Box Office Video. Because I Might As Well

Sun’s still out, I had a few extra minutes this morning, why not?  I also was up way too late last night, so my head-mouth-thinking is not ideal.  Look forward to a lot of moments when I get lost in my own head for a second and you can visibly see the wheels spinning as I try to get out of a thought rut.  Really, this post is a lot better.

If you feel the need to watch it, at least to see a new sweater on me, here it is:


14 thoughts on “Box Office Video. Because I Might As Well

    • I suspect I am pronouncing everything on earth wrong. Notice how I keep referring to “the Karthi movie”? That’s because I am positive I shouldn’t even attempt the title. But I’ll try and do better by Vidya. Fingers crossed I have lot of reasons to talk about her as time goes on, because I want her to keep doing interesting things worth talking about.

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    • Thank you! and yes, I do have many many sweaters. i really like them. So cozy!

      On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 9:27 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Well, I have no brightly colored comfortable light cotton anythings for summer. My friends and I all have “a” kurta that we save for very special occasions. We sweat through summer in blue jeans and knit shirts.


          • Oh sure, there’s little sari stores all up and down my street, I’m sure they could do it. But it would be a bit expensive. Easier to just keep buying a bunch of ready made shirts and sweating through them.


          • Probably not. At least go ask for their prices and bargain for a deal. Ask for prices for the stitching and the fabric separately. You can get your own fabric and have them stitch you a kurta.


          • Well, if bargaining doesn’t work maybe make a sad face and tell them you’re broke but you really want to wear indian clothes. Heck, bring them a printout of a kurta from a film still and ask them if they can make it. That’d get the conversation going. Then you can dazzle them with your Indian film knowledge and they’d feel you might be a repeat customer and that’s how you’d get a discount.


          • I can make a sad face, that is within my powers. It’s the only way I get DVD discounts. That, and the fact that I have given that store over $2,000 in the past 10 years, so they had better give me discounts!

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