Happy Birthday Urmila Matondkar! A Dozen Reasons I Love You

Another birthday!  And another one I am mostly excited about because of the song options.  There is often a secret motive behind these birthday posts, that being that I really want an excuse to dig through all the songs of the birthday boy or girl.  And Urmila has such great songs!

1.1. I love you for starting as a child actress and making a mark from a young age.

2.  I love you for mixing up languages, Hindi and Telugu and Tamil, in your adult roles.

3. I love you for mixing glam girl bubbly sexy roles with serious dramas.

4.  I love you for surviving the slow slide of your career post age 35 and never quite giving up.

5. I love you for your songs!!!!!  Going all the way back to before your break out role, when you tormented poor baby faced Shahrukh.


6.  And of course your all time classic break out star making song/role in Rangeela.


7.  I love you for deglamming yourself to play a gangster’s girlfriend in Satya.


8.  I love you for doing the song that inspired Baz Luhrman, which was also one of the first times a major mainstream actress did an item number as a favor.


9.  I love you for doing a combination of glam and comedy in this super fun song from Mast.


10.  I love you for this song which, for no particular reason, is my favorite “falling in love montage” song.


11.  Speaking of falling in love songs, I love how perfect you are in this song, and in every other moment of Tehzeeb.


12.  And finally, I love you because you almost manage to steal the stage in Om Shanti Om from Rekha, Kajol, Tabu, and everyone else.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Urmila Matondkar! A Dozen Reasons I Love You

  1. I love the songs of Thacholi Varghese Chekavar.She was also in My Dear Kuttichathan (My dear Imp) India’s first 3D movie which was later dubbed in Hindi as Chota Chetan. Shahrukh’s song in Chamarkar was probably inspired by song Ek Anadi from the movie Man Ka Meet.It has Leena Chandavarker and her girl gang teasing poor village boy Som Dutt in the train.


  2. Urmila also starred in a thrilling crime drama Ek Hasina Thi, where she played the titular role of hasina.

    Her performances few other RGV movies like in Kaun, Jungle were also excellent.


    • I still haven’t seen Ek Hasina Tha, although I know it is a classic, but I loved her in RGV’s Daud and Mast. And of course Rangeela.

      On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 2:48 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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