Christmas Eve Christmas Giveaway Winner!

It’s Christmas Eve!  I’m so excited!  Church service in the evening, then the family is coming back to my place for Christmas Eve night.  Very complicated sleeping arrangements.  But I am taking a momentary break from all of that to award the second to last Christmas Giveaway winner!

Every week since Shahrukh’s birthday, I pick the commentator who has made the most comments and then get a love unique card made just by me just for them.  You can only win once, so if the most common commentator has already won, I move on to the next most common.  And ever week along with announcing the new winner, I share a beautiful photo of the winning card from last week.

Last week’s card was something really special, try not to be jealous.  Niviblog got this:


And the backside, old school SRK!


This week’s winner is………. datablue!  I can’t promise that this week’s card will be so spectacularly wonderful, but it will be pretty good!  Just fill in your address in the fields below:



12 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Christmas Giveaway Winner!

  1. Congrats to datablue!!!

    I started my Xmas celebrations midday. Basically right after work. Bechare I don’t have Christmas off. Out of our budget scotch, chicken kali mirch, munchies, cake and Phillauri made up our celebration. I don’t know if it was the booze that made the film hit harder or if the booze softened the film for us!! What an amazing film!! So glad I saved it for a celebration!!

    Chicken masala and rice for dinner though I highly doubt any of us would be able to eat anything anymore. We ran out of scotch and finished the brandy we’d opened a while ago. Oh well, no eating dinner tonight means no cooking tomorrow right?? 😂

    And it’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow so there will be kheer!!

    Oh and I have a month to spend my hotstar subscription so I’m gonna need recommendations!!!


  2. Merry Christmas to all! Margaret, thank you for all the great posts and the education on Hindi film. The films wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to watch if I didn’t have you and the folks in this community to discuss them with. And Asmita, happy birthday to your father! Your celebration sounds yummy and fun.

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  3. Ah! Congratulations to all winners! I hope to win one day where I can get a customized prabhas card <3.
    I try my best to comment but I feel like my input won’t be as impactful or good as the others. The hardest part is getting a convo started! #lolol
    Merry Christmas!! May Baby Jesus bless all of you <333

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