Happy Christmas Giveaway Week 2! Be Jealous of Last Week’s Beautiful Card!

Second week already!  And second winner.  And first reveal of this year’s new cards.  This first one is one of my favorites.

If you missed the explanation last week, the giveaway will run for 9 weeks.  Every week, whoever makes the most comments that week will get one of my FABULOUS Christmas cards.  And I will post the name of the winner and a photo of the card, so you can all be admiring and jealous.

You can only win once, if the person with the most comments in a particular week has already won, I will move on to the second most commenting person.  Or 3rd or 4th or however many are necessary.  With 9 weeks to go, there is a good chance that most of my more regular commentators will end up winning.


Last week, Claudia won this stunning card.  Which is appropriate both for the upcoming Christmas season, and to the Shahrukh birthday season just ended!  In fact, it was my present to my friends at my Shahrukh’s birthday party.


Copy of 20171105_180948.jpg



This week’s winner is…….Niki!  Congratulations!  Just fill in your address in the form below, and I will pick out another lovely card to send to you.  I’ve got two in mind, one is completely inappropriate to give a nice young girl, and the other isn’t.  Which to choose?



10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Giveaway Week 2! Be Jealous of Last Week’s Beautiful Card!

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  2. Yes!! After seeing that Claudia won with 78 comments last week, I actually tried this week. Nothing gets me excited like a little competition. Hence that super random question about Ek Villian. Plus it helped that I was in the mood to watch a bunch of Deepika and Shahrukh movies so lot’s to discuss there 😉

    So I’m curious, how many comments did I actually make?


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