Happy Christmas Season! Let’s Look at Christmas Fanvids!

I love Christmas, and I love Fanvids, but unfortunately it is very rare for the two of them to come together.  But I do what i can!  And what little I found is all in this post.

First, a very silly one.  Shahrukh dancing to a Mithunda song, which is somehow also very Christmassy in a weird way.  Speaking of weird, you really should watch the whole movie!


Another short little one.  But so sexy and nice!


And three more Shahrukh videos with the most obvious possible song in the background!


And another one for comparison!


And your third option!


And finally, one of my favorite traditions, the Christmas messages!


Salman and underwear together wishing us Christmas!


And Shahrukh


7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Season! Let’s Look at Christmas Fanvids!

  1. Third Option clip works really well, song and visuals meld. A lot of work putting together these things. Thanks for finding them Margaret.


    • I didn’t notice it until I rewatched it, but the 3rd option is the one that is in his voice! All he wants for Christmas is her, not all we want for Christmas is him. Which fits much better with why we love Shahrukh, the way he feels about others.

      On Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 3:57 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I like that you brought both “all I want is you” because of the different and yet equal gender perspective 😀
    I definetely can understand every woman who wants him and I like it that he wants as many women as possible responding with smiles and humour to his wanting 🙂

    Here another Merry Christmas from BH (I think, they would do the same now 2 years later 😉 ):

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  3. `
    The Bollywood Hungama one may become bookmarked by me since it includes the names with each star. Although I know about 10 Indian film actors, I get a little lost after that. My goal is to eventually be able to name all the stars in the Om Shanti Om party cameos.


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