News Round-Up: Aish, NO!!!!! And How Everyone Spent the Holidays. Also, Bonus Prabhas

Terrible terrible news!  You thought Shraddha in for Vaani was the worst heroine casting news possible, you haven’t heard this!  Oh AISH!!!!!  Why do you torture us so?

Aish Takes on a Nargis Role (no, not the current bad Nargis, the other good one)

Well, this is just a terrible idea!  Nargis’ last film, Raat Aur Din, in which she played a woman with a split personality.  By day a homemaker, by night a streetwalker.  Handled with sensitivity and love for all the characters, featuring iconic Lata Mangeshkar songs, and Nargis’ last great performance which garnered her a National Award.

Now, it will be remade by Siddharth Anand.  Who I love for eternity for Bang Bang, but as a director of a sensitive film about the social forces that can drive even the most seemingly levelheaded woman to madness?  NO!  And starring Aish, who is…….very pretty.  And can sometimes accurately recite her dialogue.  But for a complicated role which must garner sympathy from the audience, carry the entire film, and not insult the memory of one of India’s most beloved and revered actresses?  NO!!!!!!  A thousand times, NO!!!!!

Come, join me in my anger and misery.  Let us mourn together.


How Everyone Spent Their New Years

This is just a collection of pictures from twitter, really.  First, Ayaan and Alia and Ranbir went to Isreal to start their superhero movie shoot.  I am still dubious because Alia still looks more like Ranbir’s daughter, or at least much younger kid sister, than a potential love interest.  But interested in the Isreal filming location!  And confused that they are all in coats, I thought Isreal was a warm country?

Check out Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Ayan Mukerji begin prep for Brahmastra in Israel

Meanwhile, Farhan went to Austria for the New Year with his daughter Akira.  I approve of spending time with his daughter, I disapprove of taking off for Austria instead of WRITING DON 3!!!!!

Sanjay meanwhile spent the New Year in Dubai with all 3 of his kids.  Which is exactly what he should be doing!  Making up for lost time with the people who matter most.  Also, I think the twins might finally be growing into their foreheads.  And girl twin’s tiny little purse and too big patent leather shoes is KILLING ME with the cuteness.

Check out Trishala Dutt spends New Year with Sanjay Dutt, Maanayata Dutt and siblings in Dubai

Kareena and Saif continue to take vacations that make us all jealous, this time spending the holidays in Switzerland.  And having an elegant adult date night for New Years.





Oh, and the newlyweds were in Cape Town.  Because Virat is back at work after taking allllllllllllll that time off.  Such a slacker.

WATCH Anushka Sharma goofs around with kids in Cape Town; shares a lovely selfie with Virat Kohli

Meanwhile, Aish and Abhi spent the holiday visiting Gauri’s design store.  Which seems weird, but okay I guess?  Surely there were more fun things they could do.  Either it is just a random coincidence, or it is an elaborate scheme to gather support from SRK and Guari in order to hide the mysterious whatever which is happening with Abhi.  You pick which one!  Oh, and poor Gauri.  You never want to be the woman sitting next to Aish in a photo.

Check out Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan ended 2017 by visiting Gauri Khan’s design store!

Meanwhile, Amitabh spent the new year with his granddaughters.  Which is what my Grandpa used to do too!  Before he got too old to stay up that late.  And I believe we also made him wear funny little crowns.

CUTE! Amitabh Bachchan rang in the New Year with granddaughters Aaradhya Bachchan and Navya Naveli Nanda (2)

CUTE! Amitabh Bachchan rang in the New Year with granddaughters Aaradhya Bachchan and Navya Naveli Nanda (3)

CUTE! Amitabh Bachchan rang in the New Year with granddaughters Aaradhya Bachchan and Navya Naveli Nanda (4)


Bonus Prabhas in Good Clothes

Is it possible?  Is the long global nightmare over?  Has Prabhas ACTUALLY HIRED A STYLIST?????  Or is it all just for this one photoshoot?  Oh well, we should enjoy it while it lasts anyway.

GQ put him in suits, which fit (more or less), and which are not disturbingly experimental.  That’s all we want!

GQ India

Related image

Image result for prabhas GQ

Image result for prabhas GQ

Image result for prabhas GQ


Which Prabhas do you like best?  I think I might go for baggy tuxedo Prabhas.  Because it makes him look extra tall.


54 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Aish, NO!!!!! And How Everyone Spent the Holidays. Also, Bonus Prabhas

  1. Oh. I didn’t intend to post it that way. Got a wee bit excited and carried away. 😂 it’s been ages I saw Prabhas in good clothes. Baahubali 2 was the last time. 😒
    Not sure about this new Aish movie but it can’t possibly be worse than the Shraddha news right? Right? 😢
    I saw Abhi Ash in Gauri’s store pics, I’m assuming it’s a 2 way thing where Gauri’s store gets more attention and umm Abhi gets too? I don’t think Ash gains anything from this. 🤔
    Ah Virat and Anushka look so lovely together. They are setting impossible goals.


    • I don’t know, Shraddha for Vaani was bad, but Aish taking on a Nargis part? It seems not only a bad idea, but also really really insulting somehow.

      I’m seeing Gauri getting more out of this than Aish and Abhi. Unless there is some kind of massive conspiracy where Gauri gets photos in her store and Abhi gets a cameo in Shahrukh’s next movie. Or maybe it is just a good store and Abhi and Aish need a new couch.

      On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 10:56 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Totally one hundred percent hate HATE all the clothes from the entire shoot!!!! He looks clueless in those clothes. He isn’t oozing with confidence like he was in Mirchi second half. The hair is bizarre. If we paint him yellow he might look like Bart Simpson. Also, the ridiculous hair and the pulled up sleeves on jackets make him look like the weird nerdy guy from The Walking Dead… NOT HOT!!! we want the old wavy, flowy Prabhas hair back and some flesh on the guy. He’s never been so boney in his entire career… 😢 Somebody cast him in a muscular, shirtless role which requires a lot of lungis sooooooon… Pleaseeeeeee

    Liked by 1 person

    • He did seem a bit boney! But so long as his clothes make him look tall and not-douchey or hipster, I am fine with them. This is the low bar Prabhas has set for himself.

      Also, here. Cheer yourself up:

      On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 11:00 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • YES!!!
      I read the headline and was super excited, but when I saw this photoshoot I thought: OMG what they have done with him! It’s not even Prabhas, but some odd guy who look like him. He doesn’t need all this photoshop. Terrible. I prefer him in bad clothes . I need to watch Sahore Baahubali to forget those photos.

      And about Aish – I’m more worried about Siddharth Anand directing it than Aish playing Nargis’s character. He is not know for deep dramas so why he even thinks about remaking Raat Aur Din?

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    • And socks! He is wearing dress shoes with socks! Okay, he really has worn us down if that is the level of taste I feel the need to applaud.

      On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 11:09 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. oh suit number 3 and 4 the best..i think i like the 4th one more..yes he looks extra tall…god now i think i like the 3rd one more..oh the 1st one looks cool too ..suits make men look so elegant and disciplined..oh and aishwarya as nargis..i feel like throwing up..never thought of her as a person who can act..act like a hypocrite..maybe..but actress oh no no no ..she is pretty though

    Liked by 1 person

    • So, the sweater-jacket combo look is the one for you? It is a nice casual-not-casual midpoint.

      What’s really horrible about Aish in for Nargis is that Nargis was maybe the least pretty actress. Which sounds mean, but what I mean is she had this very strong unusual face, and so much intelligence and personality. That is what you notice long before her looks. Whereas with Aish it is the opposite. It’s all about the superficial look before any personality or intelligence or anything else.

      On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 11:13 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • no no no i get what you mean Nargis did have a strong face and a damn good actress.She was not as pretty as Aishwarya but her face would scream out a strong for Aishwarya you remember you once asked for a memorable performance by Aishwarya i had to think hard..she has the best looks that’s it..i can see why Priyanka Chopra called her a beautiful and Kajol Talented while receiving her award…

        As for the suits i don’t know i liked the sweater jacket combo..i did like the 1st one too..the 2nd one makes him look like a waiter..sorry i know it is mean but that suit looks ridiculous it would look bad on any guy..i just hate those kind of suits..i like suits that scream out confidence ,character..

        Liked by 1 person

        • I know why I like the second one! It looks like Shahrukh’s Ruk Ja outfit! Which had to be ridiculous and baggy so he could move, and also because it was the 90s. Neither of which apply here, but I still like it for nostalgic reasons. And becuase it makes Prabhas look tall.

          On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 12:02 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • Yes, but I want to be constantly reminded of his tallness! I want him to appear ever taller and taller.

            On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 12:11 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. ok..let’s hope he doesn’t hit his head on the roof :p ..just calm down 😀 ..oh you know what they could’ve given him a suit with no tie and top button ..i swear every woman on this planet would be floored


    • Like in Mirchi! That’s all we want, for him to permanently go back to the second half of Mirchi look. Or else just constantly cosplay as Bahubali. One or the other.

      On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 12:36 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • you meant the white one or the grey one?A grey suit is a better looking suit..the white one is just so white.. i don’t think we’ve ever discussed so much on this blog..that too on suits 😀 😀


    • I really really hope so. The same article mentioned Abhishek playing Sudhir Ludhianvi, which is most likely fake.

      On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 1:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Ah! BAEEEEEEE <33.. I have been (internally) screaming for a day, seeing Prabhas' shoot. Tottally agree that HE WAS WAY MORE CONFIDENT IN THE SECOND HALF OF MIRCHI. I would like to think it is the "Anushka" presence.
    He looked like a little boy (Ah! So adorable), esp. in the 4th one; swinging his big tall legs. Ah! Adorbs ❤
    In the article, he talked about not knowing his future in films because he was so frightened of upsetting his fans who love him unconditionally, and my heart broke. He wants to buy a plot of land outside of Hyderabad and put his farming knowledge to use along with his friends and, this is shocking, BRACE YOURSELVES!, be a FISHERMAN!! OH Pabsu! ❤
    I am worried about Sidharth Anand directing it than Aish acting in it, like a fellow commentator stated. I can see Aish nailing her role!!
    OMG! Read the Shraddha article and I cried. First, she gets to act with Prabhas in Saaho and now this?!?! (and all her showoff in her Instagram stories working in Saaho; you are right! Def. a narcissist) The role seems like a really good role, much scope as Bhumi's role in Toilet. #Shocked.


    • Oh man, Prabhas! I never want him to get over his shyness and discomfort with fame. Even if it means suffering through lots of awkward photo shoots and ugly clothes.

      I just can’t believe Shraddha got those roles. It’s not just “oh well, someone more deserving should have gotten it, but it won’t make that much difference.” This could actually ruin those movies! Both of them really need a strong heroine, we want to see Prabhas in a romance with an actress to match him, and we want to see Shahid in a social issues kind of movie with a good actress who can work side by side with him. Give her all the ABCD2s and Aashiquis you want, just keep her away from the good movies!

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  6. Why is it that you gals can discuss a guys clothes so easily. If we boys do for any female actress we get labeled xyz so easily. Why o why


  7. As a South Indian who usually sees a lot of stereotyping around South Indians not being able to carry off such clothes, believe me there’s a lot of it, I might be biased in saying this – but I think Prabhas looks elegant and classy. It’s a perfect combination of tall and sleek frame that can pull anything off, gorgeous face and that trademark shyness that’s part of his persona whatever he’s wearing. Love everything. I don’t think he looks uncomfortable at all.


  8. I agree with Angie up above..thats so not Prabhas.The cover pic is weirdly photoshopped.The other pics are slightly better,I would go with the blue blazer,blue jumper one.He so does not fit in with our expectations of a film-actor-to wear great clothes always,talk charmingly/confidently about the origin of universe or what makes him so great,announce whatever relationship status he is in.. I hope he stays that way and continues giving us memorable performances in great movies and looking good while doing that..;))There are scores of other actors who can do the talking and dressing up off-screen.
    PS:Other than Mirchi & Baahubali,he looked great during the Baahubali 1 promotions.


  9. I agree with Angie up above..that’s so not Prabhas,but he does pull it off somehow.The cover pic is weirdly photo-shopped.I would go with the blue blazer,blue jumper one.He so does not fit in with our expectations of a film-actor-to wear great clothes always,talk charmingly/confidently about the origin of universe or what makes him so great,announce whatever relationship status he is in.. I hope he stays that way and continues giving us memorable performances in great movies and looking good while doing that.There are scores of other actors who can do the talking and dressing up off-screen…;))
    PS:Other than Mirchi & Baahubali,he looked great during the Baahubali 1 promotions.I am posting a link.Hope it shows up.


  10. No I am saying we get called pervert and others if we talk about females, we are seeing them with bad intentions etc. We are objectifying females. But females can easily do so for males without any problems.
    I am against this double standards of society


  11. Margret..i may have posted the same comments many times,my browser was acting funny.Could you please keep just one and delete the others.I need to figure out how to post properly…please bear with me.Thank you!


    • No worries! It’s my fault for being off line so I couldn’t approve them. If you enter your username and login when you comment, you will automatically be approved because I have approved your comments in the past. It’s only when you aren’t logged in that I have to approve you.


  12. I think these particular cuts of suits are designed to make ectomorphs look muscular. Hence the close to skin fit. But he’s a mesomorph. He doesn’t have the girl-tiny waist like Hrithik. He’s a tall and naturally broad guy who’s lost a lot of muscle weight. Ever since bujjugadu, they’ve been trying to get him to look like this. But he has a tendency to put on weight. And he honestly looks much, much, much better in his natural muscular frame. When he’s skinny, he looks, well, skinny. But it’s not going to be as attractive as his bujjugadu skinny frame where he has next to no muscle tone at all. Also with his hair set to look un-wavy, the charm that’s his USP is no longer there. He looks like he’s recovering from jaundice.


    • I think his main issue is the 20+ kg that he had to put on for Baahubali and the extra weight he gained in between films because he finally had a break and didn’t have to maintain all that muscular mass after five long years. He naturally had to lose all that weight to get back to his Mirchi self for Saaho, but he didn’t have the correct time frame to lose the weight gradually, because 150 Cr budget was locked up in Saaho and waiting. Hence the sudden reduction, which is making him look tired and exhausted. He talked about it and said the lack of time meant drastic changes to his diet which is very tough, but with more time it would have been easier. Anyway, bit more time will hopefully give him the freshness and energy back.


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