which is not the norm when Saif does chemistry.

7. Kareena Kapoor Khan

When I think of jodis, I think of them as individuals, being able to perform well opposite each other and bring out the best in each other.  And I also think of that sort of magical 3rd element that comes out when they are onscreen together.  Kareena and Shahrukh really bring out good stuff in each other, and look great together, and all of that.  But, for me, there just isn’t as much of that kind of 3rd element that comes out through the magic of chemistry.  But they do look really good opposite each other!

6. Divya Bharti

Shahrukh’s first co-star!  Both of them were just little babies in their films together, and tragically we never really got to see Divya grow up.  But there was something there, some kind of magic and chemistry between them.  I really believed they loved each other.

5. Arjun Rampal

Word is, post-Ra.One, they aren’t that close any more.  But for a while, they really were.  Which is why Arjun got the role in Don and in Om Shanti Om and in Ra.One.  And I love them together!  Shahrukh brings out a kind of madness in Arjun’s performance and wildness in Arjun’s performance, but Arjun is still so calm and beautiful, he kind of makes Shahrukh look extra crazy and unpredictable and un-heroic in contrast.  I love that, how they are always set up as yin and yang in their films.  Plus, of course, raw sexual tension!

4. Deepika Padukone

I wasn’t that fond of them as a couple in Om Shanti Om, they were fine, nothing spectacular, I was more interested in seeing Shahrukh with Shreyas Talpade than with Deepika.  But then in Chennai Express, excellence!!!!!  His cocky older guy attitude was amazing when contrasted with her total lack of respect or interest in his opinion.  And she had such strength!  Such sure strength, more than he did.  Which was exactly why they worked in Happy New Year too.  Shahrukh thinks he has all the cards and knows everything, and then Deepika constantly sets him back on his heels.

3. Varun Dhawan

Again, only one movie together.  But they did a good job, I bought the brother relationship more than Varun’s love story with Kriti.  And Varun has a certain energy onscreen which reminds me of Shahrukh, which worked well, two people who were clearly raised closely even if they look nothing alike.  I hope there are more movies coming that could take advantage of that.

2. Juhi Chawla

I think, in terms of knowing each other and enjoying working together and really loving each other in real life, Juhi is his best co-star.  And certainly one of his most common co-stars, which brings with it it’s own advantages, a familiarity with their respective styles and able to predict how they will choose to play out scenes and so on and so on.

Image result for juhi shahrukh funeral

(Shahrukh and Juhi at her brother’s funeral)

She’s known him since his first few years in the industry, they are business partners, they’ve worked together in 10 movies, she’s played everything from his wife to his sister-in-law to the terrified object of his affection.

1.1. Kajol

Really, did this surprise anyone?  Of course it’s Kajol at the number 1 slot!!!  There’s some kind of magic between them that is unusual not just for Shahrukh, but for, like, the world!  I don’t know if there is another couple onscreen that has ever been like them.  Maybe Raj and Nargis.  Or Fred and Ginger.  But it’s definitely a once in a generation kind of thing.

(Here, for comparison, everyone he has co-starred with together in one place, and Kajol still stands out as something special.)

Special bonus:

Amitabh and SRK!

Their first film together is still their most important, Mohabbatein.  While Jackie and Anil and other older actors were allowed to quietly fade away in front of the 90s romance onslaught, Amitabh was too big for that.  He had to be confronted, remodeled, reimagined, and defeated.  Which is what Mohabbatein was about, “love” (90s film romance represented by SRK) defeating “fear” (70s film action and anger represented by Amitabh).  Their second film, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, is almost equally important.  Shahrukh, the new young man who is rebelling purely for love.  Thrown out of the house by Amitabh, who has become the very authority figure against which he used to rebel in his own youth.  And then their 3rd substantial film together, Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna, in which Amitabh turns into his own love rebel.  But more of one that Shahrukh could be, because he always has to be more.  And wiser than Shahrukh too, because he always has to be wiser.


27 thoughts on “Happy 22 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 22 Interesting Co-Stars

  1. I really liked Sonali Bendre and Shahrukh’s friendship in Kal Ho Naa Ho.

    The only movie with Shahrukh and Kareena that I’ve seen so far is K3G so it’s hard for me to see them as lovers in any movie.

    I think Rani should be higher on the list, they had great chemistry together!

    Varun at 3?!? There scenes together in Dilwale were nice but not good enough that he’s ranked higher than the likes of Rani, Deepika, and Saif. But I would like to see Varun and Shahrukh in a movie together again. Oh yeah, I would LOVE to see them in a remake of Oopiri! They would be perfect! Plus Karan has the remake rights so there’s definitely a chance!


    • I just gave up on a reasonable ranking system this year! Once it gets over 15, it’s way way too hard to figure out which one is better than the other. Once we get to the second half of the month, I’ll have to do a whole bunch of ranking lists.

      And this reminds, I need to see if I can find Oopiri! I haven’t checked since I got Herotalkies and Hotstar, maybe it will be on one of those.

      On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 11:03 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Fantastic. Really enjoyed reading and I’m glad it’s not a ranking per se. Especially enjoyed Johnny Lever, Madhuri, Divya, Arjun, Saif, Rani, and Juhi’s entries. Nice job capturing what works (or doesn’t in the case of Madhuri) between them onscreen. And it’s hilarious that you did Shah Rukh as his own co-star. Makes me want to do a Paheli/Fan marathon one day. Not Duplicate–yuk! Thinking of Juhi, what do you think is up with their relationship these days? Seems so odd that they are still co-owners of KKR, but don’t seem to interact much (at least publicly). I know there was some weird back and forth when her brother died. Sad.


    • Have a mentioned that one of my closest friends LOVES Duplicate? I don’t understand it at all. Although I guess it does have kind of a fun over the top vibe?

      You got me all worried about Juhi and Shahrukh so I did a quick search for recent articles. Juhi is supposed to be doing a cameo in the Dwarf movie, which is a good sign. And she also gave a recent interview for the anniversary of Duplicate (speaking of Duplicate!) talking about how Shahrukh helped her through her grief over her mother’s death during filming and and it bonded them for life. So it looks like things are okay between them.

      On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 11:50 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Re: Duplicate–there are some genuinely sweet moments between nice Shah Rukh and Juhi. And I appreciate that while Sonali is very sexual, she’s also a nice person (if I’m remembering right).

        Glad to hear that about Juhi and Shah Rukh. I follow her on Twitter, and she mostly posts about yoga/healthy lifestyle stuff and social/environmental causes.


      • I’ve never been all that impressed with Juhi Chawla either as an actress or as a love interest for SRK (tho she did do one song with him in One 2 Ka 4 where she was positively gorgeous) and I’ll never forgive her for a remark she made just after the release of Dilwale: she was asked whether she had seen it and she replied that she hadn’t and probably wouldn’t bother because she had heard it wasn’t very good. That remark, coming from a business partner and someone he considered a friend finished her for me. There’s also her much-quoted remark expressing her displeasure with having to act with SRK after having acted with Aamir (!). I have to admit that, as an American and as someone who came to Indian films only in 2012, my viewpoint no doubt differs from that of many others who read your blog~and from yours as well.

        Another example, as one who has never seen an Amitabh Bachchan film that didn’t star SRK (except for his unremarkable cameo in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gatsby) I see him as incredibly ham-my and over-rated. On the other hand, I liked his son in the few films in which I have seen his son. I thought he was hilarious in Happy New Year~tho i could have done without all the vomiting.

        I adore Madhuri tho generally not with SRK~tho I thought they were fantastic together in Devdas. Older woman indulging herself with a younger man. (Yes, I know that chronologically she is younger but she has a much more ‘womanly’ look~too womanly for SRKs boyish one)

        I love SRK with Kajol~onscreen, in real life. They are just so perfect together. I think if he had met her before he was married he probably would have married her.

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        • Interesting point about Madhuri and SRK in Devdas. She also had kind of a maternal caring relationship with him in that, unlike in their other films where he was supposed to be the dominate one. Maybe that is the key, for Shahrukh to be less active than her. The same would be true in Koyla, the one I like, where Madhuri is the aggressive one in wooing Shahrukh.

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        • Ooh, good points from you and Margaret about why Madhuri works better with SRK in Devdas and Koyla–these are the only movies with them that I re-watch once in a while.

          Re: Juhi’s remarks about Dilwale, I think it was thoughtless but not spiteful or harmful. But there was definitely some discord between them, some stress about the horrible situation with her brother. And the Shah Rukh compared to Aamir story I think is one of those stock stories that all actors have and tell over and over. She freely admits that she was totally wrong in her first impressions. 🙂

          I just love Juhi and Shah Rukh together, to the extent that it was tough watching her as his sister-in-law in Paheli :). I haven’t watched any of her Aamir movies. I watched Gulaab Gang and Chalk N Duster and enjoyed them They’re both heavy handed “message movies”, but it was nice to see ensemble casts of mature women. She has a definite look and style though, so I could see how she wouldn’t work for everyone.


  3. Jackie was also in Devdas and Amitji in Paheli (just adding 😉 ). Interesting choice with Alia and Varun…from the ‘youngsters’ they are definitly the ones with whom I would like to see ShahRukh more often. Loved the ShahRukh-ShahRukh pairing 🙂
    Women costars for me: Kajol, Anushka, Juhi, Madhuri, Rani, Deepika, Aish, Sushmita, Preity, Farida, Kirrhon, Jaya…male costars: Jackie, Anupam, Arjun, Saif, Abhishek, Amitji, Shreyas, Naseeruddin, Nawazuddin


    • Hmm, now I have to think about my rankings, since you have conveniently given a list to work from: Kajol, Juhi, Anushka, Rani, Deepika, Farida, Kirrhon, Sushmita, Jaya, Preity, Aish. I wouldn’t have thought Preity would be so low for me, but looking at that whole list, yeah, everyone else is ahead of her. Before JHMS, I wouldn’t have put Anushka so high, but afterwards, definitely. She almost beat Juhi.

      For male co-stars: Anupam, Saif, Arjun, Abhishek, Nawazuddin, Amitji, Arjun, Jackie, Shreyas, Naseeruddin. Again, I am a little surprised by how low I put Amitji. And how high I put Nawazuddin. But after just one film, Nawazuddin easily moved up the list. And when I compare SRK’s chemistry with Amitji to Anupam, Saif, even Abhishek, it’s just not quite as exciting.

      On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 12:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I remember only two movies with Reema and ShahRukh (Yes Boss and KalHoNaaHo) but Wiki told me, she was also Anjali’s mother in KuchKuchHotaHai. Yes, Farida and Kirron without any doubt and Jaya in KalHoNaaHo was even better than in KabhiKhushiKabhieGham 🙂
        Except for the first three costars (female, male) I did not intend a listing for the others 😉
        I like ShahRukh with women who can be genuinely funny and bubbly and still be strong…and with men who give him a strong brotherly or fatherly feeling or are a matching antagonist (for the future I would now prefer Nawaz…he is a serious challenge).

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        • I think Shahrukh may not have even had a scene with Reema in Kuch Kuch. Except for the very end, the wedding finale, when everyone is in the same room. Also, the Reema Salman chemistry is so amazing, in all films but especially in K2H2, that it would easily overwhelm any SRK-Reema chemistry!

          On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 3:41 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I registered the good playing together of Salman and Anjali’s mother but I did not look up the actress. It was only in KalHoNaaHo that I retained her name because of her important role for ShahRukh’s character.
            Later, during my journey into Hindi cinema, I saw her in other movies with Salman, Aamir and Ajay Devgn.


          • My love of Reema/SRK is mostly due to my inordinate fondness for Yes Boss. She’s so lovely to Juhi too! And it helps that I’ve not been seen any Salman-Reema movies, hence not overwhelmed. 🙂 I’ve seen exactly one Salman movie (not counting ones he is in with SRK). Sultan, because it was on a plane. Sometime I’ll get around to a few others, I’m sure.


          • Check out Maine Pyar Kiya, if literally nothing else. And after that, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Those are my two MUST SEE Salman recs.

            On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 8:54 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. SRK and Madhuri are one of my least liked pairs. They don’t work for me at all despite the sexy scenes they do. I just don’t see it. She always comes across boring and matronly next to him.

    I shouldn’t laugh since it’s a funeral picture but that pic of SRK in the middle of Juhi and her husband just cracks me up. It just doesn’t look right. 😛

    Alas, I don’t think Juhi and SRK get along that well anymore. She off and on gives rude quotes about him. She also unfollowed him on Twitter a while ago. They’re still okay but there are clearly issues.

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    • Oh that’s too bad! that Juhi and Shahrukh aren’t as close any more.

      Yeah, SRK and Madhuri don’t work that well for me either. Which is strange, because I love them both individually, or with other co-stars. But in most of their films together, it just doesn’t feel like it gels.

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      • I think SRK and PC have fabulous chemistry…There is geniuine affection there, despite the fact that they play enemies in Don. Or maybe I’ve watched way too many Don promotional interviews these past few days. Another gorgeous pairing was Manisha Koirala with SRK in Dil Se. They looked beautiful together. Two lost souls.
        I thank you for leaving out Ash and Kaif. Never bought the chemistry in those pairings. Heartily agree on the Madhuri pairing. I think she worked best with Anil Kapoor.

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        • I think Anil Kapoor is fabulous at letting his co-stars shine. He was great with Madhuri, and Sridevi, and Aish, and even Katrina. A very good foil for a charismatic beautiful woman. I’d love to see him do more roles now with the up and coming actresses. Not romantic, but of the Dear Zindagi type.

          On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 2:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  5. Omg Srk would be beyond perfect in the Oopiri remake. Not too sure about Varun Dhawan. I can see Ranveer Singh or Sushant Singh in this role..


  6. This is so great. I love to read all your thoughts and questioning my own. Your number 18 with Shahrukh himself is fantastic. I also don’t have a strict ranking. I have my top 5 and the number one spot changes with my mood. In the moment it’s definitly Anushka on top. (JHMS Hangover) I loved them togehter since RNBDJ and they’re only getting better and better. So my top 5: Anuskha, Rani, Kajol, Madhuri, Deepika. Of course he also shares great chemistry with Preity (VZ & KHNH), Juhi (always a joy to watch), Manisha (Dil Se!), Aish (loved them as a romantic couple in Devdas and as brother/sister in Josh), Kareena,…. the only “bad pairing” I can think of would be Twinkle Khanna in Baadshah. In the Movie-Moms Category I like him alongside Khirron, Jaya and Farida. I’d love to see more with Tabu, Mahira, Vidya or Alia and for the older women pairings Shabana Azmi or Rekha.
    For the male Co-stars: Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Amitji, Amrish Puri (I’m surprised nobody mentioned him), Saif, Jackie Shroff, Abishek, Arjun Rampal,… oh and Vinay Pathak (RNBDJ) was also good.


      • I did not forget him but as he has died already in 2005 I just did not consider him as a future co-star anymore. ShahRukh worked with him in eight movies and every time it was an emotionally intense relation…on a whole other level than the three (4-5-6) times with Amitji.
        Yes, Vinay was a perfect Suri-friend 🙂


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