Christmas Giveaway Week 4! First One During the Actual Christmas Season!

This is just an American thing, right?  We have our American holiday of Thanksgiving, and then as soon as it is over, BAM! Christmas EXPLODES!!!!!  Anyway, now we are solidly in the Christmas season, whether you follow the SRKian calendar (as I do, starting my Christmas giveaway as soon as his birthday was over), or the American one.

Every week between now and the end of the year, the commentator who makes the most comments that week will receive one of my extra special unique holiday cards.  I got 9 unique cards made up this year, very excited about them all!

You can only win once, if the person with the most comments in a week has already won, I will move on to the next and the next and so on.  There are 9 weeks, so most of you regular commentators should win at some point.


Every week along with announcing the new winner, I will put up a photo of last week’s card.  Last week was Asmita, who got my not-really-appropriate card.  The kind of card you don’t really want to show your mother.  Not a Shahrukh card, that is for women of all ages, a different one.  See below:


And the back side the card, complete with a valuable holiday message:


(yes, I know it shows up on its side!  I spent two hours fighting with this goll-darn-flinging-flanging-flugging thing, and it defeated me.  Just tip your computer over to view it rightside up and read the message)

Moving on, this week’s winner!  Who, I promise, will get something just as nice!  Congratulations…………..Moimeme!  Just let me know how you want to get the card using the form below, and I will send off something wonderful to you.



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