Silly Sunday: For Women’s Day! Movies About Strong Women

Happy Sunday!  This week, a collection of movies about strong survivor type women.  Going with just outlines again, because I love it when you help me fill in the outlines!  Oh, and if you are looking for SRK, he is at the last story.

The Only Female Computer Engineer

This is primarily based on this woman whose photo I found on The Internet.  My hero!

Image result for woman IIT india

(sitting in the front row, friends with her male classmates, awesome!)

As I see it, we start with a quick flashback through childhood.  As a little girl, she sits in the front row in math class and raises her hand over and over again.  She is delighted when she gets tops on the test.  The teacher pulls her for a special class with the other 4 top students, all boys.  After class, her little girl friends invite her to go play games with them, but her little boy friends are all going off to play video games at the arcade.  She is torn for a moment, embarrassed to be with the boys for a second, but then she laughs that off because they are her friends and she likes them.

And then we see her going through the years. The other little girls get Valentine’s, wear make-up, get more and more girly.  But our heroine grows up wearing loose jeans and big t-shirts and glasses.  She sneaks out of family events her mother drags her to in order to play video games online with her friends.  Her sister gets engaged and her family is thrilled, she gets accepted to IIT, and they are happy, but less happy.  But her 4 boy friends since they were kids, they are all thrilled for her and take her out drinking.  She sneaks home drunk and is caught by her mother who just shakes her head.  Our heroine goes off to IIT, and it is kind of a relief.  Even at IIT, she is different.  The other girls walk the other way when they see male students, huddle together in the back of the classroom, dress in modest salwars, and she spends 4 years hanging out with her 4 friends in jeans and t-shirts, working on class projects that win awards, taking trips to Goa together, staying up way too late drinking, just generally being a “boy”.  And occasionally going home just long enough for her mother to sigh at her blue jeans.  Until, finally, she gets her appointment letter for a fancy job in America and her friends get their jobs, and flashback montage ends with them gathering for one last party.

We get to meet the friends!  There’s the sweet one who has his whole life planned, he’s going to marry his high school sweetheart who they all tease him about and he has his dream job and he is all excited to have them come back in 6 months for his wedding.  There’s the funny one who does long monologues.  And there’s the one who is our heroine’s best friend, they are always joking and happy together and ganging up on the other two.  Everyone has awesome jobs, but all in different places.

Image result for kriti sanon t shirt

(I’m feeling Kriti for our heroine, I think she would work well)

Our heroine goes to America and immediately crushes hard on her white guy boss.  And he seems to like her, at least he laughs at her jokes and stuff.  And he is the only one in the office who treats her with respect and listens to her ideas instead of ignoring her because she is a girl.

Now, here is where I get fuzzy and you can help me!  What I want is for our heroine to turn to her male best friend for help in figuring out how to get this guys attention.  The two of them over Skype research the problem and he watches her and gives advice while she tries to put on make-up for the first time and so on, and it is super cute (of course).  And then just as she is depressed because nothing seems to be working, Best Friend surprises her because he was transferred to her office.  And the Boss finally notices her, because Best Friend makes her relax and be herself and Boss thinks it is super cool that she is into video games and stuff.

Best Friend feels strangely lonely, and she feels strange that she has moved into dating and he hasn’t, so she helps him get together with a white girl who thinks all desi guys are “adorable”.  It’s a fun fling, but Best Friend breaks up with her before they have to go back to India for the wedding.  Meanwhile, Boss is getting more and more serious and our heroine is pretty sure he is going to propose at the wedding.  And Best Friend seems strangely weird about it and doesn’t want to talk to her about anything.  At the wedding, the sweet friend groom breaks the news to our heroine that Best Friend has been in love with her since they were 8 years old, he just didn’t realize it until now when he sees her with another man. And with all of that in her head, she gets a proposal from Boss which, she slowly realizes, is because he thinks she will be the perfect Indian wife.  Will play video games with him, but also stay home in a sari and make exotic Indian food for him and raise his perfect mixed race children.  So of course she turns Boss down, and then rushes to the airport to stop Best Friend from leaving.

Image result for rajkummar rao t shirt

(Best Friend is Rajkummar Rao maybe?)


Female Health Clinic Movie


Our heroine is a med student, but is really just marking time until she can get married to her “perfect” fiance.  She’s more focused on wedding planning than on passing her boards.  But then the “perfect” fiance runs out on her right before the wedding, and she is embarrassed in front of her family and her friends and just wants to get out of town.  So in desperation, she agrees to accompany her strong female professor off to a remote village to start a woman’s health clinic.

In the village, the professor and our heroine share a house, along with their first patient, an abused wife who came to them for an abortion and the professor invited her to stay and be their housekeeper.  Slowly the heroine comes to care about her patients and appreciate what she is doing and realize that her professor isn’t just a boring old lady, but is AWESOME.  And at the same time the professor begins to see that this frivolous young woman she always discounted has value, is better with bedside manner and understanding what the patients really need.

Image result for jaya bachchan navya naveli

(Maybe Navya Naveli in her debut with her grandma Jaya playing the professor?)

The local panchayat is trying to shut them down, saying that there is no need for a clinic in the village, all three women have to come together to solve the problem, the passion of the older professor, the local knowledge of the housekeeper, and the charm of the young woman.  In the end, they succeed in saving the clinic, the professor admits to the young woman that she is wise and strong, the housekeeper has learned to read and is helping in the clinic, and our heroine has the option of returning to the city.  She applied for an internship without thinking she would get it, but she did.  She’s on her way to an impressive career, a nice apartment, all those good things.  She leaves with the blessings of the whole village and her professor and housekeeper.  But after a sad song, two weeks later she is back.  To give a whole speech about how this is now her people and her place, the housekeeper is the little sister she never had, the professor is a mother who forces her to be better instead of just prettier, and the village is a place where she is respected and loved for what she can do, not just who her father is or how fancy her clothes are.



Action Hero Woman Who Rescues Abused Wives


I thought about rescuing trafficking victims, but that’s already been a story (Mardaani, Thira, etc.), so I want to do abused wives instead.  Our heroine is a female cop, we see her in a big action scene, and then comes home to a phone call from her sister, all happy about visiting her next week with gifts for her kids and so on.  Only, she decides to change her tickets and surprise her sister by getting there a few days early, and walks in on her brother-in-law beating her sister up.  They are educated upper class people, had a love marriage, seem smart and pleasant and everything, but spousal abuse can happen anywhere.  Our heroine is shocked and tries to get her sister to leave with her right then, but she won’t go.  Our heroine does research, learns that you need a plan to escape an abusive situation safely and completely.  So she approaches it like it was one of her operations, following the brother-in-law, doing research, coming up with a plan, and finally getting her sister and the kids out completely.

Image result for sonakshi sinha akira

(And I want Sonakshi as our heroine)

Only, now that she has saved one woman, she is suddenly aware of how many more there are out there.  She puts together a team, her sister and the administrative assistant at work and the old lady who lives down the hall, she uses the surveillance equipment at work to identify victims, the old lady approaches them and asks if they want to get out, and then they come up with a plan and get them out.

The “big bad” is a hero cop, beloved by the public and the department, who also beats his wife and son.  He figures out what our heroine is doing, frames her for corruption at work, gets her fired, everything seems wrong.  But she pulls it off at the last minute and manages to rescue his family, and also get a video of him beating them to go viral.

And happy ending is a leap 6 months into the future.  The wealthy wife they rescued has sued her husband for alimony and bankrolled their operation, they have a fancy headquarters and little old lady agents all over the country and a secret phone number to call if you think someone might need help and a whole network of safe houses and underground escape routes.



Woman Controls Her Sexual Destiny

Okay, gonna get a little wild with this one.  Our heroine is older and “plain”, her family arranges her marriage to a boring even older guy who is very wealthy.  She isn’t attracted to him at all, but goes along with it because he is so wealthy and upperclass she can’t say no.  Their first night together is disappointing.  And then he never seems to want to sleep with her again.  She can’t figure out what is happening, until she sees him and his “best friend” passionately making out.  She does research, and realizes her husband might be gay.  She confronts him, it is a very awkward conversation, he cries and admits that he is in love with his best friend, but he also wanted to get married and have a respectable wife, he thought maybe if he married a woman who had never had much of a life, just giving her all the wealth and experiences and everything could somehow make up for having a loveless marriage.  She processes this and finally decides she is okay with it, but if he is finding satisfaction outside of marriage, she wants it too.

So she starts cruising around looking for someone who seems like he would know how to give her an orgasm.  She sees Shahrukh (of course) at a bar saying good-bye to his latest temporary girlfriend and approaches him.  He is thrown by this very respectable looking woman talking to him bluntly about if he is good at “the sex”, but also intrigued.  They have a series of meetings arranging logistics, and then she finally meets him at his hotel room, gets very nervous, gets drunk, does a sexy dance, and then throws up.  He takes care of her all night, and in the morning after he helps her brush her teeth and get her sari back on, they share a sweet kiss and then have sex.  And then say good-bye, never to see each other again, as agreed.

Image result for vidya balan tumhari sulu

(Gotta be Vidya, right?  Such a great role for her)

She goes on a sexual journey after that, suddenly realizing the whole world of options open to her, the college boy down the block and the older sad widower who she sees at the market and an artist who wants to paint her portrait and so on.  Oh, and a little lesbian experimentation in there too, because why not?  A confident successful fashion model who is a client of her husband’s and makes out with her a little bit hiding in the kitchen at a dinner party.

And then, after all of this, suddenly Shahrukh pops back into her life.  He randomly shows up at a dinner party which she is at with her husband, and also the fashion designer and artist who she had the flings with.  Shahrukh figures out who all of these people are and kind of teases her about it, but non-judgementally, more like he is happy for her.  They decide to be friends, just friends, because they vowed their night together would be a one time thing.  They meet up to talk and exchange stories of their sexual adventures.  But, over time, she realizes that she is canceling romantic engagements so she can have coffee and laugh with Shahrukh.  And she also realizes that, while her later sexual experiences were more satisfying as she gained confidence and experience, she never felt as safe and loved as she did with Shahrukh.

Image result for vidya balan shahrukh khan


And then I don’t know how to end it.  Thoughts?  Should she give a dramatic romantic speech to Shahrukh, divorce her husband, and marry him?  Or should she seduce Shahrukh and then ask him to be exclusive but without divorcing her husband so her “day job” is still being a wealthy housewife, and Shahrukh is still a fancy international businessman, but they meet on the regular for sex and joking?  Or should she and Shahrukh have an open relationship, admit that they love each other but also still sleep with other people sometimes?

11 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: For Women’s Day! Movies About Strong Women

  1. This prompt sort of goes with this story me and BFF tried writing when she was training for her pageant. Lemme write that after I get a few chores done. Also, where should I leave the arjun reddy review? Monday post or Wednesday?


  2. Maybe Shahrukh realizes he really loves Vidya at the same time as she realizes she loves him, and they both want to settle down and have a committed relationship. However, in the years of her marriage Vidya has developed true affection for her husband (Rajat Kapoor), with whom she shares a bond as a fellow sexual “deviant.” He has supported her and never judged her and her life would have been impossible without him. How can she divorce him and open him up to judgement and pressure to marry again? After a montage or something Rajat comes to her and tells her he knows all about her and Shahrukh and will never stand in her way. Fade out. Fade back in to a wedding venue with excited friends milling about. We see happy Vidya in her mehndi and as the camera pans out she grabs Shahrukh’s hand and looks up affectionately at him (wait, he is taller than Vidya, right?) as they both watch Rajat lead his groom (um, Randeep Hooda? ) around the fire. Fade further out to a shot of, I don’t know, the Sydney opera house or something so we realize it’s not India.


    • But I hate Randeep Hooda! I have him and his stupid face! Rajat can do better. Oh, what about Ram Kapoor? Varun’s Dad in Student of the Year? He’s more sort of average looking and middle-aged. I would like for Rajat’s romance to be completely traditional, two middle-aged guys who have been only with each other and in love forever, no need to worry about staying model handsome or anything.

      But otherwise, I love your idea! Everyone gets a happy ending!

      oh oh!!!! Can Shahrukh be Ram Kapoor’s brother or something? So that is the surprise way they meet each other again, he is at a dinner party as Ram’s guest? And that means they have another “secret” to share, Shahrukh understands fully immediately what Vidya’s marriage is like and why she looked outside of it. And that also means that the final wedding can take place with Shahrukh’s blessing, so it all kind of ties together, Rajat Kapoor wants to step aside for Vidya and Shahrukh which makes Shahrukh realize that he has never really tried to force happiness on his own brother Ram. We could have a cute fake out with Shahrukhk asking to speak to Rajat about a marriage, and Rajat thinking it is about Vidya, but actually Shahrukh is there to bring a proposal for his brother, representing their family.


      • Ooh, that’s a great idea! Maybe that’s also when Rajat sees Vidya and Shahrukh and realizes he has to let her go? (Sounds like quite the exciting dinner party).

        Yeah, I just lit on Randeep because of Bombay Talkies and when I thought about it I can’t imagine they’d have chemistry together. It would be like a dignified father and kind of bratty son.


        • I think there would have to be two dinner parties. One where Vidya an Shahrukh see each other again and Shahrukh figures out both that she has been on a sexual journey and that she is married to Rajat and therefore unsatisfied.

          And another later one after Shahrukh and Vidya have become friends and realized they are in love but don’t want to act on it, and Rajat sees them together. And maybe Shahrukh sees Rajat and Ram in a new light at the same time? How they are like him and Vidya and if he wants to marry Vidya, surely Rajat and Ram want to get married too?


  3. You know in the engineering colleges, the department of Mechanical engineering is usually a boys’ zone because of the perception that Mechnical engineering involves physical strength.But every year there is usually one girl who comes among the 100 odd boys(2 batches of 50 each) of Mechnical.She is called the Mech-Rani and is in a very revered & protected position.No one tries to hit on her or tease her or disturb her in anyways-all through the 4 years of engineering.Even amongst the girls,shes somewhat of a unique creature. A recent malayalam film called ‘Queen’ was made on the whole theme.Computer engineering is a popular career choice(including yours truly)for women in India.


    • Then we can totally change her from computer engineering to something else! I wanted something where it wouldn’t be completely unheard of for a girl to be in the class, but women would still be in the minority. And now I am blanking. what would be a good engineering discipline for that?


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