2017 DCIB Film Awards: Most Happymaking News Story, Editor’s Choice: Babies!!!!!!!

So many options here!  More than you think, 2017 was a happy year in many ways.  But the question is, which, to me, was the happiest?

In 2017, Anushka and Virat got married.

Image result for anushka virat wedding

Adira has her first birthday party and the whole film industry came together to celebrate her.

Image result for adira birthday party

Shahrukh had a birthday party and AbRam photobombed celebrities.  Well, other celebrities, AbRam is definitely his own celebrity by now.Image result for abram shahrukh birthday party

And many many other things happened!

But I think my favorite has to be Karan’s babies.  For many reasons.

First, of course, babies!!!!!  Babies are always wonderful and adorable and hope for the future and happiness and all that.  I am a sucker for baby news.  I mean come on, look at these little faces!  How can you tell them they don’t make you happy?

Image result for karan johar babies


Second, Karan!  Karan spent a lot of time talking in his autobiography about his loneliness.  Which I believe, because he is so close to Shahrukh, and to Alia and Siddharth and Manish Malhotra and so on and so on.  You just have to look at the pictures of his birthday parties to see how he has built his own family around him because he doesn’t feel like he has a “real” family.  So I am delighted that now he has a “real” family, all his own, which no one can take away from him.

Image result for karan johar birthday

(Karan and the family he has found)

Third, Karan as father!  Karan has always seemed like a delightful father figure to others, seeing him pick Shahrukh’s kids up at the airport or playing with them, giving advice to Alia and other young actors, and so on and so on.  He has great fatherly instincts, and I am thrilled that he will get to use them.


Image result for karan johar suhana

And fourth, Karan modeling single parenthood publicly and proudly.  The way he acknowledged his debt to the surrogate who carried his children, the way he immediately changed his twitter ID to be “Roohi aur Yash ka papa!” first and foremost.  Setting up a free daycare/nursery at Dharma productions so his children can be close to him, and so can his employees have their children close.

I am excited to watch Yash and Roohi grow up, and to watch Karan grow as their parent.  To see him dropping them off at school and picking them up, taking them to parties where they run around and play, giving interviews with them, bringing them to premieres with him when they are older, and someday being a grandfather to their children.  This isn’t just a happy news story for one year, it is a story that will last for decades of gently breaking barriers and introducing a new way of being a family.

Image result for karan johar with babies


7 thoughts on “2017 DCIB Film Awards: Most Happymaking News Story, Editor’s Choice: Babies!!!!!!!

  1. The biggest story with karan’s babies is that there’s no fuss by anyone over it. Nobody is protesting this like they do in the West. This makes me hopeful for the future too. Babies are always good news. Some other babies that should have at least made your list –
    Taimur and Sunny Leone’s adoptive daughter! If those two grow up and get together it would be the cutest story ever!!!


    • I missed Sunny’s baby! She is so cute!

      Tragically, Taimur was born in 2016, so he just missed the cut for this list. Unless we consider “news stories” like “Taimur wore a little hat and looked like a dumpling!”


  2. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t excited when I heard about Karan’s babies. I was more surprised and happy when I heard about Tusshar Kapoor son, what is strange because I’m not even Tusshar fan. But he is so happy on all photos with his baby boy. Karan on the contrary has always the same inexpressive face on pics. Yeah, I know judging people based on their photos is stupid, but we don’t have other way. And now when I finally finished Karan’s book I’m even more confused. I’m shocked that he so openly said that he wanted those kids because he will need somebody to push his wheelchair in the future. How cruel is this?


    • I think Karan tends to go to extremes, he either is overly unemotional in how he describes things or overly emotional. So his babies are either the greatest blessings of his life, or a practical decision. In the same way that the SOTY kids are either “his” kids and he loves them for ever, or talented youngsters that he made a business decision to help launch. He’s not so good at saying things in the grey area. The same thing you were saying before about how he talks about Shahrukh, starting with “we will always love each other” and being all emotional, and then getting suddenly strangely practical and saying “there was a break and it was all my fault.”

      But yes, Tusshar’s baby was also wonderful! Especially since we got to see how accepting and happy his whole family was, Jeetendra as Grandpa and Ekta as aunt and so on.

      On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 4:29 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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