My Busy Weekend in Song Form

Goooooooooooooooood morning!  I am being so productive this weekend!  Not in blogging stuff, although I’m not doing bad with that, but in, like, life stuff.

Friday I went to see Carbon at the early show, then came home and went to bed early and actually got enough sleep!

(without Shahrukh to sing me a lullaby or anything!)

Then I got up and quickly wrote my Carbon review, and picked up my bedroom, and walked the dog.

(I was the mother in this song for once instead of the little boy)

And then I left for the movie theater early and stopped on the way at discount clothing store.  And solved my “all my jeans have fallen apart simultaneously” problem by BUYING MORE JEANS!!!  A solution which literally did not occur to me until I noticed the store as I drove by, I was going with a “I will do laundry every three days and wear long shirts” solution instead.

(Shopping!  The solution to all problems!)

Here’s something fascinating: I bought two pairs from two different brands/styles, one size 20 and one size 16 and they both fit me the same.  Clothing manufacturers are evil, is what I am saying.

(Unless they are Aamir Khan being adorable with his shirt factory, then they are good)

And then I went to my second movie in two days, and the ticket guy was kind of like “so, I guess you really like this movies, huh?”  I never know what to say to that.  I always land at too short of an answer, just “yes”, or much too long “yes, I got my masters in them and then wrote a book and here is the address of my blog and I have been coming to this movie theater once a week for 10 years don’t you recognize me?”

(If only I could go to this magical movie theater that has no staff and you just walk in and sit alone!)

I watched my movie, and then went home by way of the grocery store and bought sooooooooooooo much food.  Now my fridge is all stocked.  And, even better, I got to see a hilarious little boy.  He had managed to get his foot stuck on a shelf, but he couldn’t free it without setting down his toy train, which he wasn’t willing to do.  So instead he just stood their looking distressed and waving his hands.  I offered to help, but he didn’t want a stranger, so I just held back and waited to make sure his Dad saw and freed him eventually.

(like Sita, he was waiting for the appropriate person to rescue him and would accept no substitutes)


After groceries, I came home and gave the doggie all the treats and toys I had gotten her.  If we are going to be stuck together indefinitely (since she is too aggressive to go back to the shelter so I need to keep her until she is adopted), I might as well make it as easy as possible for both of us.  So now she has rawhide treats and a new chewy toy and all kinds of things I can pull out when she is crazy.

(Picture this, only instead of candy it is rawhide treats, and instead of Madhuri, it is a little doggie)

And then, continuing my productive streak, I did laundry!  Washed my one sort of acceptable old paid of jeans, and the new ones I just bought.  So much clean clothes!

(And then I hung wet clothes all over my apartment to dry and felt like I was living in Dhobi Ghat)

And then, the best part of the day, I put a hook and eye on the inside and outside of my bedroom door so I could keep the doggie out while I was gone, or if I just wanted some alone time.  Locks!  The key to happy cohabitation!

(Like this, only instead of locking myself in with Rishi Kapoor, I was locking myself in all by myself and it was wonderful)

After all of that, I went to bed at a reasonable hour again, and then woke up to discover I had lost an hour which completely messed with my schedule.  So, instead of a two movie today (as I was hoping) it will be a one movie at home and one movie in theaters day today.  So right now Dog and I are having breakfast and lounging around at home before I rush off to make a matinee.


(Like Rani and Adi, we are also surrounded by heavy wet clothe left over from laundry yesterday, but unlike them, I did NOT forget and leave one piece of toast in the toaster)


10 thoughts on “My Busy Weekend in Song Form

    • Goodnight! When you wake up in 8-9 hours, I should have another review posted for you to read.

      On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 1:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • The weekend won’t kill that, it’s the week. Right now I have various commitments (helping a friend shop, meeting my parents, etc.) every single night next week. After a full day of work. Gah!


        • I love them! I have a strongly sunbased sleep schedule, so I’ve been sleepy at 8 and awake at 6am for the past few weeks. Now that means I am sleepy at 9 and awake at 7am which seems much more reasonable.

          On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 8:13 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. I’ve obviously missed something. Is this the same dog that you were nursing and took back to the shelter? How come she is back at your place?


    • You missed nothing, plans failed. Now that she is healthy, turns out she is way too dog aggressive to stay at the shelter. So I am stuck with her until someone makes a special date to see her and I bring her over to the shelter to have a meeting. Very frustrating!!!!


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