New Youtube Video! Feminist Film Theory Briefly Explained

Same as my post here.  But in video format!  So you can see my hands moving and stuff.  Oh, and high quality video, because daylight savings finally ended so the sun is out before I leave for work now and decent lighting is available again.

Here is the video (highly encourage you to read the blog post first/in addition, it goes into a lot more detail)

4 thoughts on “New Youtube Video! Feminist Film Theory Briefly Explained

  1. When I put my volume up to 100%, I can hear you; however, as I’m not anglophone, there may be things I simply can’t understand even after ten or more repetitions.
    “a woman falling in love with…..” is not acceptable (as a story of a movie). I’m truly curious about the ….-part. Could you please enlighten me? 🙂
    Otherwise: still a nice living room, pleasant light, engaging woman, vivid rendition 🙂


    • Oh, “a woman falling in love with her rapist”. It was the most extreme example I could think of, a plot element that truly makes the rest of the film useless.

      Although now I am remembering Pindar! In which that is the exact plot, and the film manages to pull it off. So there really are no absolutes, everything has to be seen in context.


        • No, Let me double check. Ah! Pinjar, not Pindar. A man rapes a woman during the horrors of Partition, and feels so terrible about it that he marries her, offers her the protection of his name and family, but does not touch her again without her permission. It deals with all the complications of that era, especially in terms of a woman’s place. Is she better off with this man who hurt her in the past but has been nothing but supportive and respectful since then, or with her family who she has not seen in years and who may see her as having “dishonored” them and will never treat her with respect again?

          On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 11:15 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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