Silly Sunday: TV Show Remakes!!!!

This is just because I have been watching Cheers and now I can’t get the idea of a remake out of my head.  So I had to dig up a few more TV show options as well, just to round out the post.  Feel free to give me suggestions in the comments for more I could use if I missed your favorite!  Especially since my TV taste trends towards the classic.


First, in case you somehow never saw it, the original plot from the series:

Diane Chambers, a pretentious grad student, goes to a Boston bar with her professor/fiance the night they are planning to elope.  Only, he ends up leaving her there and going back to his ex-wife.  The bar is run by Sam Malone, a former athlete and a former alcoholic, who is a bit insensitive and a bit of a ladies man.  Out of pity, he hires Diane to be the barmaid at the bar.  Also working at the bar is another barmaid, Carla, lower class and loud with a bunch of kids and a deep platonic affection for Sam and vice versa.  And “Coach”, the heart and soul of the bar, a really sweet old man with memory problems who Sam hired because he loves him from back in his old days as his coach.  Sam and Diane fight for a year, constantly having different opinions on the happenings at the bar.  Finally, at the end of the year in the midst of another fight, they kiss each other and are in love.  They start a relationship that goes from perfect and happy, to fighting constantly, until there is a big break-up.  Diane starts dating another man, Frasier, while Sam goes back to drinking.  Diane returns to the bar to save him from drinking but continues to date Frasier.  There is another period of fighting between the two, until Diane leaves to marry Frasier, only to stop the wedding at the last minute.  She returns to the bar again, but Sam resists taking her back.  Until she wins him over, he proposes, and they plan a wedding.

And then other stuff happens for the next 6 seasons of the show, but I am going to skip that.

The one that inspired this post!  When I realized the perfect casting was staring me in the face.  Obviously, Ranveer and Dips!  Ranveer in the crazy energy and flirtation and everything from Befikre, opposite Dips with all the uptight intellectualism from Piku.

(Odd movie, perfect Ranveer performance)

As I see it, Ranveer runs a bar in Delhi, is a very Punjabi type of guy.  Dips is a Tamilian, very educated and proper and everything.  In Delhi for school, falls in love with her professor (Randeep Hooda?), and then is dumped at the bar.  She is too embarrassed to go home to Chennai, and can’t go back to school, so she takes the bar job out of desperation.  Kalki Koechlin plays Carla, a tough Punjabi girl with a lousy ex-husband that she threw out of her house and a bunch of kids.  Coach, boy that’s hard!  Boman Irani I guess?

Dips and Ranveer fight through a month, the time she needs to pretend she is still finishing school before she can go home to her family, and then on her last night, during her farewell party, she and Ranveer get into another fight, he ends up picking her up and carrying her into his office to finish the fight, they keep yelling and then somehow end up kissing each other.  INTERVAL

(I feel like this woman fighting with the Befikre guy and then kissing would be really really hot)

In the second half, they are now in love and all goopy eyed at each other.  Kalki hates it, Boman things it’s sweet.  But after a brief love song, they start fighting again right away.  They come together to help Kalki when she gives birth (again), but then the fights start up immediately.  Until finally Dips has enough and storms out, declaring she is going to take the new scholarship she has been offered and is going back to school!  After a sad song with Ranveer going back to drinking and being miserable, Boman tracks down Dips and begs her to come back.  She finally agrees, to save Ranveer, although she will only work part time since she is still in school.  She and Boman lie to Ranveer that she needs the job to help pay her tuition, so he takes her back.  But he doesn’t realize that she has started a new relationship with a fellow student……Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranveer learns they are together and is determined to break them up.  At first he plays a series of tricks on them, but finally comes around once he becomes friends with Ranbir.  At the day of the wedding, he and Dips have another big fight, she says horrible things about how he is just an idiot that she was killing time with and never really liked, he storms out, and only then does she realize she loves him and calls off the wedding.  She returns to the bar and tries to make amends, he won’t listen to her.  Until Boman suddenly grabs his heart and falls over.  They forget their petty fight in shared grief, and sleep together again, but don’t really talk about what it means.

After the funeral, Dips and Ranveer and Kalki are sitting around together, feeling sad, when Varun Dhawan bursts in.  He is Boman’s old friend and penpal, he just heard what happened, he is so sad.  And he recognizes everyone, “Kalki, and Ranveer, and Mrs. Ranveer”.  Dips is a little surprised, but Ranveer leaps in and grabs her around the shoulders and says “that’s right, this is my wife.”


So, thoughts?  Casting good?

Diane: Deepika

Sam: Ranveer Singh

Frasier: Ranbir Kapoor

Carla: Kalki Koechline

Coach: Boman Irani (or Anupam Kher? Or Amitji?)

Woody: Varun Dhawan



Dick Van Dyke

In case you’ve never seen the show

Rob and Laura Petrie are a peppy young couple with an adorable son.  Rob works as a writer for a TV comedy show starring Alan Brady (an egotistical creep), along with Buddy (a fast talking older funny guy) and Sally (an older woman who makes fun of her dating life a lot).  At home, Laura’s best friend is Millie next door, and Rob’s is Millie’s husband Jerry.  And then hijinks ensue.

Hmm.  I think I would want to expand one episode.  The one where Rob and Laura realize they may not be legally married, because Laura lied about her age on their marriage license.  I’d start in the present day, Rob (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is rushing around to get ready for work with the help of Laura (Parineeti Chopra).  He gets off eventually, late, and arrives at work to see Buddy (Anupam Kher) and Sally (Farah Khan) covering for him with Alan Brady (Boman Irani).  They have rapid fire comedy with lots of one liners for a bit, then the talk shifts to marriage, Anupam Kher making fun of his wife and Farah Khan asking how Parineeti got Aditya to propose.  And, Flashback!

Parineeti was part of a dance team in the movies.  They were filming a song at Aditya’s college, and he got a crush on her right away.  But he was shy about talking to her, there was a lot of back and forth, finally he ended up volunteering to replace a male dancer who dropped out so she would have to teach him the routines.  While they are filming the song, Aditya gets carried away and kisses Parineeti.  She is fine with it, kind of giggly and happy, until the director announces he thinks it is cute and is keeping it in the film.  Then she bursts into tears because her parents are going to see this movie and see her kissing some man and be all upset and so on.  Aditya asks if there is anything he can do, and she says “marry me?”

(Yes, I am now a convert to the two of them together)

Back in the present, Anupam and Farah both think this is a super cute story.  But meanwhile back home, Parineeti is talking with her best friend from next door Sayani Gupta, who is complaining about her husband Kunaal Roy Kapoor and how unromantic he is, even his proposal!  She asks Parineeti how Aditya proposed, and Parineeti tells her version.  She ran away from home to join the movies and her parents kept calling and emailing and trying to get her to go back.  Finally, her big brother Arbaaz Khan showed up and gave her an ultimatum, either she came home of her own accord after this shoot was over, or he was going to drag her back.  And the next day, she saw Aditya walking across campus and fell in love at first sight.  She managed to trip her dancing partner and give him a sprained ankle, then arranged for Aditya to be suggested as a substitute. She knew he loved her once he started dancing with her, but he still wasn’t saying anything and she had a deadline!  She kissed him while the camera’s were rolling.  She thought for sure he would propose then, but instead he apologized!  It wasn’t until she started to cry that he proposed.

That night at a dinner party, the two versions are told next to each other, and there is much hilarity as they realize what a different version of the romance each has.  But later that night as they are getting ready for bed, Aditya asks why she was worried about her brother anyway, wasn’t she 18 and could do whatever she wanted?  At which point Parineeti admits she was only 17.  And Aditya slowly has a freak out as he realizes that that means they aren’t legally married!!!!  INTERVAL

Second half, hilarity ensues as they have to lie to everyone they know to cover as they plan to go away for the weekend, quickly get married again, and then come home.  Sayani Gupta and Kunaal have to watch their son, Anupam and Farah have to cover at work.  Anupam and Farah think that Aditya is having an affair, Sayani and Kunaal think Parineeti is.  The finally compare notes and decide that Parineeti is the one having the affair (since she mentioned “guilt” and “lies”) and Aditya is following her and planning to have it out with her (since he mentioned “setting things right” and “doing what I should have done years ago”).  Meanwhile Aditya and Parineeti are having their own troubles, embarrassed about getting a hotel room together without being “married”, dealing with the leers and jokes at the registrar office, suddenly being uncomfortable with each other.  They have a cute honeymoon song the first night in the hotel when Aditya points out that they are having an affair now, not two boring married people any more.  But they get back to humorous difficulties the next day.  Finally, at the registrar office, it all comes to a head when the 4 friends burst in, with the child, hilarity ensues all around.  The misunderstandings are cleared up, but Parineeti still doesn’t want to be married.  She bursts into tears at the last minute and runs out.  Aditya follows her, and she admits that she was never really happy with the registrar marriage, she wanted a big ridiculous wedding her whole life, and now she just can’t face getting married in a dull office one more time.  She loves Aditya so much, so much more now than she ever thought possible 10 years ago, and she wants the whole world to know.  Aditya, of course, says that she should have the exact wedding she wants.

Happy ending song!  Massive wedding, big song, kid and friends all there as well as Parineeti’s family (including brother Arbaaz finally giving his blessing).

(Like this)

So, thoughts?  Casting?

Rob Petrie: Aditya Roy Kapoor (Or Ranveer again?  Saif maybe?  Arjun Kapoor? I just don’t know)

Laura Petrie: Parineeti Chopra (Or Alia Bhatt?  Sonam Kapoor maybe?)

Buddy: Anupam Kher (Or Paresh Rawal?  Or Johnn Lever?)

Sally: Farah Khan (Or Ratna Pathak?  Or Juhi Chawla?  Or Tabu?)

Millie: Sayani Gupta (Or Kalki? Or Lisa Haydon?)

Larry: Kunaal Roy Kapur (Or Uday Chopra?  Or Jimmy Shergill?)



Law and Order

In case you have never seen it:

“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups.  The police who investigate crimes and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.  These are their stories.”

That’s the general idea, but the reason I turned in was for the very slow burning relationship drama between the police and the district attorneys.  In the best years, the police were made up of Lt. Van Buren, an older tough female cop, and Lennie Briscoe, a wry seen it all cop, and his partner, cocky ladies man Mike Logan.  The District Attorney was wise old Adam Schiff, and the chief assistant district attorney is fiery Jack McCoy assisted by one of a rotating cast of smart young female lawyers.  Occasionally police psychiatrist Olivet would also get involved.

There was a background romance indicated between Jack McCoy and his assistant.  Possibly also Mike Logan and psychiatrist Olivet.  Logan and Briscoe initially didn’t have much use for each other but slowly came to respect each other and love each other.  Jack reveres his boss Adam Schiff but occasionally goes against his orders in his pursuit of justice.  Lt. Van Buren, as a woman, has a hard time winning over Logan and McCoy, but in the end they are totally loyal to her, ready to go up against the rest of the precinct to defend her.

So, in my Indian movie remake, I’d move it to Bombay instead of New York City.  I’d want one of those twisty troubles-of-the-rich-and-famous plots.  Heck, let’s just take the Sheena Bora story from real life!  Logan (Ranveer Singh) and Briscoe (Naseeruddin Shah) are called in when a man (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is arrested on a weapon’s charge and suddenly starts talking about murder.  They ask advice from their boss Lt. Van Buren (Ratna Pathak).  She suggests they investigate and see if the story holds up.  They reluctantly agree, since they don’t really respect her right now.

To get the body recovered from where it was found in the forest district, they bring in the district attorney (or whatever that position is in India).  They ask for help first from Anushka, the tough new young female lawyer, she gets them the paperwork and stuff to have the body brought to Bombay where it is identified as Sheena Bora and they get the go ahead to bring in Indrani Mukherjee (Sheeba Chhada).  Only they are interrupted in the middle because her husband Peter Mukherjee (Jackie Shroff) uses his connections and calls up the head prosecutor, Amitabh Bachchan.  He gets yelled at by a disappointed Jack McCoy (Shahrukh Khan) who can’t believe he backed down.  Amitabh yells back and explains that they have to move slowly and carefully in this case, Anushka needs to be working with the police every step of the way to make sure it will hold up in court.

(Definitely can pull of the tough woman happy in a man’s world kind of thing)

The 5 of them, Ratna Pathak and Ranveer and Naseerji and Anushka and Shahrukh all work together to solve the case, and slowly their relationships strengthen in the background.  Ratna’s wisdom in her orders becomes more and more clear to Ranveer and Naseerji.  Ranveer and Naseerji start to respect each other as they share personal stories, Naseer learns that Ranveer had a sad love affair in his past, Ranveer learns that Naseer is divorced and a recovering alcoholic and is man enough to take responsibility for both those things.  Anushka at first thinks Shahrukh is a dirty flirty old man, then comes to hero worship him a little as she sees how good he is at his job and how dedicated, and then starts to stand up to him a little as she begins to disagree with how he does things.

As the truth begins to come out, that Sheena (Alia in flashback) was killed by her own mother and no one believed her boyfriend/stepbrother (Varun in present day, broken by grief) who loved her and suspected what happened all along, Ranveer has a hard time handling it.  They are consulting with a psychiatrist to try to understand Sheeba’s motives, Deepika, and Ranveer goes to her after hours to try to talk out his feelings, and they end up kissing each other, before they both back away with fear that they have crossed a professional line.

Finally, there is a long court battle.  At the end, they lose, Sheeba gets off (that hasn’t happened yet, but it feels like it might, and anyway those are always the most memorable L&O episodes), and Amitabh offers to buy everyone drinks at the bar around the corner.  Ratna goes home to her loving husband Pankuj Kapoor.  Naseeruddin goes home to his dog and his lonely apartment.  Anushka and Shahrukh find themselves going home together, he admits he was wrong to push so hard, and she admits that she learned more from working with him than in her whole time at law school.  He admits that maybe he has a hard time when she challenges him because he knows she is the smartest person he has ever worked with.  She says he will be sorry that she is handing in her resignation.  Shahrukh is surprised, Anushka smiles and kisses him and says “I don’t believe in mixing professional with personal”.

And finally, Ranveer, sad and lonely in the bar.  Deepika walks in and sits next to him and says “Naseer called me.  He thought maybe you would want some company”.  Ranveer says “I don’t need a psychiatrist”.  Dips reaches out and takes his hand and says “I’m not offering as a psychiatrist.

Related image



Lt. Van Buren: Ratna Pathak (Or Kirron Kher?  Madhuri? Kajol?)

Mike Logan: Ranveer Singh (Or Varun Dhawan? John Abraham maybe?)

Lennie Briscoe: Naseeruddin Shah (Or Aamir Khan maybe? Or Sanjay Dutt?)

Adam Schiff: Amitabh Bachchan (No other possible option)

Jack McCoy: Shahrukh Khan (or maybe Aamir?)

Female ADA: Anushka Sharma (maybe Dips, but it really feels like an Anushka role)


Sheena Bora in flashback cameo: Alia (or maybe Parineeti? Someone very young and fresh and fragile looking)

Indrani Mukherjea: Sheeba Chadha (she’s perfect, always)

Rahul Mukherjea/Sheena’s grieving boyfriend: Varun Dhawan (or maybe Siddharth? Again, someone young and fresh looking)



Well, that was totally self-indulgent!!!!  Hopefully some of you know at least some of these TV shows and are interested in the remakes.


Which shows, if any, did you actually know?


Which one would you want to make if we could only make one?


What TV show did I not mention that you would like to make into a Hindi film?


21 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: TV Show Remakes!!!!

  1. Never was a Cheers fan, but loved Dick Van Dyke. I don’t like your casting at all. But also, you missed a golden opportunity to turn this into a really good “Indianized” show by having the Rob character be a screenwriter, and the TV star be a major tantrum throwing Bollywood hero.

    There was once a projected or actual remake of the I Love Lucy series with Sridevi in the Lucy role, as a Tamilian woman married into a North Indian family, I think they did shoot and air a few episodes, but it failed. Too bad, because I think Sridevi could really capture the zany comic persona of Lucy, but they probably didn’t have writers as brilliant as the original ones. It was called Malini Iyer, in case you want to look that up.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll have to think about the casting a little bit, but i feel both of your suggested actors lack the spunk and charm that Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore had. The only qualification that Aditya has is that he at least has three names. 🙂


      • I was going to say that I don’t really know the younger generation of actors that well, but maybe Rajkumar Rao for Rob? I think he could pull it off. Or Ayushman Khuranna, for whom I have a soft spot. As for Laura, I want to say, anyone but Alia! 🙂 I can’t think of anyone who could project that demure housewife vibe that Laura had, along with the requisite spunk. Maybe Tamannah? Plus she’s a fab dancer, as Laura was supposed to be.


  2. I also once had a thought that Fawlty Towers (British comedy) could be remade in Hindi with SRK playing Basil Fawlty, and the Spanish cook recast as an illegal Bangladeshi guy working Mumbai. I can’t remember the other details, but I did work up quite a few episodes of it at one time (original ones, not reprises of the Fawlty Towers episodes. It was more the basic set up that I took for inspiration).


  3. Does it have to a film? Or can it be a series too? In the alternate universe where Indian filmmakers aren’t churning out bad films, there is also a dedicated audience for well made high quality series that features movie stars too!

    Come to think of it, the response that Zee Zindagi got with only Pakistani, Turkish and South Korean content (before they fucked it up) there CAN be a channel dedicated to such high quality content!


    • I’d love to see an Indian TV take on Cheers. I don’t know if the location would work right (are there bars that combine young professionals and working class?), but it’s a great set up for a long running series with lots of relationships shifts and so on. The original ran for 11 seasons, with characters getting married, having kids, leaving and arriving, all kinds of shifts which would be great for the kind of drama Indian TV does. Not American TV, where it all tends to reset at the end of each episode (Cheers being the exception).

      On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 9:51 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Well the major problem with Cheers would be that we don’t have a bar culture. Drinking is frowned upon. It’s ok to have a drink socially but going to a bar to on your own with the barkeep for company is thought of as being the same as full blown alcoholism. Sure we all go to a bar once in a while with friends but that’s more pub than bar. Then there are types of bars. There are super low class which are roadside dhabas with a liquor license, there are small bar & restaurants (very few now) that are restaurants with a liquor license, the pub/lounge- which is basically a no-window bar & restaurant (in a basement or a mall or even a hotel) with an in-house DJ.

        Bar staff is either just anyone who’d wait in a restaurant (low end) or people that have a hospitality degree/diploma. The fancy pubs with mixologists are only in the metros, they mostly attract the college /new working professional crowd (or someone like Amir in RDB who’s having a hard time letting go of college life)

        I’ve only seen a few episodes here and there. But from whatever I know of it, it can’t be adapted as is for India. Because a place like that doesn’t exist in real life. Maybe it can be a tea parlor or a coffee joint? Cheers with chai? Every town in the country has a famous chai place!


        • Oh! Maybe I’ve been struggling because I wanted to put it in a city. What about a small vacation town, in Kerala or something, with the one local boy who made good and was briefly on the state Hockey team and then came home and bought the old chai shop/toddy shop? then Dips could be dumped by her fancy fiance while they were traveling through on the way to their elopement. And had to stay until she could make enough money to travel out of there and arrange tickets and all.


          • If it’s chai, you can set in any town or city. Even Mumbai suburbs.

            Toddy shops aren’t a place a girl from a decent family would work at for years on end. Either it’s a novelty toddy shop in a place foreign tourists visit often (Indian bar regulars tend to be more like Manu Sharma – of the Jessica Lal murder fame- than Cheers) with young city kids in a startup kind of setup or the people running it are from a lower class and belong to a traditional toddy making caste. Yes, we have castes for whom this is a traditional business. In fact, in rural/tribal parts of bihar, people of my caste have been traditional toddy makers. There’s a theory that the current government’s prohibition plan is aimed at eliminating this rural community and depriving them of their traditional profession!


          • In Chicago in the 1880s, there was a mayor who came in that was very “booo, immigrants bad!” The majority of the immigrants at that time were from Germany, and beer was everything. Social life, family life, politics, community, everything. Anyway, the new mayor tried to outlaw our beer gardens, playing it as a prohibition thing but it was really an attack on the immigrant community, and there was a massive riot, thousands marched on city hall, big thing.

            Which isn’t really related to anything, except that alcohol isn’t just alcohol sometimes. It’s a bigger thing.


  4. As usually, I got distracted by Johnny Lever — this time by your casting him as Buddy in the Dick Van Dyke re-staging. It’s perfect. Buddy ALWAYS irritated me in the original and Lever ALWAYS irritates me in whatever he is in (except the one time where he really acts — the street drunk role in ???).


  5. I have the perfect TV series remake : Big Little Lies!!
    OK so it’s technically a mini series but a great idea nonetheless..

    Cast: (I’m doing the thing you do when you use actors’ real names instead of character names!)

    Madhuri Dixit as Nicole Kidman
    Kajol as Reese Witherspoon
    Ravina Tandon as Laura Dern
    Anushka Sharma as Shailene Woodley
    Priyanka Chopra as Zoe Kravitz

    Akshay Kumar as Alexander Skarsgård (I would really like to have Salman but that would be too realistic) (Madhuri Dixit’s husband)
    Ajay Devgn as Adam Scott (Kajol’s husband… It would be so cute!)
    SKR as James Tupper (Kajol’s ex-husband and Priyanka’s current husband… you see what I did here 😛 )
    Sanjay Dutt as Jeffrey Nordling (Ravina’s husband)
    Salman Khan as Santiago Cabrera (Ravina’s affair)
    Siddharth Malhotra as Joseph Cross (Anushka’s love interest)

    The series can be set in a fictional suburb just outside of Mumbai where all these rich people live. The rest of the story can be made as is.

    I just watched the finale (I couldn’t wait till evening!) and the moment all the ladies look at each other just blew me away!!!


    • I’m sorry, I cannot suspend disbelief enough to believe that any woman would cheat on Sanju with Salman Khan. It would hurt him so much!!!!! How can you hurt poor Sanju Baba? And how can I forgive a woman who does that? And Salman! HOW COULD HE????

      Haven’t actually seen the miniseries, that was just the part that leaped out at me. Let me quickly wiki the plot (yes yes, I’m terrible, whatever, I’ll still enjoy seeing it if the acting is good enough). Ek minute.

      Okay, I’m back! Love love love Akshay’s shades of grey character. Love the idea of ultimately it being about the women understanding and supporting each other, especially powerful with a cast of actresses who in the past have been pitted against each other in their careers. Still too sad about Sanjay getting a broken heart.

      Liked by 1 person

      • well, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS he doesn’t know about it. At the end of season 1 at least.

        I just read that Reese Witherspoon gave up a movie to shoot season 2. With so many of our great actors and actresses still active sans any great movies, maybe it’s time for bollywood to make the leap into TV.

        Maybe YRF or Dharma can make this for TV. Some of the big banners in the industry should band together and launch a TV channel of their own which would be all about miniseries by mainstream actors and banners. Their weekly schedule can include 3, hour-long series/mini series slots from 8-11. The 11 pm slot can have a talk show with a big name host (Karan would be a great start though I personally loved Movers & Shakers with Shekhar Suman). The 7-8 slot can have two half hour shows- one like EBuzz with industry news and another with critics- Anupama Chopra, Rajeev Masand, whoever else. Like 5 major movie reviewers who get either one, half-hour show one day a week or 5-10 minute slots in a half hour show everyday.

        The primetime slot can have one anthology series based on famous writers’ short stories (like Stories by Rabindranath Tagore), one movie history show with a good presenter (Once More With Jaaved Jaaferi, Jaane Pehchaane with Javed Akhtar and Classic Legends also presented by Javed Akhtar) and two half hour slots for internet content creators that also serves as a promotional stop for movies (TVF, AIB, etc.) that run monday-friday. That leaves us with 4, hour long slots in primetime series slot on weekdays. One show premieres a new episode one day a week and each show makes a 6-10 week run or at max a 15-20 episode run per season. Friday can have an hour-long BO report show. In the miniseries slot.
        The morning lineup can be filled with movie and show promos (like on music channels) between 6am-11am. The rest of the day can have reruns of the primetime lineup. Weekends can have only reruns and promos.
        I think such a lineup would bring the college crowd, the young office worker crowd and the people that grew up on English language entertainment back to TV. Plus, stars would be able to avoid the stigma of having downgraded to TV series and the audience would get good, quality programming.


        • I feel like that kind of premium TV is more likely to go straight to streaming at this point. Yash Raj always has their youtube TV shows that they are producing, and Prime and Netflix are building relationships with the top stars. Not right away, but give it a few years for Internet to become as common as satellite TV everywhere in India, and maybe they will jump straight to that.

          On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 11:45 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • For India, the big and perhaps only consideration for TV content is ‘will the housewives go for that?’

            Even with great 4G offers, housewives are unlikely to be given the kind of investment a premium streaming service requires- a TV that can support an Internet connection and time that she can dedicate to sit in front of the telly just to watch a series. That’s why we have so many reruns and soaps that are 80-95% slo mo.

            The most popular and widespread 4G Internet pack (prepaid) only gives 2GB high speed data per day on a recharge of 250+ a month. That’s less than two hours’ worth of streaming. In a whole day. A whole day where the housewives have between 12-14 hours of having the telly on in the background as they work. The evening slot 7-10 pm is where they have exclusive TV time with meal prep and dinner happening in the middle of it.

            The problem with creating content just for an audience with an Internet connection is that it costs too much. This is a third world country. But one with a LARGE consumer base that has access to TV. or rather, content creators have access to this audience via TV and not so much the Internet.

            It isn’t expected to change in the coming decade either.

            So, the big banners can either continue making losses or very mediocre profits on films released in the theatre or make the switch and go where their audience is. Think of it like the gentrification of TV. You can’t do it sitting on the Internet!


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