Greetings from My Sister’s House!

Well, here I am at my sister’s.  And I am having so much fun, I forgot to put a name in the Christmas Giveaway post until an hour after it went up (who noticed?  Be very proud of yourself if you did!).  If you are curious, here is what we have done so far.

I arrived late on Friday after 8 hours of travel and we were all tired, so we had lasagna and watched the first 20 minutes of Yennai Arindhaal (until the flashback starts, the bit with Anushka Shetty) as a nice thing before bed.


And then we all went to bed and slept and woke up in the morning and sloooooowly got ready for the day.  And to accompany this nice leisurely wake up, we watched the first half of Ninne Palladatha.  Because Nagarjuna is nice and unthreatening and reassuring when you aren’t quite awake yet in the morning.


Once we were dressed and fed and had a plan, we sadly turned Nagarjuna off and went out to the car to drive for an hour to visit a shipbuilding museum.  Spent 3 hours there, and I have decided I don’t want to be a shipbuilder.  Lighthouse keeper, maybe (they had an exhibit on that too), but not a shipbuilder.

(this is all I can think of for ships)

The best part was when we are on the way home and just as we pulled away from Starbucks with our hot chocolates, this popped up on my car playlist.

Then we stopped by Joann’s on the way home and bought crafting stuff, and came home and finished Ninne Pelladatha while my sister taught herself how to crochet.

(I made her pay attention during this song, but otherwise it is very much a movie you can look up and down at)

And then we took a break to make popcorn and get apple cider in wine glasses before finishing Yennai Arindhaal.  Which was very stressful towards the end, my brother-in-law came down to check on us when he kept hearing shrieks.

(this bit was okay, but then it got stressful again)

And then we had leftover lasagna for dinner and tried to suck my brother-in-law in to watching something with us, but he was not to be tempted.  So instead the two of us watched A Gentleman to round out the evening, as a nice light fun thing before bed.

(and also because this popped up on the car playlist and was so awesome my sister had to see what it came from)

7 thoughts on “Greetings from My Sister’s House!

  1. Phew…eight hours! That’s a looong journey. How come that your sister is also interested in Indian movies? Because of you?
    Nice, you watched three films you already wrote about! So even more connection to us 🙂


    • Well, left for the airport three hours before the flight, 2 hours at the airport, then flying for 2.5, and 2.5 on bus.

      My sister and I got into Indian films more or less simultaneously, I just kept it up and am more serious about it than she is. So whenever we get together, I get to catch her up on everything good that she has missed.

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