New Youtube Video! FINALLY! Sum Up of 2017 Films in All Industries

I finally got around to making a video.  Quality is so-so, I was in a hurry to finish before I had to run out the door for work, but it’s there.  It’s related to the “Surprisingly Good Film of 2017” awards post, but a little different.

Here is the video:


5 thoughts on “New Youtube Video! FINALLY! Sum Up of 2017 Films in All Industries

  1. Its true that small films were very succesful in kerala this year.but the boxoffice race was still led by big stars.
    These are the biggest hits in kerala bo this year
    2.Munthirivallikal thalirkkumbol(mohanlal)
    3.Great father(Mammootty)
    5.aadu2(jayasoorya-still running)
    7.thondimuthalum driksakshiyum(fahad)
    8.njandukalude naatil(nivin)


      • Yes.All were big and important hits for their stars.
        Ramaleela was actually a surprise since everyone thought dileeps career is over after his arrest.If the film was released on the next week after arrest,the theatres meight have been vandalized(his restaurants were atacked).but producer decided to postpont release and wait for the suitable time.later many twists and turns occured in the story, many suspicions abt police version of story and social media activities by some legal experts in favour of dileep helped to gain a sympathy wave for dileep from a section public.producer then promoted the filim brilliantly linking it with his real life and generated a curiosity in public.and the boyott campaigns by some ‘intellectuals’ actually backfired in favour of the film.Its a decent political thriller movie but collected more than what it deserves because of all these.
        Munthirivallikal is probably the least hyped mohanlal film in recent times.It has a small plot abt husband wife and parent children relationships.I didnt expect it would be the biggest hit of the year.Good reviews helped the film.
        Great father is probably mammoottys most hyped film in recent times but it turned out to be a really bad film.Dont know how it became a big hit.
        Parava and thondimuthal collected more than expected. it was certain that both films will be good even before release but films in these genres usually dont collect this much.Aadu2 and ezra had high expectations before release and got positive reviews after release.


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