Sunny Songs for a Rainy Day

(This is an updated and re-written and edited reposted post from last year, because I am lazy and the weather is awful again)  It’s been overcast and raining here for over 24 hours now, and I just want to see the sun!  And also, our discussions have been somewhat heated and excited for the past few days, so I thought it would be good to put up a post that makes you feel light and happy.

First, it is Shahrukh month after all, let’s have a random selection of one of his happier songs:


Pritam is always my go-to when I need cheering up.  Somehow his songs are just sunshine and vacation and freedom and long days all condensed into 3 minutes of catchy beats and sing-along-able lyrics.

Of course, there’s also the actual vacation songs, the ones that make you feel like just hoping in a car and escaping all your troubles.

Well, now this is just turning into the Goa post!  Let me throw in a sunny vacation to somewhere else, just for variety.

Or a vacation to somewhere in India that isn’t Goa!

A song that’s getting pretty old now, but is still guaranteed to make me smile and feel like I am back in college.

A new one that I know I have posted a few times before.  So peppy and pretty and free and sunshine-y!

Speaking of Kerala, “Hosanna”!  I know, it’s not in Kerala, it’s in Tamil Nadu, but the character is from Kerala.

Which reminds me of the more recent song, that is all being in love and road trip and sunshine and freedom.


And another new one to me, from the same director:


Moving slightly to the side, from Tamil to Malayalam.  And from a city to a village.


Brand new one from brand new composers:

And finally, my personal guaranteed anti-depressant song!


And now, for a peaceful and happy comments discussion, you can tell me your own personal happy sunshine songs!  Or which one of these that I have posted you like the best.  Or complain about my updating and redoing this post so many times (although that’s not really a “happy” thing).


7 thoughts on “Sunny Songs for a Rainy Day

  1. God bless all people who did OSO. I have the biggest smile on my face everytime I hear songs from this movie, but especially while listening to Sneham Cherum Neram. This song is like can with all the best, happy feelings and first crushes memories condensed.

    Other sunny song (there is some rain too, but mostly it’s sunny and yellow: Aisa Des Hai Mera from Veer-Zaara.


  2. That will be fun to watch all those videos…
    Yeah, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, I like very much, too. But I think the song that comes the most into my mind when I need a smile is “Haule Haule” and I love to watch the remix:

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