Christmas Giveaway Winner Week Three!

Third week of the Christmas Giveaway!  And I am beginning to feel the holiday spirit.  Not the DCIB giveaway holiday spirit, but the spirit of the actual holiday.  I might need to switch from Saavn and film music at work to Pandora and Christmas stuff.  Or Saavn and Christmas stuff?  But I am pretty sure they don’t have any.

Once again, the giveaway will run for 9 weeks.  Every week, whoever makes the most comments that week will get one of my FABULOUS Christmas cards.  And I will post the name of the winner and a photo of the card, so you can all be admiring and jealous.

You can only win once, if the person with the most comments in a particular week has already won, I will move on to the second most commenting person.  Or 3rd or 4th or however many are necessary.  With 9 weeks to go, there is a good chance that most of my more regular commentators will end up winning.

Last week, Niki won and I was strongly tempted to give her a very inappropriate card for the nice young person she is.  And then I was tempted to give her an “educational” card and be completely big sister-y.  But I finally landed on a “fun and encouraging but in an age appropriate manner” card.  At least, I hope that’s what it is!  You will all be able to determine better once someone wins the super inappropriate card I was considering and I put up a picture of that.

But first, the nice respectable appropriate but fun card I picked!  Front side:



And back side:



This week’s winner is……. Asmita!  It was a close one this week, we are down to the range where a number of people are all roughly equal, but Asmita’s excited additions to the fanfic last Sunday managed to put her over the top.

Congratulations!  Just fill in your address in the form below, and I will pick out a lovely card to send to you (no worries if it is an overseas address).  Ooo!  You may get the very inappropriate card I was tempted to send to Niki!



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